"I heard from one of my friend that by making USB bootable, we can install Windows at ease instead of buying CD/DVD so I want to try this method but I am new to create ISO Windows 10. Please help required!"

As we all know, ISO file is like a container that can hold number of files in it. People used it to create backups of CD and DVD. In 90s, using of CD/DVD were so common for installing Windows, but gradually bootable USB made its position strong. These days, people find the bootable USB more convenient they even say that it is perfect to achieve a digital copy of a disc. Few of them also use ISO files in order to distribute large programs and operating system. If you are one of those who want to create ISO file then you must go through below content.

Method 1: How to Create ISO File in Windows

Few people want to create ISO on Windows because they want to keep all folders in a single place. Some of them want to keep their folders handy ready to burn to their discs, there can be many more reasons for creating ISO file in Windows.

1.1. Create ISO File from USB

Creating ISO File from USB is very famous now because this method keeps you save from purchasing CD/DVD. For this method you just need to have 8 GB USB and ISO of your own choice. So if you are one of those who want to create bootable ISO with few simple steps then have a look below.

Step 1: First you have to download the media creation tool from Windows 10 download page, after downloading run the tool.

Step 2: Now in the tool choose Create Installation Media > USB Flash Drive > Next.

Step 3: Now you have to select the language and edition of Windows and then Next.

Step 4: Now choose ISO file > Next.

Finally the tool has created ISO file for you. To use the ISO file in future for another PC you can keep it as a backup by burning it on CD/DVD/USB flash drive.

1.2. Create ISO File from CD/DVD

Though it is not trendy to create ISO from CD, but still we are here to help those who want to create ISO from DVD Windows 10.Creating ISO file from CD/DVD is really easy and an amazing way to backup CD/DVD to hard drive. ISO images are 100% good representation of the data on a disc.

Step 1: Download BurnAware Free, install and launch it.

Step 2: Choose Copy to ISO from menu.

choose copy to iso in burnaware

Step 3: Now choose Optical disc drive.

choose optical disc drive

Step 4: Now you have to choose Browse.

Step 5: Now you have to go to location where you want to write ISO image file and give a name to File name textbox.

file name

Step 6: Press Save.

Step 7: Now you have to insert into the optical drive in step 3 the CD disc that you want to create the ISO image from.

Step 8: Choose Copy

choose copy

You have to wait until ISO image created from disc. Finally it’s done; you can eject the disc after the process completion.


Creating an ISO image file from CD is easy but takes few minutes to an hour depends on the size of the disc and speed of PC.

1.3. Create ISO File from Folder

Creating ISO file from folder is not a rocket science now, AnyBurn can be used to create ISO file from folder, it actually has an option to add selected folder to an ISO.

Step 1: Download Anyburn.

Step 2: Install and launch it on the PC.

Step 3: On the main interface you can see an option of Create image files from files/folders.

create image files from files or folder

Step 4: Now you have to choose the Add button to add your folder.

choose add button

Step 5: Choose Next button.

Step 6: Press the Folder Icon to select the folder where you want to save your ISO.

choose next button

At the end press Create Now to start creating an ISO of your chosen folder.

Method 2: How to Create ISO File in Mac

For creating ISO file in Mac, use Disk utility.

Step 1: Press Command+Space to open Search box.

Step 2: Now you have to type Disk utility and push Enter.

Step 3: Now you have to insert a Disk, choose File >New > Disk Image from (CD/DVD master) as a format.

Step 4: Doing this will create .cdr file from the disc.

Note: On Mac this is as good as an ISO file, you can easily mount it from Disk Utility App by choosing File> Open Disk Image.


If you want to use .cdr file on a Mac then leave it as a .cdr file but if you want to use it on other operating system then convert it to .iso file. You can convert .cdr file to .iso file by following command.

Replace "/home/username/original.cdr" with the path to the CDR file and "/home/username/destination.iso" replace it with a path for ISO file you want to create.

Method 3: How to Create ISO File in Linux

For creating ISO file in Linux you have to Open Brasero Disc Burner.

Note: Ubuntu uses the Brasero disc-burning utility so open it or install it from Ubuntu.

Step 1: After opening Brasero Disc Burner choose Disk Copy and then insert disc to an Image File.


Run the below command to create an ISO file.

Replace "/dev/cdrom" with the path to your CD drive.

For example: sudo dd if= /dev/cdrom of= /home/username/image.iso

One can easily mount the resulting disc image with the mount command in the terminal. After having ISO files it can be store to computer hard drive or store them on USB drive.

Extra Tips: How to Burn ISO Image to USB

We will recommend all of you to must try PassFab for ISO because of its trustworthy, security, performance and accuracy. The compatibility of this software is better than others in the market. Here is the guidelines to burn ISO to USB by using PassFab for ISO:

Step 1: In the 1st step you have to download, install and launch PassFab for ISO.

Step 2: Now you have to connect the USB with PC and choose USB flash Drive as a boot media.

chose iso file in passfab for iso

Step 3: After selecting USB Flash Drive choose Next button, a notification will appear that all your USB data will be erased, after getting message simply click Next.

select usb in passfab for iso

Step 4: In the 4th step, the software will start to burn bootable disk.

burn disk in passfab for iso

Soon you will get a message that the drive is successfully burned.

Bottom Line

This article is a full package because it has all the information on how to create ISO file via USB, CD, DVD or folder. It also helps to create ISO for Windows/Linux/Mac. In short this article is really informative, it also comes up with extra tip PassFab for ISO which is an amazing tool for burning ISO to USB and reinstalling Windows system finally. If you find this article helpful then must share it to others. If there is any query related to ISO file, then please throw your question in the comment section. We will try to respond as soon as we can.

Frequently Asked Questions About Creating ISO File

Q1. Can 7zip create ISO?

Yes. 7zip can create ISO. 7zip is actually an alternative to WinRAR & WinZip which is used to encrypt files. When you convert 7zip to ISO, you are actually extracting ISO from the zipped file. After complete conversion, one can easily delete the original files.

Q2. Can Windows 10 create an ISO file?

Yes, Windows 10 can create an ISO file. The steps are:

  • Step 1. On the download page of Windows 10, select Download tool now.
  • Step 2. Download and run the media creation tool.
  • Step 3. Select Create installation media for another PC, which can be a USB, CD, DVD or ISO file.
  • Step 4. The tool will create an ISO file for you.

Q3. What is the best free ISO creator?

Rufus is the best free ISO creator that has many features and can create ISO images to dics. You can use it to create and burn ISO files and it is available for non-commercial use for free.

Q4. How do I convert ISO to disc image?

You can use any ISO creator tool to convert ISO to disc image such as Anyburn or PowerISO.