I forgot my password to my HP laptop and I need it unlocked immediately. I know factory reset is possible but I have an important presentation in the system directory, I can't afford to lose those files at any cost. Please, suggest me a way to unlock the laptop without erasing the files.

There isn't any particular reason behind people forgetting the password for their laptops. Forget is forget, the most important thing is how to unlock a HP laptop if you forgot the password. Worry about losing data? Afraid to break your computer because you don't know anything about computers? Well, there are several easy ways to unlock an HP laptop without losing data. Let's take a look together.

Part 1: Top 2 Solutions When Forgot Password HP Laptop(without Losing Data)

Way 1: HP Computer Forgot Password? Using Super Administrator

If you have lost your login password and asking "I forgot my HP laptop password Windows 10, how do I proceed?" Then, the Super Administrator Account or SAC will be very helpful to you. This is a feature that is available on Windows 10 and Windows 8/8.1. It is a hidden feature which only gets activated if you are locked out of your main account.

Step 1: Restart your HP laptop and wait for the login screen to appear.

Step 2: Press the "Shift" key 5 times to activate the Super Administrator Account.

Step 3: Now, access Windows via the SAC and go to "Control Panel".

forgot password on hp laptop

Step 4: Then, go to "User profile" and find your locked user account.

forgot my password on my hp laptop

Step 5: After finding the user account, modify the passwordfor and reboot the laptop.

forgot login password on hp laptop

After the laptop restarts, you will be able to access your user account using the new password. Unfortunately, if you are using an older version of Windows then this feature won't be available to you. So, if you are wondering how do I reset my HP laptop password, don't miss the next way.

Way 2: Forgot Password HP Laptop? Using PassFab 4WinKey

I've seen the question: "I forgot my password on my HP laptop Windows 7". So, if you are a Windows 7 user, you don't have to feel lost either! By using PassFab 4WinKey which is a professional Windows password recovery tool, you can also unlock HP laptop password on all Windows versions in a few minutes!

So, here's how to unlock HP laptop forgot password with PassFab 4WinKey:

Step 1: After installing the software on an accessable computer, lauch it and insert a Windows password disc. It can be a CD/DVD or USB.

forgot my password on my hp laptop passfab 4winkey

Step 2: Click "Next" and wait for a minute until the password disk burned successful.

i forgot my administrator password on my hp laptop passfab 4winkey

Step 3: Unplug the disk and insert it to the locked computer, and restart the computer. Meanwhile, you have to press "F9" to enter boot menu.

Step 4: Once you've entered, you can use arrow key to select the disk name and press "Enter". Then save and exit Boot menu.

safe mode on hp laptop forgot password passfab 4winkey

Step 5: Now, you will see PassFab 4WinKey interface and you need to select your Windows system.

forgot password on hp laptop windows 10 passfab 4winkey

Step 6: Next, select the feature you want to process. I wil choose "Reset Account Password" to reset HP laptop password.

i forgot my password on my hp laptop windows 7 passfab 4winkey

Step 7: After entering the new password, you can restart your computer and enter new password to get into your PC.

forgot password on hp laptop windows 8 passfab 4winkey

The whole process takes about 10 minutes, and you don't need to know anything about computer. If you are don't want to pay, then keep reading to know another three ways.

Part 2: Common 3 Solutions When Forgot HP Laptop Password (Will Lose Data)

Way 1: Forgot Password for HP Laptop? Using HP Recovery Manager

If you forgot password on HP laptop then first you should try the recovery manager. The HP Recovery Manager is a built-in program that comes with every HP laptop, the program and basically helps the users in similar situations.

The work of the program is pretty simple, the primary partition of your hard drive gets refreshed, as a result of that the password also gets erased. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Turn off the laptop then wait a few minutes and then turn it on again.

Step 2: You need to tap "F11" continuously to access "HP Recovery Manager". Select the recovery manager and then wait for it to load.

Step 3: Proceed through the program and select "System Recovery".

Step 4: Now, you have to wait, as the recovery manager will install all the necessary programs to remove the password from your laptop.

Step 5: Wait until the procedure is finished, then restart the laptop.

i forgot my password on hp laptop

This is a very effective procedure to remove password from a locked laptop but it is only applicable for HP laptops.As a result of this procedure, all the files from your primary partition will be erased completely. So, if you have anything important there, we recommend using the last procedure on this list.

Way 2: Forgot Password HP Laptop? Using PassFab 4WinKey

You can also factory reset HP laptop if you have forgotten the login password. The procedure is very simple and it is also very effective but it will definitely wipe out all your files from the primary partition.

As mentioned earlier, the HP laptops come with HP Recovery Manager and this program will help you Factory Reset the device.

Step 1: Restart the laptop and tap continuously "F11" when the laptop is starting up.

Step 2: You will get the option to back up your files. So, select "Back up your files first", then click "Next" to proceed.

Step 3: You will also get the option to "Recover without backing up files". If you proceed via this option then you will lose all your files.

Step 4: Lastly, click "Next" again to start the recovery process. The program will format the primary partition erasing all your files and your password.

forgot password on laptop hp

This procedure is also effective if your goal is to remove the password any way possible. But it is not really recommended as it will completely erase all the files because most of the times HP Recovery Manager is unable to get into the recovery partition.

Way 3. Forgot HP Laptop Password? Reinstall Windows System

If any of the procedures are not working for you and you have the installation disk available then you can also use it to erase the password from your Windows user account.

If you are using a newer model of HP laptops and don't have an Optical Drive available then you can make an installation disk on a USB drive and start the procedure via that USB.

Step 1: Insert the installation disk into your locked HP laptop, then reboot.

Step 2: The laptop needs to bootfrom the installation disk; so, while the laptop is starting up, keep tapping "F2". The Boot menu will appear.

Step 3: In the Boot menu, change the Boot priority to the installation disk.

Step 4: After that, Windows Setup screen will appear. You need to change a few preferences and then click "next" to proceed. After that, click "Repair Your Computer", a few options will become available to you but you only need to select "Troubleshoot" from the list.

Step 5: After that, just click "Reset this PC" and your selected version of Windows will be installed on your HP laptop.

unlock hp laptop forgot password 4

After installing the Windows again, all your files from the system partition will be erased completely along with the password.

Part 3: FAQs for HP Laptop Forgot Password

Q1: How do you unlock a HP laptop if you forgot the password?

There are serveral ways for you. In general, most users choose factory reset and this method will lose data. Others choose professional products like PassFab 4WinKey, which won't lose data.

Q2: How to bypass password on HP laptop?

Actually, bypass HP laptop password have no difference between unlock HP laptop password. The above ways also applies to bypassing passwords.

Q3: I forgot my Administrator password on my HP laptop, how to do?

If you forgot Administrator password on your HP laptop, most ways mentioned in this article will not work for you anymore. But, you can still use PassFab 4WinKey to reset HP Administrator password.


Every possible procedure to HP forgot password is discussed in this article, a few of them may not sit well with all the users as those procedures require users to lose all their files from the system partition. There is also another method available call SAC but it is conditional that you have been using the latest version of Windows OS. So, in your situation, it will be best to use the above Windows password recovery tool from PassFab if you forgot login password on HP laptop. Highly recommended tool!

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