pdf is blank

Portable Document Format is a very secure and handy format for documents. However, sometimes when you attempt to access a PDF file, it does not open correctly, and the PDF document is blank when opened. When I open a PDF file it is blank, then I suspect any of the following reasons.

1. The PDF file is not available in the virtual directory.

2. Poor internet connection or large file download done incorrectly.

3. Incompatible version or software.

4. Improper closure of file, abrupt shutdown can also be the reason that the saved PDF is blank.

When the PDF document is blank when opened then this document needs some repairs and fixes to be accessed correctly. Manual repairs are mostly time taking procedures and need expert level proficiency to be successful; however, some programs can help you with this issue.

Part 1: 5 Ways to fix PDF Is Blank When Opened

If PDF is blank, it can be fixed in multiple ways. The issue is sometimes as trivial as non-compliant software, or sometimes it can be a more significant issue like a corrupt file. When I open a PDF file it is blank; my first bet would be to download it again if possible or try specific settings in the browser or Acrobat reader. However, if the issue persists, then Stellar Repair for PDF is my most trusted companion. It is user-friendly, professional, and accurately fixes the pdf with all the format settings and bookmarks included.

1. Use Stellar Repair for PDF

Stellar Repair for PDF is a PDF recovery software with the capability to repair and recover corrupt PDF documents. A Stellar Repair is a professional tool that heals not only the text but also clip art, images, document formattings like headers, footers, and bookmarks. Therefore, you can expect the same document out of Stellar Repair that you created or downloaded in the first place.

To use Stellar Repair for your corrupt PDF, download and install the program on your system. Run the recovery software and follow these steps.

1. Drag and drop your PDF document or use the 'Add File' button. You can add more than one file at a time to speed up the process.

click add file to select pdf file to be repaired

2. Once you have added the PDF files, this is the time to start the Repair by clicking the Repair button.

click repair to start repairing

3. Once the files are repaired, you can preview them in the right pane of the software by clicking the file name in the left pane.

preview the repaired pdf file

4. Use the Save button to save the repaired file.

click save repaired files

2. Download PDF File

Download the file by using 'save' or 'save target as' buttons to save a copy at your hard drive. Now open it with Acrobat Reader or other PDF software to see if the saved PDF is blank or shows contents.

3. Disable Display PDF in Browser

In Adobe Acrobat Reader, use Edit > Preferences > Internet > "Display PDF in browser" option to force PDF file to open in Acrobat Reader rather than in the browser. If the PDF is blank when opened in the browser, opening that in Acrobat Reader should fix this problem.

4. Update Adobe Acrobat Reader

Incompatible or outdated software is a significant reason for documents not working as expected—Update Acrobat Reader to the latest version.

5. Repair Installation

Corrupt Adobe Acrobat installation can also be a reason why a PDF document is blank when opened. Try to reinstall the reader software again to fix issues with the Arobat installation.

repair installation to fix pdf is blank

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Part 2: You May Want to Know about PDF Is Blank

Q1: Why does my PDF Save blank?

There are several reasons if the saved PDF is blank. Let us list the leading causes of this problem.

1. It is a very long download and fails because of its length or because of poor internet connection. Trying once again can help.

2. Your browser or PDF software is not up to date and needs an update.

3. The PDF file is corrupt in the first place.

4. Virus or malware can cause unexpected behaviors.

5. Due to human errors such as sudden shutdown, forced termination of application or system issues like insufficient RAM and processing power.

Q2: What to do if a PDF file is not opening?

To fix PDF that are not opening, you can try these solutions.

1. Change your Acrobat Reader settings. Menu > Edit > Preferences > Security (enhanced)> Sandbox Protection options. Uncheck "Enable Protected Mode at startup."

2. Update acrobat reader. Help>Check for updates and follow the wizard.

3. If these fixes are not working and you suspect that the PDF is corrupt, then use Stellar Repair for PDF to fix the errors in the files using user-friendly professional PDF recovery software.

Q3: Why I can't open PDF files on my phone?

If you cannot open PDF documents on your phone, the reason can be one of the following.

1. You need a PDF reading software on your phone. For android phones, you may use Acrobat Reader or Google PDF Viewer for android or iBooks for iPhone. Though Google docs support PDF files, sometimes PDF documents are loaded with features, formatting, and Google docs cannot deal with it.

2. Encrypted PDF. In this case, you need to decrypt it if it is meant for you.

3. The file is corrupt. In this case, you have to use recovery software like Stellar Repair for PDF.

Final Thoughts

PDF files are generally a very secure and robust form of documents. Nevertheless, some issues can corrupt the file, or your system is not equipped with proper programs; therefore, the PDF document is blank when opened. Your software might not be up to date, or you can try a change in some settings, as mentioned earlier, to fix when the PDF is blank. If these small fixes do not work, it means you need professional-level support for this problem. Stellar Repair for PDF is an easy to use professional software compatible with Windows 10, 9, 8, 7 and with full features. And if PDF file is locked, you can use PassFab for PDF.