To open RAR file secured with a password, you need to have the password. However, if you do not have the password, you can restore the RAR file password and use it to open up the file. There are certain solutions to break RAR password using the control immediately, but they just work on integers and other mixtures of figures.

Method 1. Using Password Remover Tool to Break RAR.Password

Have you ever ended up with RAR computer file that was security password protected? Maybe you set the security password yourself and didn't remember it! Whatever the case, there are a number of ways to break the security password on RAR computer file if you get fortunate. PassFab for RARPassword is an efficient RAR password breaker, which can help you to break RAR password on file's unidentified password or recover RAR file password when you didn't remember it.

This RAR password recovery tool will help you to get your RAR password in quick time. The more details you have, the less much time it will take to find the password. Just obtain the pathway and try to remove password from secured RAR archive all by yourself. The software is easy to use and secure, you will never lose to your personal RAR file when all operation is succeeded.

The information below demonstrates how to break RAR password with PassFab for RAR detailed.

Step 1. Download this software from official site and install it on your Windows computer. When the installation is done, this program will be running.

Step 2. On "PassFab for RAR" main interface, hit "Add" button to import the encrypted RAR file.

passfab for rar can break rar password

Step 3. Select an attack type for RAR Password Recovery from these three choices.

Select "Dictionary Attack" if you have a vocabulary that is a written text file record typical character mixtures, such as a, ab, 123, 4, AB, etc. that individuals may regularly use for secure passwords. Click "Settings" to use the standard vocabulary that comes with this system, or transfer your own one.

dicionary attack in passfab for rar

Select "Brute-force with Mask Attack" if you can offer any hint about the neglected security password. Later just click "Settings" to determine the places such as Min Duration, Max Duration, Personality Set, etc. by yourself according to the possible signs about the security password you could keep in mind of.

brute force with mask setting in passfab for rar

Select "Brute-force Attack" if you can't keep in mind anything about your security password at all. It will try all possible mixtures automatically, so no need to determine any establishing.

 brute force attack in passfab for rar

Step 4. After specifying the attack type and setting, click "Start" to start recovery. Your password will be found in a pop up window.

recover password with passfab for rar successfully

Method 2. Brake RAR Password Online

This method is for you to crack RAR File password on the Internet. All of the lost or forgotten security passwords can be retrieved successfully. Now you can remove or recover RAR file security password online without any software. Though this approach is for converting RAR file into a zip file, it also unlocks RAR file when it converts. So this is a simple method, let's see how it goes.

Step 1. First, go to the Online Zip converter.

search online compression tool in order to how to crack password on rar file

Step 2. Browse passwords protected RAR computer file for whom you want to remove security password.

Browse Protected RAR File in order to break passwor from rar archive

Step 3. Now click on convert file. It will first upload this computer file to its server and then turn into zip format and eliminate its security password.

Step 4. Now you can download this zip computer file without a security password.

RAR Password break Online

Congratulations! Finally, you are successfully done with the removing the password from RAR file. This technique is interesting, the method to turn RAR file into Zip file is also removing security password.

crack a.rar password Without Any Software

Method 3. Break RAR Password with CMD

If you forgot RAR password, how can you unrar that file? All you need is to apply 100% working technique that can break lost RAR password. In this section, you will be learning about how to break RAR file password using the Command Line(Command Prompt).

Step 1. Select and right-click the group computer file (command prompt).

Step 2. Just click Edit. You will be allowed to run this command line secure.

Step 3. Search down to the: UNLOCK part of written text computer file. A line of text will be shown, or "command/code" which will say: if NOT %pass%== [PASSWORD DISPLAYED HERE] go to fail.

Step 4. Now go back and run the group file. In the previous step, you acquired the security password to go into the "secret" directory. Use this security password to get through the security password system.

You have now gained access to the "secret" file or folder. Not many people know how to bypass such kind of security passwords unless they are technically smart.


Now you can simply start RAR file without a security password, or you can also draw it out. It's so simple! Now you can open any RAR file secured with password and check it's data or contents freely without any application. If you have a question about how to bypss RAR password or you don't succeed in eliminating RAR security password, then you can come here with your concerns, we will absolutely help you.