RAR is one of the most popular file formats today. Its uses range from data compression to error recovery, and its major perk is the ability to secure your files with a password. But somehow, times will come when you'll forget the password. This might be because the password was tampered with by either you or someone else or you forgot the password because it's too complex and muddled up. To crack a password-protected RAR file, you have to recoup the password and then unlock the file. There are a few techniques on how to crack RAR password, so let's look at the easiest ones.

Way 1. Crack RAR Archive Password with CMD

Cracking the password of a RAR archive using the Command Prompt component of your Windows device takes on how to crack rar.passwords without software, but it is not as effective as other methods. You simply need to exploit the Command Prompt, otherwise referred to as the "remove RAR password using Notepad." To do so, you need to...

  • Open Notepad, then type some commands and run it.
  • Double-tap bat file and open the Command Prompt by pressing the Win + R keys on your keyboard, typing cmd.exe (or just "cmd"), and then tapping OK or pressing Enter.

    crack rar password with cmd
  • Type in the RAR file name and tap Enter to type the path of the RAR archive.
  • Go the properties of the RAR archive and note down its name and path.

    check properties to note its name and path
  • Type the name and path in the corresponding spaces in CMD.
  • Type commands in a new Notepad and save it with the title "rar-password.bat"; then, press Enter.
  • Finally, let the commands in the bat file run; this will help find the password of the defined RAR archive.

Way 2. Crack RAR Archive Password Online

Yes, there are a couple of websites that focus on how to crack RAR password online. But here, we will examine a particular site that resets the password of any compressed file.

  • Open your browser and visit https://www.password-online.com.

    crack rar password online
  • Click on the button "Upload your encrypted file" and make sure you check the box right below. Worthy of note is that the maximum file size is 500 MB.
  • After the file is uploaded, tap on "Change over file" after choosing the RAR file.
  • The site will now transfer the file to the server and change the compression algorithm entirely; when the file is done decrypting, a download button will appear.
  • Now, download the decrypted file and open it without a password.

Meanwhile, it is the consensus to never use an online cracking procedure to crack .rar password if your file contains any vital business info or private data. In fact, you should not on any grounds upload your private files to any website of such. Apparently, this is because the web tool might create a duplicate of your file and save on the server. Another drawback of online RAR password recovery tools is that it might take quite a while if you are aiming to crack the password of many RAR archives.

Way 3. RAR Password Crack with cRARk

cRARk is one of the few speediest RAR password recovery tools. What's more, it is completely free to use. In addition to being its RAR password recovery functionality, cRARk is also useful as it works with incomplete passwords and wordlists. It can supplement wordlists with characters, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks to its interesting PCL language, it uses a powerful mechanism to recover lost or forgotten password of RAR archives and to check passwords from a wordlist file. Nonetheless, this method is the hardest on this list and cannot be covered here in entirety.

To crack RAR file password using this app, you need to...

  • First, download the Windows or Linux version by visiting http://www.crark.net
  • For Windows users, there are two versions depending on your framework: OpenCL and CUDA.
  • Since the app is a command line tool, you will need to open a CMD window (Windows) or terminal (Linux) and run some commands.
  • After running the commands, the tool finds your password in seconds to a few minutes depending on how long the password is. If it cannot find your password, however, it will notify you.

    find password after running commands

Way 4. Crack RAR Password with PassFab for RAR

The third method is an application called PassFab for RAR developed by PassFab. The application is easy to use and works quickly to recover your RAR files regardless of how complex the issue tends to be. What it does is simple: it rapidly cracks any locked RAR file and recovers the lost password.

Particularly, PassFab for RAR can help recover forgotten passwords from RAR files created by any application whatsoever.

  • Step 1. To start, download PassFab for RAR and install on your device.
  • Step 2. To import the encrypted RAR archive, tap on "PassFab for RAR" and hit the "Add" button.

    import rar to crack its password
  • Step 3. Out of the three attack types, pick the best choice.

    • Dictionary Attack: As the name implies, you will have to provide a dictionary under Settings, in which certain common character combinations such as abc, aa, ABC, AB, ab, 123, and AA are listed. You can import your own dictionary or make use of the default dictionary.

      add dictionary to crack rar password
    • Brute-force with Mask Attack: This works only when you can remember some details about the forgotten password, which includes the Character Set, Min Length, and Max Length. This way, the system recovers your password faster.

      use mask attack passfab for rar to crack rar password
    • Brute-force Attack: This is the default setting and it works on the off chance that you cannot recollect your password. It uses all possible mechanism to bypass RAR password without any defined setting.

      select brute force attck to crack rar password
  • Step 4. Once you have determined the attack type and setting, tap "Start" to begin your RAR password recovery process.

    recover rar password via passfab for rar


Having listed three diverse methods, you can now recover your RAR password and unlock your file once again. Even though these methods might seem tedious, these are the easiest and most straightforward methodsfor cracking.rar passwords. With the aforementioned methods - whether you decide to stick with the Command Prompt component, the online method via password-online.com, cRARk, or PassFab for RAR - you can get to a password-secured RAR file without confinement.

However, unlocking or cracking password-protected RAR archives isn't child's play. Hence, there is a need to be patient. Password splitting procedure will rely upon the number and mix of words used in making the password. Should the password comprise of an excess of 4 words with a sophisticated blend of alphabets (small and capital letters), numbers (0 to 9), and unique characters (like - !?>#$<@), the procedure will enjoy more opportunity to decrypt RAR password.

passfab for rar box
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