To save storage capacity and speed up the process of transferring files online, they are compressed in order to decrease the number of bits. Compression reduces the costs of hardware as well. In this modern era, business documents are in the form of Word, Excel or pdf files. To save and compress these important, files there is need of locked RAR files. Locked files keep your data safe and protected from the unauthorized personnel. But if someone forgets the password or sometimes files downloaded from the internet are locked then there is a need of an effective and fast RAR password remover online.

Part 1. RAR Password Remover Shareware

1. PassFab for RAR

passfab for rar

Easy to recover the forgotten RAR files password by PassFab for RAR irrespective of encryption and compression used. It includes self or built-in dictionary for unlocking the files.

Advantages: RAR file passwords recovery become easy and speedy because it uses advanced SSE technology. New search algorithm based and accelerate the speed of password recovery with CUDA, Multicore CPUs and NVIDIA.

Disadvantages: 1 license is only for 1 PC.

Platforms: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista

Price: Price varies with the monthly/yearly or life time license but has a free trial.

How to Use:

2. RAR Password Unlocker

rar password remover passfab for rar

It unlocks the password by using three effective forces, Brute-force, Brute-force with user-defined dictionary and user-defined Dictionary. That's why it is convenient to use. It supports multi core CPUs as well.

Advantages: Included SSE technology to make it faster. Based on NVIDIA CUDA GPUs and ATI OpenCL GPUs too.

Disadvantages: Only first three letters can be cracked by trial version.

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 19.95 with one-month guarantee.

Download Link:

3. KRyLack RAR Password Recovery

rar file password remover

Easy to unlock the RAR files because it has convenient user interface. It includes versatile file names e.g. SFX, multi-volume and v4.x with encrypted files as well.

Advantages: All updates are free and free email help provided. It includes all RAR files recovery.

Disadvantages: No trial option is available.

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 19.95

Download Link:

4. Accent RAR Password Recovery

rar password remover online

Convenient and optimized way to unlock the RAR files by using Accent RAR password recovery because it does not need any special language for attack. It is featured with high password search speed.

Advantages: It is based on macro language which makes the user-defined dictionary method effective.

Disadvantages: It only supports RAR3 and RAR4 formats. It can just show first symbols of forgotten password.

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 40-$ 200

Download Link:

5. Top Password RAR Password Recovery

rar password remover software

Unique and matchless algorithm make this Un-locker matchless. RAR and WinRAR files are unlocked easily due to its user friendly interface.

Advantages: compatible with AMD (ATI) and NVIDIA video cards. Own recovery scenarios can be created but it needs experience.

Disadvantages: It operates only through Windows 7 and old ones. Available only for RAR-3 and RAR-5 compressed files.

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 19.95

Download Link:

6. Intelore RAR Password Recovery

rar password remover freeware

Intelore RAR Password Recovery recovers the passwords through Brute-Force, Boost-Up or user-defined dictionary attacks. Its speed is 3000 passwords per second. Brute-Force mode further has more speed in Boost-up mode.

Advantages: It has user friendly interface with background working ability.

Disadvantages: Only operates for RAR/WinRAR(2.xx and 3.xx) archives.

Platform: Windows

Price: Full version is available in $ 29.95

Download Link:

7. Atomic RAR Password Recovery

rar password remover freeware 2

Atomic RAR Password Recovery comes with features of restore to the present state with user friendly interface and quick searching. It operates on the principles of brute and wordlist force.

Advantages: It also supports self-extracting archives and multi-volume archives.

Disadvantages: Trial version recover only first three letters of password rest are replaced by *.

Platform: Windows

Price: Full version is available in $ 30-$ 45.

Download Link:

Part 2. RAR Password RemoverFreeware

1. Crack

rar password remover freeware 3

It recovers the RAR files passwords but no longer than 6 to 7 characters' longer password without any further details.

Advantages: It supports GPU, compatible for Linux and MAC OX too. It includes Intel Haswell and AMD processor.

Disadvantages: Limited password length and not compatible for multi-core CPUs.

Platform: Windows

Price: Absolutely free

Download Link:

2. Stellar Phoenix RAR Password Recovery

rar password remover freeware 4

Stellar Phoenix RAR password recovery is the best solution for the recovery of forgotten passwords. Recovery can be done quickly by using different masking options. Even password length can be settled for quick searching. Thus, you can use it to bypass RAR password.

Advantages: It includes recovery dialogue box which shows recovery time, speed of recovery and important information as well. It does not compressed files.

Disadvantages: No technical support is available even through chat.

Platform: Windows

Price: Absolutely free

Download Link:

3. Password Find

rar password remover freeware 5

It is effective fast and easy to use for recovering the forgotten passwords. No installment of any software is required. Just need to upload the file, within few minutees, the password will be removed. Therefore, you can use it to remove RAR password totally.

Advantages: It recovers the Microsoft documents passwords 100 times faster as compare to normal computers.

Disadvantages: If file is locked by external software or it is of more than 10MB then it cannot be recovered by this software.

Platform: Online website

Price: Totally free

Official Website:


Usually files are compressed but not locked but when there is need to protect the data from some unauthorized person, at that time, locking becomes necessary. There is no need to panic if you forget the password, because if you have gained the best RAR password recovery software - PassFab for RAR, then you can remove the password easily. This software doesn't care about the type of compression or encryption and provides you best results in very short time!