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  • it is really helpful for me

    oh i forgot the activation lock of my ipad and i could not find out other methods to deal with it. i hope i can remove the activation lock screen so that i can use the iphone. finally i know this software from google search. it is working, it is really helpful for me.

    ellizebeth james 2020-06-22
  • Removed my activation lock immediately

    I was trying to play mobile games using my old iPad, and I was stuck in the activation lock screen when I was setting it up. I couldn't do anything to continue even if I entered my id and password (maybe it was wrong). So I found this program until I gave up. It removed the activation lock on my ipad immediately. Now I can keep playing games on this iPad. Thanks mate.

    William Cooper 2020-06-16
  • oh i wanna say thanks

    i am locked out of my iphone 7 activation lock and no matter what i enters, it always say i enter the wrong apple id or password. how can i remove this activation lock? one day i search and find this passfab activation unlocker! it is really nice! oh i wanna say thank you very much, at last now i can continue to use that phone as an ipad.

    berina heolah 2020-06-12
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