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  • thank you passfab for iso

    I use the passfab for iso to reinstall my Windows system. It's a nice ISO burner.

    Wald Allen 2020-08-31
  • it's a marvel!

    For some reason, I have to reinstall my Windows 10 system, but I can't find out any powerful tool to burn ISO to USB. I even don't know where to download Windows 10 ISO file. I can't find the download path on Microsoft official website. Luckily, I purchase and use this PassFab for ISO, it's a marvel! I love it because it's sooooo easy to use. It is user-friendly for the computer idiot like me.

    Tasha Cliena 2020-07-28
  • the easiest iso burning tool so far

    This is the easiest iso burning tool so far. I bought a new laptop and after transferring the old data from old laptop to new laptop, I want to reinstall system of my old laptop. But I don't know how to do that. Finally I get to use this PassFab for ISO. It works.

    Saminie Korson 2020-06-22
  • It helps me create bootable USB!

    I wanted to create a bootable USB drive just in case my computer crashes or something. This program works like a charm. All I need to do is to download the ISO file and insert my USB drive, then it will do everything for me. Fantastic!

    Cadie Bradley 2020-06-16
  • easy-to-use software

    This is an easy-to-use software for me. I use it to burn Windows 10 Home iso file and it works. Oh, I want to thank God! It is the easiest ISO burning program that I have ever used. I use it without any errors. Now I can reinstall my Windows 10.

    Sockly Moon 2020-06-12
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