If you are a Samsung user, then you can use many lock types. However, when you forgot the screen lock, it becomes an annoying thing. But don't worry, we studied on how to remove password from Samsung phone and find 4 ways for you to unlock Samsung phones.

Part 1: How to Remove Password from Samsung Phone if Forgot Password - 3 Ways

Way 1: Remove PIN/Pattern/Password/Fingerprint from Samsung Phone with PassFab Android Unlocker

Without password, the best way to remove the password of your Samsung phone is to use PassFab Android Unlocker, which is an easy-to-use software that guides the user by showing graphical instructions on the screen to remove the password of your phone with high success rate. Besides, it can also help you bypass Google Factory Reset Protection(FRP) lock on your Samsung phones.

Follow the video and text guide to remove all types of screen lock from Samsung phone with PassFab Android Unlocker:

  • Download and install the software on your computer.
  • Launch the tool and connect your Samsung phone to your PC/Laptop by USB cable.
  • Choose "Remove Screen Lock" feature to continue. remove screen lock
  • Initiate the process of removing screen lock by pressing Start . click start
  • Now the removing is in progress, you will be able to see the status on the screen. removing lock screen
  • After a few minutes you will be able to the message "Removed the Screen Lock Successfully!", press Done to terminate the process. remove lock screen successful

Way 2: Remove Password from Samsung Phone Using Google Find My Device

Use this way to remove password from Samsung phone requires you signed into Google account on your phone, turned on Location and Find My Device. Besides, you should know your Google account and password.

Here are the detailed steps on how to remove PIN from Samsung phone:

  • Search "Google Find My Device" on your computer and login your Google account.
  • Then find your Samsung phone and choose "Erase Device"

    erase device
  • Tap on the "Erase" to confirm your operation.
  • Finally, wait for a while, your Samsung password will be removed.

Note: The above 2 ways will erase all your data on your Samsung phone.

Way 3: Remove Password from Samsung Phone by Samsung Find My Mobile

Samsung Find My Mobile is the third way you can use to remove password from Samsung phone. It is only for activated Samsung phones. And it requires you to turned on Find My Mobile on your phone and Location, signed into Samsung account and you know the account and password.

If your phone meets he requirements, follow the below steps remove password from phone:

  • Search Samsung Find My Mobile on your computer, and login your Samsung account.

    sign in samsung account
  • Click on "Find My Mobile" and find the locked Samsung phone.

  • Tap on "Unlock" and hit "Unlock" again.

    choose unlock hit unlock again
  • Now, you need to enter the Samsung account password again to confirm.

    re-enter the samsung account password
  • Finally, you need to wait a while. After finishing unlocking your Samsung phone, all the screen lock will be removed.

Note: This way will remove all types of screen lock from your Samsung phone.

Part 2: How to Remove Password from Samsung Phone If You Know It

The solution as mentioned above is applicable when you want to remove password of your phone if fogot it, but if you know your phone password and want to disable/turn off your lock screen password, you can follow the below steps:

  • Go to Settings from your phone menu.
  • Select the Lock Screen option. tap on lock screen
  • For Android (4.4 -5) you might be able to find "Lock Screen" under the Personalization from Device tab.
  • For Android 6 and Higher, you need to scroll down to the bottom to find "Lock Screen".
  • Click on "Screen Lock type" (or Screen Lock). You will see the password form you are using. You'll need to enter the password/PIN/Patter or other types of screen lock you set to continue your operation.

    choose screen lock types
  • Then, tap "None" to disable all the screen lock you set.

    choose screen lock types

Note: There may be a little difference between different Android versions, but you can find it in the Settings.


This article guides users to unlock Samsung PIN or Pattern and even password in case they forget it. Earlier the use-case scenario is explained describing how a user can forget or unable to remember its password of Samsung device. Later on, explanation of PassFab Android Unlocker to recover forgotten password teaches the user to regain access to their smartphones.

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