Most of the people think that why people want to set password Windows 10? Well, the answer is that many people want to secure their data or don't want someone to have access to their PC data. Many people also set a password in order to create multiple users and few of them want to give limited access to their child's so that they can keep an eye on their kids in order to keep them away from irregular activities. Do you also want to set a password for your Windows? If yes, then read below.

Are you looking for solutions how to set a password in Windows 10? If yes, then read these solutions and set a password for Windows. These solutions are quite easy even a kindergarten student can do this by following instructions wisely.

Part 1: Set Windows 10 Local Account Password

Method 1: Set user password in Computer Management

Stage 1: In the very first step, open "Computer Management"

Stage 2: Find "Local Users and Groups" and choose "Users" folder


Stage 3: In this step just right-click on an account for which you want to reset a password.

Stage 4: Choose "Proceed" button

Stage 5: This step is almost the end, now enter "New Password" as well as "Re-enter" it and choose OK.

After following all the above steps a pop-up screen will appear, there you will be able to see that your password has been set.

prompt about password setting

Method 2: Set user password in PC Settings

Now set password on Windows 10 by following below instructions.

Stage 1: First of all, you need to open "PC settings"

Stage 2: Choose "Users and accounts".

click users and accounts

Stage 3: In this stage choose "Sign in" and then "Add"

choose sign in  options and tap add

Stage 4: This is almost the end, set password and then re-enter a password and add password hint if you like.

set password and click next

At the end, choose finish in such a way your password will be created.

Method 3: Set user password in Control Panel

Stage 1: First go to "Control Panel"

Stage 2: Click on "Change Account Type"

tap change account type

Stage 3: Choose "User Account" for which you want to reset password.

Stage 4: When you have done with selecting a user, next you need to create a password for that user account

Stage 5: Enter password, re-enter it and if you want to create a hint for that password then you can create hint too.

Part 2: Set Windows 10 PIN Passcode

Step 1: If you want to set Windows 10 PIN passcode first you need to press "Windows Key + I"

Step 2: Go to accounts choose "Sign in option", there you will see "Add" button under "PIN"

Just continue to add a pin. But first, you need to enter your current password for Windows 10 then you can add PIN.

Windows 10 Set PIN password

After setting PIN, just press OK. Your PIN has been created.

Part 3: Set Windows 10 Picture Password

If you have done with set password for Windows 10 then have a look on amazing way to set password for picture.

Step 1: First go to "Sign in option".

Step 2: Choose "Picture password".

Windows 10 Picture Password Setup

Step 3: Next you need to "Choose the picture password" and also you need to enter the current account password

Step 4: Now select your picture, and set three gestures for your picture, don't forget those three gestures because that will be your picture password.

Step 5: Next you need to re-enter gestures that you have set for picture

Now gestures have been set as a password for your picture, next time you will be required to login with picture password too.

Part 4: Set Password for Windows 10 Microsoft Account

Do you want to set a password for Windows 10 Microsoft Account? It's just simple when you were doing Windows 10 installation, you will be asked to enter Microsoft account email address and password. That email and password will be used to create your User Account that will be secured with a password that you will provide.


In this article, we have mentioned a few ways on Windows 10 setup password. This article will help you to set a password in the PC setting as well as in control panel. Not only that, but this article will also help to set Windows 10 PIN passcode and password for your picture. In case if you lost your Windows 10 password then we have mentioned an amazing tool PassFab 4WinKey that will reset your lost password. This tool is free of viruses. So why not to take all benefits from one platform? Buy this tool today if you want to reset the password and if you have not set up a password for Windows then set it today and secure your data.