Ophcrack USB Windows 10 is an extremely useful utility as it allows you to crack passwords for various user accounts on your Windows based computer. The utility comes really hand when you have forgotten the password for your account and you need to crack the password to access your account. This utility can do the job for you.

The following guide shows how you can go about creating a bootable USB drive for Ophcrack, using the USB to reset your password, and offering an alternative in case the tool does not work for you.

Part 1. Free Download Ophcrack Windows USB - 2019

As mentioned above, Ophcrack is a tool that runs off of an independent bootable drive and allows you to crack passwords for the user accounts on your Windows computer. It uses rainbow tables to guess and crack passwords for accounts.

To use the tool, you can create an Ophcrack USB Windows 10 and that will boot your system and let you use the functions of this cracking tool. If you have never heard of the tool and you would like to know what it has to offer its users, the following are some features and user experience of this tool:

What We Like Ophcrack:

  • Can be used on multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • It can crack multiple types of hashes.
  • It even has the brute-force method to find out simple passwords.
  • Live graphs.
  • Export passwords in CSV files.

What We Don't Like Ophcrack:

  • May get the errors like Ophcrack not finding or loading tables, no partition containing hashes found, Ophcrack not booting.
  • Passwords longer than fourteen characters cannot be cracked.
  • It is often recognized as a threat to the system by various anti-virus programs.

Download Ophcrack: http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net/

The tool has got pretty much everything you need to crack passwords for your accounts, however, there are some shortcomings of the tool as mentioned above. If you would still like to proceed with the tool, head over to the Ophcrack official website to download the latest version of the tool.

Part 2. How to Use Ophcrack to Reset Password

If you have downloaded the tool on your computer and you would like to learn how to create a bootable Ophcrack USB from ISO Windows 10 and how to use Ophcrack usb, this section will walk you through the steps to do it.

  • Step 1: Plug-in your USB flash drive to your computer.
  • Step 2: Download and install a tool like PassFab for ISO. Launch the tool, click on Open, import your ISO file, select your USB flash drive in the tool, and finally click on Burn.
  • Step 3: When the file is burned, reboot your computer from the newly created USB flash drive.
  • Step 4: When the tool loads-up, select the option that says Ophcrack Graphic mode - automatic.

    select ophcrack graphic mode automatic
  • Step 5: The tool should load-up on your screen within a few moments. When it does, select your account and you will be able to recover your password.

    select your account to recover your password

That's all there is to it. You should have cracked the password for your account using a Ophcrack Windows 10 USB bootable.

Part 3. Windows 10/11 Ophcrack not Working or Ophcrack Error? Try PassFab 4WinKey!

Ophcrack is a really old tool and it may not work on modern machines. Does Ophcrack work on Windows 10 with 100% success? If you failed to reset Windows 10 passwordwith Ophcrack, you may want to find and use an Ophcrack alternative tool to reset your password. And without a burning function in Ophcrack, how to use Ophcrack windows 10 might be difficult for some people.

Fortunately, there is a really reliable tool out there that does better tasks as Ophcrack. Meet PassFab 4WinKey, a software that allows you to reset password for your user account using a bootable USB on your computer.

  • Step 1: Download and install the software on an accessible computer. Plug-in your USB drive to the computer, select it in the software, and click on Burn.

    choose disk to burn the tool in
  • Step 2: Boot your locked computer from the newly created bootable USB flash drive. When your computer boots-up, select your Windows installation and click on Next.

    choose operating system to reset password
  • Step 3: Choose your user account from the list on your screen and select Reset Account Password.

    select account and click reset account password
  • Step 4: Enter new password and click Reset. The software will reset the password for your chosen account.

    reboot the computer after resetting password successfully

You are all set. The password for your user account is now reset and you should be able to get into your account without a password.

Bottom Line

Cracking a password on Windows 10/11 only requires running Ophcrack from USB Windows 10/11 to have passwords reset for any of your user accounts on your machine. And if Ophcrack not working windows 10/11, you have got 4WinKey at your disposal.

PassFab 4WinKey box
  • Remove or reset Administrator password instantly
  • Reset Microsoft account password in minutes
  • Delete or create Windows account if you want
  • One click to create a Windows password reset disk (USB/CD/DVD)
  • Support all computer brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc.
  • Compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and Server 2019