We are told again and again to keep our password strong and complex so that our data keeps away from illegal access but this strong and complex password makes it hard to remember. And forgetting things is in human nature, especially passwords when you have the complex and multiple passwords to remember. As most of the people use Windows 10, it is more often we forget the password. But you don't have to worry as there are multiple solutions help in Windows 10 password reset. Here is your chance to recover your Windows 10 account, just select one method and go on with the procedure.

Solution 1: Reset Windows 10 Password with Pre-Created Reset Disk

There are a handful of people who are well aware of reset disk. A reset disk is a safety measure that you take while setting up your computer. If you are the one who has created reset disk while resetting your computer up, you can reset Windows 10 password easily and efficiently. Just grab your disk and follow the procedure below:

1. Boot your system and enter anything and press "Enter".

signin password

2. An error message will be generated but don't worry and press enter again.

incorrect password

3. Now you will see a "Reset Password" Link.

reset password

4. Plug-in your Disk i.e. USB/DVD/CD and click "Reset Password". Reset password wizard will start. Select "Next".

reset password wizard

5. Now among different options in dropdown list select your reset disk media and press "Next".

select disk wizard

If you got the right disk you will be asked new password. Select new password and press "Next".

setup new password

6. Now restart and login with new password.

But we were not aware of reset disk procedure, well, be careful next time. For now, proceed to the next solution as we are not don't yet.

Solution 2: Reset Windows 10 Password with CMD

If you somehow know how to use Command Prompt (CMD), this could use full for resetting Windows 10 password. You just need a DVD/CD to boot from it. Once you get it to go on with the steps below.

1. Boot from the CD/DVD.

windows boot

2. Once setup begins press Shift+f10. This should bring CMD up.

cmd show

3. Now type the following command to replace Utility Manger.

move d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe.bak
copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

utility command

Note: Replace "d" with "c" or any other drive if you got your windows there.

4. After this write "wpeutil reboot" to reboot your system. If you are going good, CMD should open at start screen. Now type following command one by one to create new administrative user.

net user <username> /add
net localgroup administrators <username> /add

netuser command

Note: Replace <username> with required username.

5. Now reboot. After reboot you should see two accounts on your screen. Select the new account and log in. Right click on start menu and select "Computer Management".

comp management

6. Navigate to "Local Users and Groups" and right-click on the account for which password has to be changed.

set password

7. Don't worry about the warning, just click "Proceed".

warning  change

8. Now setup new password and restart.

Your password should be changed successfully. If you are not well-aware of CMD and want some other method, we still got a number of methods just hold on to us.

Solution 3: Reset Windows 10 Password with Other Administrator Account

If you have got another account with administrator privileges, this might save your time for resetting windows 10 password. You just need to login to your account and follow the procedure below.

1. Right click on "My Computer" and select "Manage".

2. A "Computer Management" window will appear. Look for "User and Local Groups" from the left side followed by "Users".

comp management

3. Now right Click on the account for which password has to be changed. Select "Set Password".

set password

4. Now type in the new password and click "Ok". Restart your system and log in with new password.

With this solution you came to know the importance of administrator account. If you haven't got an account with administrator privileges, move on to the next solution that might help you.

Solution 4: Reset Windows 10 Password with MSDaRT

MSDaRT (Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset) is another easy method to reset or remove Windows 10 password easily. MSDaRT is designed for desktop manageability and security and decrease total cost of ownership. Without thinking of other option go get latest MSDaRT and burn it on CD/DVD/USB. Now boot system with that media and follow the procedure below.

1. Select "NO" for network connectivity in background.

net start

2. Now select your language.

language selection

3. All the operating systems will be shown on screen. Select the one for which password has to be changed and click "Next".

system recovery option

4. Now from "System Recovery" options Select Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery toolset.

sys recovery

5. A number of different options will be shown on screen. All of them are used for different purposes but find "Locksmith" and select that option. A locksmith wizard will start. Click "Next".


6. Now select the account for which password has to be changed. And type in new password and click "Next".

locksmith wizard

7. Locksmith completing wizard will be shown click finish and restart PC.

8. After restarting, enter the new password. It will ask for setting up a new password before starting the first time. Select a new password and continue working.

MSDaRT is one of the easiest and widely used solutions for resetting Windows 10 password. If this procedure doesn't work for you, you might need to look for on the next one.

Solution 5: Reset Windows 10 Password with Cain & Abel

Cain and Abel is a third-party and one of the best freeware that can also be used to reset windows 10 password. It uses several powerful algorithms to crack Windows passwords such as Brute-force attack, dictionary attack, recording VoIP discussion, recouping remote system keys, exposing reserved passwords and investigating the sub-systems of your Windows operating system files and folders.

1. Download the latest version of Cain and Abel software and burn it on thumb drive.

2. Plug the drive to your locked computer and reboot.

3. Cain and Abel interface should appear. Now navigate to Tools> Syskey Decoder. Locate the System file. By default, it is in C:\Windows\System32\Config. This will generate a key, write it down.

cain able syskey

4. Click on the "Cracker" tab. On the left, click on the "LM & NTLM Hashes" and then click the big blue plus sign on the Cain toolbar. Make sure the "Import Hashes from a SAM database" button is checked. Choose the SAM file of your locked Windows installation and enter the boot key that you've got in the step above.

cain abel nthash

5. All the user accounts will be shown. Right click on the locked one and select Brute Force Attack followed by NTML Hashes.

ca bruteforce

6. Now check predefined under charset and select the suitable dictionary to use and click start. Cain and Abel will crack the password for you.


Cain and Abel is trusted and widely used third-party software for recovering Windows 10 password. Feel free to use it. If this solution doesn't solve your problem go on to next.

Solution 6: Reset Windows 10 Password with Microsoft Account

If you were using Microsoft account for your Windows 10 login, you can easily change password bit for that you will be needing another PC or smartphone. Follow the steps:

1. Go to Windows live password reset website. Enter you Microsoft account username and select "forgot password".

forgot pass

2. The next screen will be the Recover Account screen. A few characters will be shown, which you will need to type into the box provided, and then click on the 'Next' button

3. Chose method for receiving verification code. Once received, type it in. Now you will be asked for a new password. Go on typing it in and click "Next".

ms pass change

4. This will change your Windows 10 password as well. Now you can get to your locked computer and log in with a new password. Using Microsoft account for your Windows 10 is secure and most recommended. Because in any situation you can contact Microsoft support.

Solution 7: Reset Windows 10/11 Password with PassFab 4WinKey

For 100% recovery result in no time, use PassFab 4WinKey. You might think that this could be less secure but it is most trusted and widely used third-party software for recovering and resetting Windows 10/11 password. No need to reformat or reinstall the system. You don't need an expert to use this shareware, just follow the simple steps below and get access back to your computer.

1. Open PassFab 4WinKey and select any media on which you want to burn it. We have used USB.

choose usb

2. Save any data on Media because it will ask for formatting media and you have to select "Yes" to go on with procedure.

burn usb

3. Now reboot the system and let it boot from the media you just burned. After booting from media you will be asked to locate your drive. Locate and Select your media.

boot from usb uefi

4. Now select the operating system for which password has to be changed and click "Reset Password".

reset password

5. After that you will see a list of usernames. Find your locked account, select and add a new password in the box given below and press "Next".

reset password

6. Now remove the media and reboot your system. Your password has been reset and now you can log in using the new password.

reset password

Here is a video guide about how to reset Windows 10 password:

Final Words

We have shown you the top 7 solutions for Windows 10/11 password reset. Now you can easily choose one of them to recover your account. However, the strong or complex password may be, with these solutions you can by-pass all of them. Much other third-party software is also available but they are not up-to-date like PassFab 4WinKey. It saves time and is easy to use.