I have a windows 10 laptop, I have made an account and I thought it wasn't going to change anything. well, I was wrong. It put a password on my lockscreen and I don't want it because my siblings use my laptop as well. How do I delete the account or how to remove password in windows 10?

If you are also tired of entering your system password, you are at the right place. I'm asking this because several individuals were seen complaining about how to disable password on windows 10.Most of them mentioned that after some recent updates, their windows started acting differently. After every reboot, they are asked to provide the password.

If you want a solution to this problem, I have got you covered. It is because this guide will introduce the best ways of how do you remove a login password on windows 10. Even if you are logged out of your windows, we have a working solution for you.

But before we proceed with the different ways, let's look at some of the points that you must consider before jumping on the ways.

Part One: Necessary Reminder before Getting rid of Password Windows 10

Since, in this guide, we are talking about how to remove password from windows 10. Therefore you need to be aware of some points. To be very clear, they are some threats that you must consider before you turn off password windows 10:

  • It needs a local account: You can't delete your Windows 10/11 password if you only have a Microsoft account. To remove password from windows 10, you must have a local account.
  • Malware attacks: No doubt, if you are going to remove password windows 10 or bypass windows 10 password on your system, it will be left without any security layer. Besides that, if you have administrator rights, you will be giving an upper hand to some of the potential malware running on your system.
  • Unwanted Individuals can access: One of the common threats or security risks you might face after disabling the Windows 10/11 password is unwanted access to your system.

Someone might break into your system and could damage your files and delete some important documents. That's the reason why even Microsoft doesn't recommend you to remove the windows 10 password.

Logging in directly might seem convenient to you, but it's not advisable, and if you have essential data on your windows, it could be very dangerous for you. I won't recommend you to remove windows 10 passwords in such situations.

Now, since you are aware of all the security threats, let's begin with different methods that will help you bypass the Windows 10 password.

Part Two: How to Remove Windows 10/11 Password If Locked out

First, you need to have another PC or Laptop for you. As you are locked out of your system, you have to use another PC/Laptop to set up all the required things. In this section, I'll talk about two methods that will turn off password windows 10, or If you want, you can reset it as well.

Method 1: Remove Password for Windows 10/11 using Password Reset Disk

In this method, we are going to use a password reset disk to remove the password for windows. But the catch here is that you need to have a password reset disk with you, which is created before forgetting the password.

Unfortunately you can’t create one directly now since you are locked out of your system. In order to learn more, navigate to the second method in this part.

If you have a password reset disk, follow the steps below:

  1. Plug in the Password Reset Disk in your machine.And let the lock screen appear.
  2. On the lock screen, enter any incorrect password and Click on Enter.
  3. You will get a message that “Password is incorrect”. Click on “OK”.
  4. You will see a couple of new Sign-In options, Click on Reset Password Option.
  5. A new Password window will appear, leave the password box blank and click on Next.
  6. Follow the steps provided in the window.

Congratulations, you have successfully disabled the windows login password.

Method 2: Remove Password for Windows 10/11 using PassFab 4WinKey

In this method also, we will use a USB drive that will act as a Password Reset Disk but this time, we are going to use a tool to create the disk. Later, with the help of a USB drive, we will remove the password.

To complete the process with a 100% success rate, we will use the windows password reset tool PassFab 4WinKey. It's a paid application that allows you to create password reset disks, bootable USB drives, etc. If you are interested in learning more about PassFab 4WinKey, you can check out the next paragraph.

Features of PassFab 4Winkey
1 One of the safest tools out there for Windows internal fixes.
2 Allows you to create/delete user accounts and remove/reset passwords for different user accounts.
3 Compatible with almost every Windows OS.
4 It has a 100% Success rate.
5 No any data loss.

PassFab 4WinKey tool has a 100% success rate; therefore, you will be able to disable the Windows 10 password in a single hit.

I have divided the whole method into two sub methods. The first is to create a "password reset disk", and the second is on "How to use the password reset disk to delete the windows 10/11 password" .

Video Guide

Part One: How to Create a Password Reset Disk using PassFab 4WinKey?

  • Download and Install "PassFab 4WinKey" tool
  • Insert a USB Drive or CD/DVD Drive. If you have a USB Drive, you must prefer it over CD/DVD Drive because USB Flash drives are faster than CD/DVDs.
  • Launch "PassFab 4WinKey".

    launch passfab

  • Select the respective "USB drive".And click on the "Next" Option.
  • A new dialog window will pop up. Click on the "Next" on the dialog.
  • The burn process will start. Once the process is started, it is not recommended to eject the USB. Please wait until it gets completed.

So, that's how you create a password reset disk using the PassFab 4WinKey tool.Now, let's begin with Part Two.

Part Two: How to use the Password Reset Disk?

If you haven't created a Password Reset Disk, it is strongly recommended to create it first before diving into the below-mentioned steps:

  • Insert the PassWord Reset Disk and reboot and navigate to Boot Menu.
  • Got to Boot Option in the Menu. And Select the Password Reset Drive as Boot Option #1

    boot from usb
  • Hit the Enter Key and Exit the Boot Menu. PassFab 4WinKey Tool window will appear.
  • Select the required OS and Account.

    remove password
  • Select the required feature and Wait until it is completed.

    remove password successfully

That's all you have to do. Now you can directly log in to your Windows without the hustle of entering the password if you select Remove Account Password.

Now, let's have a look at the methods to "remove/disable windows 10/11 password" in the situation where you can access to your windows.

Part Three: How to Remove Windows 10/11 Password If Accessible

In this section, we will look at the different methods categorized in different scenarios. You can opt for any of the methods as per your situation. Before proceeding to the following method, let's first distinguish between local accounts and Microsoft accounts, for you to complete the operation more clearly.

Local User Account

  • A user name and password are required to launch windows.
  • One account can only be used by a single device.
  • In windows 10 Home, you can not download apps from the windows store.
  • Your settings will not be synchronized across all computers and devices that you generally use.

Microsoft User Account

  • An email and password are required to launch windows.
  • One account can be used by multiple devices owned by the same user.
  • You can download apps from the windows store on all versions of windows 10.
  • Your settings will be synchronized across all the computers and devices that you use.

Method 1: How to Disable Password on Windows 10 from Microsoft Account Using Netplwiz

What is Netplwiz?

The Netplwiz.exe is basically an advanced Control Panel that handles User Accounts, which is originally developed by Microsoft and is part of the official Microsoft Windows Operating System. Netplwiz is not only part of the Windows 10 Operating System, but it was also included in the previous version of Windows, such as 7, 8, 8.1, Vista, and others! Although Netplwiz.exe is a hidden tool, it can be accessed easily by following some instructions.

It is incredibly easy to use Netplwiz.exe to delete Windows 10 password. Below is a step-by-step guide of how you can remove the Windows 10 password using Netplwiz:

  • Go to the Windows Start Menu and type “Netplwiz”. Hit the “Netplwiz Run command” from the search results.

  • The User Accounts window will now open up. Under the Users tab, look for the option labeled “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer” and uncheck this option.

    user account setting
  • Hit Apply and a prompt will appear asking you for your current password. You need to enter your password twice and hit “OK”.


That's it. Now, you don't have to enter the password every time your device reboots. It was easy, right!

Method 2: Remove Microsoft Account Login Password on Windows 10/11 from Settings

  • Launch “Settings” and go to “Accounts”.
  • Select “Your Info” and hit “Sign in with a local account instead”.

    local account
  • Press “Next” and you’ll be asked to enter your current password. Afterward, press “Next” again.
  • Enter your user name and leave the password and reenter password blocks empty. Hit “Next”.

    enter local account
  • Hit “Sign out and finish” to finalize the changes.

If you don't use a Microsoft account and want to disable their local account's login password, how to do? Here are different ways of how to remove startup password in windows 10 from local account.

Therefore you can pick any of these as per your convenience.

Method 3: Remove Local Account Login Password on Windows 10/11 from Settings

  1. Launch “Settings” and open “Accounts”.
  2. Select “Sign-in options”.
  3. Under the “Password” section, press “Change”.

    change your password
  4. Enter your current password and hit “Next”.
  5. Leave the “Password” and “Reenter Password” sections empty and hit “Next”.

Now, you can restart the windows, and you'll see that you don't enter the password to log in.

Method 4: Remove Local Account Login Password Using Local Users and Groups Option

If you don't want to navigate through different options of the settings, you can go with this method. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Right Click on "My PC"/ Computer.
  • Slect the "Manage" option from the dialog box.
  • A new window will appear with different options. Locate the "Local Users and Groups" option on the left sidebar. Expand it.

    omputer management

  • Double Click on "Users". A list of users will appear.
  • Select the desired "User" and "Set Password Option".

    set password
  • Leave the "Password" column blank. Hit "OK"

    leave password blank

Now, your local account login password is removed, to test it, you can reboot the machine. and check yourself.

Let's move to the next method.

Method 5: Remove Local Account Login Password Using "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" Keys.

In this method, we are just using simple steps to delete the local account login password. If you are looking for a simple and straightforward way to remove windows 10 password, this one's for you.

  1. Press "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" and select "Change a Password".

    change password
  2. Enter "Old Password" and leave the current password and confirm password "blank".
  3. Hit "Enter".

This was quick right!

Final Notes

Though removing Windows 10/11 password might add some convenience to your life, it could have some serious consequences on your machine. You might face problems like malware attacks, unauthorized access on your system.

Therefore, if possible you can avoid deleting the password.

However, if you still care about the issues: How to turn off password on windows 10? How to bypass windows 10 password? You can go with any of the methods mentioned above. All of them are safe and reliable. Besides this, if you have any suggestions or queries, do let me know in the comments.