Something You Should Know About Default Administrator Password in Windows 10

Have you ever delved deeper into what a Windows 10 default Administrator password holds for you? Knowing your Windows Administrator password is paramount, to ensure you are ready for any mishap. Well, don't panic. We meant, what is you forgot your login or user account password and locked out of your Windows system? A huge amount of important data is at stake and you are unable to access it due to loss of password. In such cases, knowing your Administrator password on Windows would help you in great deal.

  • Part 1. How to Make Full Use of Default Administrator Password
  • Part 2. How to do If You Forgot Default Administrator Password
  • Part 1. How to Make Full Use of Default Administrator Password

    When you forget login password on Windows 10, the default Administrator password comes for the rescue. Using the admin account, you can eventually reset login password to unlock your system. Prior to recovering the user account password, look for the password prompt against the password filed on welcome screen. In case, you fail to recall the password, even after using the password prompt. You can try the below mentioned guide to get the best out of it.

    • First of all, login to your Windows 10 Administrator account and go to "Control Panel" or "User Accounts".
    • control panel user accounts
    • Pick the "Manage another account" over there and mention which account you want to reset password for.
    • user account  manage account
    • After choosing the account, tap on "Change the password" and key in your new password.
    • Now, press the "Change password" button to make the changes effective.
    • change password  user accounts
    • Log off from the Administrator account afterwards. Log in to your user account using your /pand new password.

    Part 2. How to do If You Forgot Default Administrator Password

    In the previous section of the article, you knew how to reset a login password for your Windows system using the Administrator password. Imagine you have forgotten the Admin password itself. There are free ways to get Windows 10 default Administrator password reset, but with them you would be putting your data at stake. No matter how consciously you handle it, there is always the fear of losing data at large.

    Here are two free ways for resetting Windows 10 Administrator passwords

    Freeway 1: If you are on the logon screen, then factory reset the system

    For resetting Windows 10 default Administrator password, you require to reset the system at once. You will get a fresh system at the end of the exercise, sans any admin password.

    • Push down the "Shift" key with the onscreen "Power" button simultaneously. Tap the "Restart" button afterwards.
    • shift restart pc
    • From the "Choose an option" screen, select "Troubleshoot" followed by "Reset this PC".
    • boot troubleshoot reset pc
    • Select your "Administrator" account here and then tap the "Continue" button.
    • Press the "Reset" button for initiating factory reset of Windows 10 systems.

    Freeway 2: Reset using an Elevated Command Prompt

    Being locked out of your Windows 10 computer is darn annoying. When you lose the Windows 10 default Administrator password, it becomes a pain in the neck. Resetting the system is seldom recommended. It is strictly restricted for emergency situations only and you don"t even crack the Windows password here rather the Windows 10 gets reset to factory settings. But in this next method, you"ll certainly reset the admin password with elevated command prompt. The way is quite technical and has risks too. Please follow it carefully or you may end up corrupting your entire OS.

    • When you're on the login screen, hit the "Power" icon available on the right-bottom corner of your screen.
    • Hold down the "Shift" key now and then opt for "Restart". Keep the Shift key down till you see the Windows Recovery boot screen.
    • shift restart pc
    • Now, get into "Troubleshoot" menu and select "Advanced Options". Then, opt for "Command Prompt" tab afterwards.
    • advanced options command prompt
    • As soon as you see command prompt on your screen, perform the following commands.
    • "D:" and push Enter.
    • "cd Windows", hit Enter.
    • Again type, "cd System32" and then Enter.
    • "ren Utilman.exe Utilman.exe.old" followed by Enter.
    • Subsequently, type "copy cmd.exe Utilman.exe" and Enter again.
    • advanced options command  prompt1
    • Reboot your PC now and get to the login screen. Now, push the "Utility Manager" icon on the right bottom corner.
    • The command prompt window will launch. Then perform the following command.
    • "net user Administrator [email protected]" followed by Enter.
    • Reboot you PC again and you"re done. You can now login with your newly set password, i.e. [email protected]
    • Note: Here, "Administrator" is the admin account username.
      reset windows 10 admin password  cmd

    From the above two ways, it was evident that, though, they were capable of removing the Windows 10 default Administrator password. The first one tends to wipe out system data and reinstall everything from the scratch and the other freeway is quite technical and may end you up corrupting the entire OS if not perform appropriately. If you want something feasible and trustworthy to protect your data. Then opting for PassFab 4WinKey seems a lucrative deal for you. With this talented tool, you can unlock your computer as well as create, reset, change or remove Windows  Administrator password.

    Moreover, bypassing the local or domain admin account password is just a matter of minutes for this app. Data can also be recovered from a bootable or unbootable hard disk using this software. Due to its high recovery rate, it has been appreciated in the industry. Not only Windows 10, but it supports all Windows PC OS versions. It also creates new user accounts without logging into a system (while you are locked out).


    After going through this article, we are hopeful that Windows 10 default Administrator password management became easy for you. Instead of going for the traditional methods, pick PassFav 4WinKey as the best tool. It would do magic for your password reset job. No data loss or system reset to unlock your computer is required with this software.

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