"I have been searching for a way to reset my password on a Windows 10 local account. I am trying to avoid losing everything on my PC. Help please!"

Reset local password on Windows 10 very easy when you have mastered the right solution. So, the important thing is that you should find these reliable ways first. Here, we've gathered 7 ways for you. I believe there is always a way for you. Now, let's focus on the solutions!

Part 1. 2 Ways to Reset Windows 10 Local Password with Reset Disk

Reset disk is the best way for resetting Windows password. If you already created an installtion disk (Windows password reset disk) before locked out of the computer then you can check the steps below. However, most users may don't know what's password reset disk until now. In such case, you can check the next way which is using Windows password recovery tool.

1. Using Installtion Disk

If you have a Windows password reset disk (USB/CD drive), then it provides a basic solution to the problem. Before starting, make sure you have your password reset disk inserted into your PC.

Step 1: Click "Reset password" >> "Next".

Windows 10 password reset

Step 2: Click on the "dropdown menu" and select the device your password reset disk is located on. Then hit "Next".

Select disk

Step 3: Type in a "new password".

Type New Password

Step 4: Type in the "new password" again >> "password hint", then click "Finish".

2. Using PassFab 4WinKey

PassFab 4WinKey is the tool that enables you create a Windows password recovery disk on PC or Mac, even if you locked out of the computer. By using it, you can reset Local account password on Windows 10/8/7 easily.

Step 1: Search the PassFab website on the browser and download the Windows password recovery software. Run it on a computer. Choose either a USB CD/DVD drive and click on "Burn" to reboot.

choose usb

Step 2: Wait for the process to complete. After your USB or CD/DVD drive is burned successful, click "OK".

Step 3: Insert the burned drive to your locked computer. Restart it and press "F12" or "ESC" to enter Boot Menu.

boot from usb uefi

Step 4: In the Boot Menu, choose your USB/DVD/CD drive and press "Enter" to boot it. On the PassFab 4WinKey interface, click on "Reset your password" and then on "Next".

Step 5: From the Windows accounts displayed, select the locked user account. The default password will be shown. If you don't want to use it, replace it with a new one. Then click "Next".

reset password

Step 6: Click "Reboot" on the window that opens after the previous step to restart your computer. Now you can use the new password to log-in to your locked account.


Part 2. 5 Ways to Reset Windows 10 Local Password without Reset Disk

The following 5 ways are totally free, But every method has its drawbacks. I will display the advantages to help you choose the way that works for you best.

1. Using Safe Mode

Safe Mode provides us with an effective and free Windows 10 password reset tool. To use this tool, you need to know the password of any other administrator account. If that's not the case, please try any other method.

Step 1: Before the Windows 10 screen loads, Press F8.

Step 2: Choose the option – "Safe Mode with Command Prompt"and press "Enter".

choose Safe Mode with command prompt

Step 3: Wait till Windows loads files. Type net user in the Command Prompt window and press Enter.

You will see how many user accounts there are in locked laptop.

windows accounts list

Step 4: Type your user account with a new password and press "Enter".

Step 5: Restart the laptop. You can now login the account with the new password.

2. Using Security Question

If you have security questions set up for such situation and remember answers to them, then your job is pretty easy! Just follow these steps:

Step 1: After a failed login attempt, you will see a "Reset password" option just below the password textbox. Select it.

reset password in windows 10

Step 2: Enter the answers to the security questions that you set up earlier. Press Enter or click the arrow key.

answer security questions

Step 3: If you answered correctly, you can create a new password.

reset local password on login

Step 4: Now use this new password to log in to your Windows 10 local account.

3. Using Administrator Account

You can also sign in to Windows 10 with other Administrator accounts, and then reset your password with Command Prompt.

Step 1: Sign in to Windows 10 with the other Administrator account.

Step 2: Right-click on the Start Button and then select "Command Prompt (Admin)".

Step 3: On the Command Prompt window, type: "net user <user name> <new password>", and press "Enter" to save changes.

reset windows 10 password with command

Step 4: If you see "the command has completed successfully" line, it means your password has been reset.

4. Using Command Prompt

If you've forgotten your log-in password, you won't be able to open Command Prompt as Administrator. You cna also use this way to reset Windows 10 login password.

Step 1: If you don't already have a Windows 10 setup disk, you can instantly create one on another computer by burning a Windows 10 ISO file to CD-ROM or USB drive.

Step 2: Insert Windows 10 setup disk to your computer, and make computer boot from the disk.

Step 3: On the "Windows Setup" window, press "Shift + F10" key shortcut to open command prompt window.

In this window, run the following two commands:

  • move d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe.bak
  • copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe
Note: Replace d letter with the letter of your system drive.

After the above commands are executed, remove the Windows 10 setup disk and restart your computer.

Step 4: On the Windows sign-in screen, click on the "Ease of Access" icon in the lower-right corner. This will open a Command Prompt window.

In this window, run the password reset command:
"net user <username> <password>" to set a new log-in password for your Windows 10 local admin.

Close the Command Prompt. You can now sign in with the new password.

reset local admin password

5. Using PIN or Picture Password

If you have a PIN code or Picture password on your Windows 10, you can use it to sign in and then reset your local account password from Local Users and Groups.

To login using PIN, follow these steps:

Step 1: To enter PIN instead of password on the sign in screen, click on "Sign-in options" and then on the PIN symbol below it which looks like a dial pad.

Step 2: Type the PIN and hit "Enter".

choose login pin

To login using a picture password, follow these steps:

Step 1: To enter the picture password instead of the regular password on the sign in screen, click on "Sign-in options" and then on the picture symbol below it.

choose picture password

Step 2:The picture set as password is now shown. Now make the gestures that you set, and you are logged in to your Windows 10 local account.

picture password


Each of the methods mentioned above provide ways for Windows 10 reset password local account free of cost. Most of them come with advantages as well as disadvantages, so their effectiveness might vary from user-to-user. One common disadvantage is the data loss that the user has to face when applying methods like using a password reset disk or by using Windows utility manager through command prompt.