Solved: Forgot Windows 7 Password and No Reset Disk

"Forgot the User Account Password to log-in to my Windows 7 computer, and I don't have a Password Reset Disk."

Honestly, it's not an easy thing to reset Windows password without password reset disk. Also, create a bootable disk can be done in 5 minutes. Except CD/DVD, you can also create the bootable disk by using USB flash drive. If you want to know more, keep reading to check it out.

Do Not Have A Password Reset Disk? Create One Now!

1. Using PassFab 4WinKey

For resetting your forgotten password on Windows 7 with no reset disk, we would recommend you PassFab 4WinKey. It's the best Windows password recovery tool, after creating password reset disk you can reset the password within 10 minutes. Let's go through the guide to reset your PC.

Create Windows Password Reset Disk

  • Install PassFab 4WinKey software on your Windows 7 PC from the official website. Hit "/powse" after running the software and look for the 4WinKey image file under "USB Flash Drive".
  • select the boot media device
  • Connect an empty USB drive to your PC and tap on the "Burn" button. Allow sometime to get the process completed and hit the "OK" button. Now, eject the USB flash drive from your computer.
  • burn password reset disk for windows

Reset Windows 7 Password Using Bootable Disk

  • Now, reconnect your USB flash drive to the locked Windows 7 computer and reboot it. Select your USB drive after tapping the "F12" ("Boot Menu") key followed by "Enter".
  • Once, you have booted up your USB drive, the PassFab 4WinKey – Windows Password Recovery wizard will come up. Now, you need to select the "Windows" for which you wish to reset the password. Then, select the "Reset your Password" option available at the bottom of the window and hit the "Next" button.
  • select the windows
  • You are then required to select the user account that has been locked out from the following screen. Once done, key in the new password in the respective field available at the bottom. Hit "Next" afterwards.
  • enter new password
  • The PassFab 4WinKey has been put into action and unlocked your laptop for which you forgot laptop password on Windows 7 having no reset disk. Now, you can remove the USB flash drive from your laptop and restart it soon after.
  • password reset successful

2. PCUnlocker

This software can come in handy for fixing forgot laptop password on Windows 7 having no reset disk. It resets admin or user password for all Windows systems. It unlocks and resets Windows logins for local and domain administrator and active directory accounts which are locked, disabled or expired. Using a bootable DVD, CD or flash drive you can reset windows password.


  • The tool offers good results when put to test.
  • It can remove logon time restrictions and bypasses user password as well, while keeping the old password intact.


  • The process involved with PCunlocker is quite complicated and comparatively, involves more time consumption.
  • User must be aware of DOS and Linux commands to run it effectively.
  • pcunlocker reset password

3. Chntpw

It is a free Linux utility which can easily reset Windows 7 user account passwords, when you forgot administrator password of Windows 7 with no reset disk. This software can work, only when run from a Linux Live CD. You have to run the Ubuntu boot media for fixing this forgotten password reset issue.


  • The tool is a freeware, thus helps you to reset password for free.
  • You can also make use of Linux LiveCD (USD version) to reset your password.


  • Resetting password with Chntpw is quite a complex and hectic process.
  • User must be a tech-savvy person to make use of this tool.
  • chntpw password reset

Useful Tips for Windows Password

  • Memorize it and use relatable things that only you can guess.
  • Keep at least 8 characters having numeric, alphabets, special characters.
  • Don't share with others.
  • Keep changing them at a regular interval.


From the above article, we found out that PassFab 4WinKey is the best Windows password recovery tool to get over the forgotten password on Windows 7 with no reset disk problem. You don't need to go through long complex processes to resolve the issue. Everything is within few clicks of the mouse. All in all, using PassFab 4WinKey when you forget password will be a sane choice and it is also recommended by millions of users worldwide.

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