Top Ways to Reset Windows 7 Password with Command Prompt

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To secure your data in Windows 7, Microsoft has facilitated its users to create password. With this, you can secure your important data and files from prying eyes. But sometimes you seem to forget or lost the password which can be very unpleasant for you. You cannot log in and access the data. But you do not have to worry, you can reset Windows 7 password with command prompt. Here we have collected some easy methods you can try to get off from this situation.

Solution 1: Reset Windows 7 Password with Command Prompt in Accessible Computer

You can try this simple reset Windows 7 password command prompt method to reset the password. You do not need any advance compute skill to try out this method. You just have to open command prompt in administrator mode and type some easy commands to reset the password for your Windows 7. So, follow the steps and reset your password without any worry.

Step1: Click on Start and type "cmd". After that right-click on cmd.exe and select Run as administrator.

cmd run admin

Step2: A dialogue box will appear and you will be asked if you want to allow the program to make changes to your PC. Click on Yes and the command prompt will open.

allow control

Step3: When you click on Yes, the command prompt will open. Type "net user" to see the all the user account for example in this case "Guest".

user accounts

Step4: Now type "net user user_name new_password" command and reset the password. You have to note that 'new_password' in command means the new password you are setting for your account in Windows 7.

change password

Step5: When you log in Windows 7 next time, you have to enter.

Solution 2: Reset Windows 7 Password with Command Prompt in Safe Mode

If you cannot log in to PC and locked out because you have lost or forgotten the password then try this method. In this method we will use command prompt in Windows 7 safe mode. Basically, in Windows 7 and earlier editions there is a built-in administrator account without password security by default. If you have lost the password for your account then reset windows 7 password cmd in safe mode is the simplest plus easiest method. Follow below steps to reset the password.

Step1: Start your PC and enter into Advanced Boot Options. To navigate there press F8.

Step2:When Advanced Boot Options display screen appears, using arrow keys go to "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" and press Enter. Now your PC will boot in safe mode with cmd.

cmd safe mode

Step3: You will see the safe mood Administrator account on login screen. You will be able to log in as it will have no security password by default. After logging in, command prompt with administrator rights will automatically launch.

Step4: Type "net user" to view available accounts. And then to reset password for certain account type this command "net user user_name new_password".

reset password

Step5: Now that you have reset the password for the Windows 7 account. You are able to log in to PC without any difficulty.

Solution 3: Reset Windows 7 Password with Command Prompt on Login Screen

How to reset Windows 7 password using command prompt on login screen? This is explained in this method. To access the command prompt on login screen we will use utility manager that can be used as command prompt. Hence you can reset the Windows 7 password with command prompt on login screen. Follow the guide and you will be able to do so.

Step1: In this method, first you have to make a bootable disk. Insert it into your PC and then boot your computer to Windows 7 Installation screen.

Step2: When it appears, press "shift + F10" which will in turn launch command prompt.

Step3: Here you have to type the following commands.


"cd windows\system32"

"ren Utilman.exe Utilman.exe.bak"

"copy cmd.exe Utilman.exe"

If you have installed your Windows in another drive then replace C: with that drive letter.

cmd utility manager

Step4: Now close the command prompt. Also close the Windows Installation and restart you PC without the bootable disk inserted.

restart windows

Step5: When the login screen appears on your computer, press Shift Key 5 times or click on "Ease of Access" icon. Command prompt will open with administrator privileges. Now you can run the following commands to reset the password.

"net user"

"net user user_name new_password"

reset password login

Step6: Close the cmd and enter the new password to log in.

Step7: After the whole process do not forget to restore the original utility manager (Utilman.exe) file back.

Solution 4: Reset Windows 7 Password with PassFab 4WinKey

If you are not confident enough to try Windows 7 password reset command prompt methods or have basic knowledge of computer you can try this method. With this method you will be able to recover access to your password protected PC without any difficulty. PassFab 4WinKey is an wonderful software with an interactive interface. It can surely recover all user accounts password. You do not have to reformat or reinstall windows and lose your important files. Follow the guide to use the PassFab 4WinKey.

Step 1: Launch PassFab 4WinKey and select boot media which can be CD/DVD or USB.

choose usb

Step 2: Click on "Burn" and it will display you that your disk will be formatted. Click on "Yes" and PassFab 4WinKey will start burning the bootable disk.

burn usb

Step 3: Wait for the tool to successfully burn the boot media.

burn usb successfully

Step 4: After burning the boot media, you can use it to reset the password for Windows 7. Plug the USB into computer and reboot PC. Press "F12" or "Esc" to enter Boot Menu. (It can be different for other PCs).

Step 5: There will be list of choices to boot in Boot Menu. Identify your boot media and then using arrow keys highlight your bootable disk name. Press Enter to select.

boot from usb uefi

Step 6: You will be prompted to select the Windows OS. After this check "Reset your password".

reset password

Step 7: Now you have to select the certain user account for which you want to reset password. By default, a password will be given but you can also enter "New Password" and click Next.


Step 8: Done! You have successfully reset the password. Click on "Reboot". Now you can log in with the new password.



In this article we have listed and explained all methods which can be used to reset the password for Windows 7 through command prompt. Also, you can try the PassFab 4WinKey which is an amazing tool to reset the password for Windows 7. You can use whenever you have lost your Windows 7 login password.


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