How to Reset Windows 7 Password without Reset Disk

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A reset disk is one of the simple ways to recover the Windows 7 password as it provides an access to the local account of the computer. A reset disk is a file that Windows user can create either on an SD card or USB drive. After creating, users can plug the disk into Windows that will help to reset the password on the desktop lock screen. Once the reset file is created, then it can be used for a lifetime.

However, users have to be proactive to create a reset disk. If Windows users create a reset disk after forgetting a password. Then, it will be too late to recover the password. The reset disk can be created only from that computer where the user forgets a password. In case of forgot password windows 7 no reset disk, users will get to know the best ways to reset a forgotten password in this article.

Way 1: Reset Windows 7 Password by Re-install Operating System

Here is the proper guide to reset Windows 7 Password without reset disk and any software. Through re-installing an operating system, the users can recover Windows 7 password. Follow the below step-by-step guide to reset forgot administrator password windows 7 no reset disk.

Step 1: To commence the password recovery process, switch on the computer. Within a few minutes, there will be an option "Starting Windows" on your screen. To power off the computer, hold the power button of your computer for a minimum of five seconds.

Step 2: Due to unexpected power loss, the computer will ask for the two option after switching on the computer. The first option that a computer will ask is "Launch Startup Repair" and another option that it will ask is "Start Normally". From two options, select the "Launch Startup Repair" as shown in the figure.

launch startup repair

Step 3: Now, the boot process of Startup Repair will start. Within a few minutes, the computer will ask for restoring the computer. Tap on "Cancel" in this case.

startup repair

Step 4: Thereafter, the Startup Repair software starts the process of examining the log files and initiate the diagnostic tests to inspect the reason for startup failure. After a few minutes, you will get a dialog box on your computer screen which says that your computer cannot be repaired automatically with the Startup Repair. So, tap on "View problem details".

view problem details

Step 5: Tap on the last link from the Detail Report to view the privacy statement.

privacy statement

Step 6: The privacy information will be open in Notepad. In the Notepad, tap on "File" menu to select "Open" option.

open privacy

Step 7: When you open the File Dialog box, alter the "Files of type" to "All Files". Now browse the file C:\windows\system32\sethc.exe and rename it to have a backup file as shown below.

change file type

Step 8: In the same folder, search for the cmd.exe file and rename it as sethc.exe. Finally, close the box and Tap on "Finish" to restart the computer.

rename file

Step 9: When you reach your computer login screen, strike "Shift key" for five times to open Command Prompt. To reset computer password, type the command: net user username password. The username and password you can write according to your wish


Step 10: Now close the Command prompt, you will be able to log-in into your computer.

To Recover forgot administrator password windows 7 no reset disk through the re-installing operating system is not safe. As this method will erase all the data on your computer. So, here below we are providing a better way to reset Windows 7 Password.

Way 2: Reset Windows 7 Password without Reset Disk by PassFab 4WinKey

The better way to reset Windows 7 Password is taking help of Password Recovery tool. Among various Password Recovery tools, PassFab 4WinKey is an ideal one.

Follow the below steps to reset Windows 7 Password through PassFab 4WinKey.

Step 1: To begin the process, you need to download a PassFab 4WinKey from its official website on your computer. After downloading, launch the software then burn a reset disk by using USB Flash Drive or CD/DVD.

choose usb

Step 2: Waiting for the process, generally it will take a few minute.

burn usb

Step 3: Once your CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive was burned successful, simply click "OK" to move on.

burn usb successfully

Step 4: Now, you need to insert the burned-USB flash drive to your locked computer. Restart the computer and press "F12" or "ESC" on the keyboard to enter Boot Menu interface.

boot from usb

Step 5: After entered Boot Menu, you will find out your inserted disk from the USB/DVD/CD name. Using arrow key to choose it and press "Enter" keyboard to boot it.

boot from usb uefi

Step 6: When you see PassFab 4WinKey main-interface, select "Reset your password" option and click on "Next".

reset password

Step 7: Now, all your windows account will be displayed. Select a user account, you will see the default password. If you don't want it, just chnage it by your own. Then, click on "Next".

reset password 4

Step 8: Now, you will go to another interface, simply click "Reboot" to restart your computer. Then you can use your new password to log into windows system.

reset password 5


With the help of password recovery tool like PassFab 4WinKey, the Windows users can easily reset the password. This tool is an effective one and it is secure and safe to download. To reset the password with the reset disk is also simple. However, it includes a condition to be created before forgetting the password on the computer.


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