"I want to delete one of my users on my windows 8 computer. How do I do that?"

Somewhere down the line, we all require to either delete a user account on Windows 8 or create one. Perhaps, you may need to delete user account of Windows 8 because the employee to whom the account was allotted may have resigned. Or, you may just want to remove it offload unwanted user account from your PC. The reasons could be any, but we get started with step by step tutorial on how to delete an account on windows 8, it is vital that you must know the Administrator account password (if any). Without it, you will just not be able to get through it.

Part 1. Best Free Way to Delete User Account on Windows 8

As is told, it is vital to have known the Administrator account password beforehand when it comes to delete user account on Windows 8. Now, without much talking, let's get to know the official way for deleting user account.

1. Delete user account on Windows 8 via Control Panel

The official way to delete user account on Windows 8 is via the Control Panel. Please ensure to take the backup of the data contained within it before hand. Because once the account has been deleted, there's no way you can retrieve the data back. Here's the step by step tutorial.

Step 1: Launch the Start Menu by hitting the "Windows" key over your keyboard and then opt for the "Desktop" tile from the upcoming screen.

Step 2: Now, hit on the "Folder" icon available on the bottom left of your screen. Just in case, it isn't available on your screen, you can simply hit the "Windows" + "E" keys altogether on your keyboard to launch the "File Explorer" window.

Step 3: Next, hit on the "Desktop" tab available on left navigation menu and then double tap on the "Control Panel" icon from the right of the File Explorer window.

file explorer  window

Alternatively, you can also launch the Control Panel by simply hitting the "Windows" + "R" keys simultaneously to launch the "Run" box. Now, key in "control" in the text field and hit "Enter" key on your keyboard.

run control win8

Step 4: From the appearing Control Panel window, you need to hit on the "User Accounts and Family Safety" option.

Step 5: Then, opt for the "Remove user accounts" link available just under the "User Accounts" division.

remove user  accounts

Step 6: You'll now be /pought up to the window where you can see all the user accounts over your Windows 8. Hit on the desired user account that you wish to delete. You'll be asked to key in the Administrator account password here. Punch it in the required field and then proceed further.

select user  account

Step 7: From the following screen, opt for the "Deleted the account" option available on left panel.

delete the account option

Step 8: you'll be asked to either "Delete Files" or "Keep Files", select the one as per your need. Since, we've already made backup of data before hand, we'll go with "Delete Files" option.

Step 9: Lastly, you need to hit on the Delete Account button to confirm your actions and proceed with deleting user account on Windows 8.

delete account win8

Part 2. How to Delete User Account on Windows 8 When Locked Out of Computer

If you don't know the Administrator account password to get through with deleting user account on Windows 8? Or you're locked out of your computer and by no means you can get into it as you don't know the password. Well, fret no more. Here an ultimate solution, PassFab 4WinKey, that can help you to effortlessly delete user account on Windows 8. With this powerful tool, you not only can delete a user account but also have the power to delete any Administrator account as well. Furthermore, you can also reset/remove Microsoft account password from any of the accounts over your PC in just a few simple steps. Let's now explore how to delete an account using PassFab 4WinKey.

Step 1: Grab your copy of PassFab 4WinKey from its official website. Install and launch it afterwards. Then, connect an empty USB drive into a working PC and select the "USB Flash Drive" option on software interface, followed by tapping the "Burn" button.

burn recovery drive

Step 2: Now, eject the USB from the PC and connect it into the locked PC. Reboot the locked PC and hit the "F12"/"Esc" key on your keyboard (as soon as it boots up again) to launch the "Boot Menu". Select "Removable Device"/"USB" as your boot media here.

boot menu

Step 3: Once done, PassFab 4WinKey will boot up on your screen. Now, hit on the "Windows 8" OS from the appearing screen, then select "Remove an Administrator account" from down below followed by "Next" button.

select OS

Step 4: Lastly, a list of all user accounts will be loaded on your screen. Opt for the one you wish to delete and hit on "Next". That's it, in a short while the selected user account will get deleted.

delete user account

Final Verdict

To sum everything up and by considering both the official way and the PassFab 4WinKey way to delete Windows 8 user account, it is apparent that PassFab 4WinKey has turned out to be the savior. It not just enabled you to delete Windows 8 user account/Administrator account but also empowers you to do it without the need of an Administrator password. We thank you for your time and interest. Please feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.