How to Reset/Remove Password on Sony Vaio Laptop?

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For most Sony Vaio laptop users, a Windows password is always set to protect privacy. You need to reset password on Sony Vaio if you forgot password or Sony Vaio password locked out/lost. It can be a big trouble since you need to go to the service center for help. This article can save you out. It will introduce 3 solutions on how to remove password on Sony Vaio laptop with Windows 10/8.1/8/7.

Part 1. Recover Password on Sony Vaio Laptop with PassFab Toolkit

Generally, most people don’t get into the habit of making a password reset disk. They got stuck at the password entering interface with nothing to do when they forgot Sony Vaio login password. It will not be a problem anymore with the help of a Sony Vaio password recovery tool, PassFab Toolkit. It enables you to reset Admin/BIOS password on Sony Vaio laptop without disk.

Step 1: Download and install PassFab Toolkit on an unlocked computer. Launch PassFab Toolkit. Select “Windows Password Recovery”. Use a CD/DVD or USB drive to burn a password reset disk.

burn a boot usb

Step 2: Insert the bootable password recovery disk to the locked Sony Vaio laptop. Use the disk to reset/remove password on your laptop.

reset password

Step 3: After removing password, you can create a new password if you need, then reboot your computer with the new password.

create new password

Part 2. Remove Password on Sony Vaio Laptop with Password Reset Disk (Only Work with A Reset Disk Prepared Beforehand)

If you have prepared a password reset disk before your computer gets locked, you can certainly bypass password on Sony Vaio laptop with the password recovery disk. You need to know that it’s only applicable for Windows local user’s account.

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Step 1: Input wrong password several times until you see the “Reset password” under the password bar. Click the “Reset password”.

input password interface

Step 2: Once the “Password Reset Wizard” opens, insert the password reset disk into the locked Sony Vaio. Choose the password key from the dropdown list. Click “Next”.

select password key

Step 3: Type a new password and confirm. You can type a new password hint for further reference in case you lost password of Sony Vaio laptop again.

type new password

Part 3. Reset Password on Sony Vaio Using Command Prompt (Only Applicable for Unlocked Laptop)

You can unlock Sony Vaio laptop with command prompt, which can be used for unlocked laptop only. And you need to evaluate if you can bear the risk of losing data or damaging your system. If not, please refer to the first method.

Step 1: Press “Windows” and “R” key combo to open the “Run” command box. Type “cmd” and press “Enter” key to launch command prompt.

Run command

Step 2: Type “net user” command in the command prompt and hit “Enter” key. It will show you the user account.

Step 3: Type “net user username new password” to create a new password. For example, if you want to create new password for user "Dave", just need to enter command "net user Dave new password" and press Enter. If you want to remove password, replace “new password” with “*”.

reset new password

Then you can login your computer with the newly created password.

Bottom Line

If you are not a computer nerd or don’t want to lose your data, PassFab Toolkit, the Sony Vaio password removal, is lifesaver when you forgot/lost password. If you get other problems, please leave us a message.


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