The Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) appears with different error codes, each representing the reasons behind the error. The BSoD errors can be caused by hardware or software failure and are usually resolvable. This article will address the 0x0000007e error and see PassFab FixUWin how to fix 0x0000007e windows 10/11.

Part 1: What does Error 0x0000007e Means?

Error code 0x0000007e, also known as SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED, usually occurs when your system files are not configured correctly, or the Windows registry has irregularities. If you think that your PC might run into error code 0x0000007e, check if it shows the following symptoms:

  • Restarting automatically
  • After successful login, you see the following system message: error-0x0000007e1
  • Your PC crashes with the error 0x0000007e. error-0x0000007e2
  • In Event Viewer, the system log may show an event ID 1003 that may look as follows: error-0x0000007e3

Part 2: What may cause error 0x0000007e in Windows 10/11?

The error 0x0000007e in Windows 10/11 indicates that the operating system cannot access important system files required to perform a certain task. 0x0000007e can cause due to many reasons such as,

  1. A virus or malware
  2. Outdated/faulty drivers or OS
  3. Corrupted or outdated BIOS
  4. Incompatible peripheral drivers
  5. A hard disk having no free space

Part 3: How to Fix Error 0x0000007e?

Solution 1: Use PassFab FixUWinNEW

PassFab FixUWin is a software suite that resolves almost all Windows-related issues. It help you settle down blue/black screen and other cashing problems, error 0x0000007e included as well. It does not require you to change any system settings, and you can recover your PC without fear of data loss, security, or privacy intrusions.

  • Install the PassFab FixUWin suite on any other PC.
  • Plugin a USB device, and click Create boot disk now. create boot disk now
  • Choose your USB from the list, and click Next. select boot media
  • Plug the USB into the problematic PC and restart it while pressing the boot key.
    Boot Key Desktop Laptop Motherboard
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  • Set your device on priority through the boot menu, save settings, and reboot the computer.
  • Click Automated Repair. click automated repair
  • Choose the disk partition where Windows is installed. Click Start repair. select partition
  • Click Restart after a successful repair. repair complete

This time when your PC restarts, it won’t crash, and you will no longer face the 0x0000007e Windows 10/11 error.

Solution 2: Use Registry Editor

If your Windows registry has some faults, it may cause error 0x0000007e. You can resolve it as follows.

  • Enable Safe Mode and start your computer.

  • Open the Run dialog, type regedit, and press Enter. type-regedit

  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\Intelppm navigate-it

  • Right-click on Intelppm, click Modify, and then OK.

  • Close the Registry and restart your computer after disabling the Safe Mode.

Solution 3: Check for Outdated BIOS

The outdated BIOS settings are one of the major causes of error 0x0000007e. You can check if your BIOS is up to date or not as follows:

  • Open the Run dialog, type msinfo32 or msinfo64, and press Enter.

  • Click System Summary in the left menu.

  • Check the BIOS version and date. check-bios-version

  • Open the browser and go to your system motherboard manufacturer’s website.

  • Check if any BIOs updates are available on the site or not. If yes, download and run the updates.

Solution 4: Use Automatic Startup Repair

You can use the automated repair feature of Windows to resolve error 0x0000007e. To follow this method, get a Windows Installation Media. Once you get it, follow the following steps to proceed:

  • Insert the Windows Installation Media into the computer and restart it.

  • When your PC boots from the disk successfully, click Next.

  • Click the Repair your computer link on the lower left corner of the screen.

  • Choose Troubleshoot.

  • Click Advanced Options -> Startup Repair.

The automatic repair process will start automatically. Let it complete. Your PC will restart automatically with 0x0000007e resolved.

Solution 5: Run CHKDSK Via Command Prompt

If you doubt there is something wrong with the system disk that may be causing 0x0000007e error in Windows 10/11, you can run the CHKDSK utility through the command prompt as follows.

  • Boot computer via Windows Installation Media. Click Next when it boots successfully.

  • Click the Repair your computer link present in the lower left corner of the screen. choose-repair-your-computer

  • Choose Troubleshoot.

  • Open Command Prompt by clicking on its option. command-prompt

  • Type CHKDSK followed by your disk drive name as follows: CHKDSK e: /f and press Enter. type-chkdsk-scannow-hit-enter

The system will start scanning your hard disk while looking for and resolving the issues.

Solution 6: Free up Space on Hard Disk

When your hard disk is full and it runs out of space, your operating system starts showing a 0x0000007e error. To fix it, you will have to free up some space on the hard disk so the operating system can use it.

Check Available Space on Hard Disk

  • Go to This PC, right-click on C drive and go to Properties. right-click-driver

  • See the space available on the drive. If it is full, you should delete some unnecessary files from it. delete-some-unnecessary-files

If you do not know which files to delete or have many duplicate files that will consume much time if deleted one by one, we have brought you an amazing yet wonderful tool that will do the task for you, i.e., PassFab Duplicate Files Deleter .

Delete Files using PassFab Duplicate Files Deleter

PassFab Duplicate Files Deleter can delete all the duplicate files and images in four easy and simple steps. Your C drive will have free space as all the duplicate files have been removed from it. This way, error 0x0000007e is resolved if caused by a hard disk with no space.

Part 4. How To Fix Printer Error 0X0000007e Windows 10?

We have discussed the bugcheck was: 0x00000007e bsod error above. There is another 0x00000007e error happens when connecting to printer which is not a blue screen of death error. It typically occurs when you try to connect to a network printer. The error message usually reads "Windows cannot connect to printer. Details: Operation failed with error 0x0000007e" or "Windows cannot connect to printer Operation failed with error 0x0000007e".

The error 0x0000007e is caused by a missing or corrupted printer driver. In most cases, the error occurs when you try to connect to a printer that is directly connected to another Windows computer (print server) and shared for printing from other computers over the network.

To fix printer error 0x0000007e, you can try the following steps:

  1. Disable your antivirus software temporarily. Sometimes antivirus software can interfere with printer drivers and cause this error.
  2. Uninstall any unsafe or incompatible third-party drivers. You can use a driver updater tool to scan your computer for outdated or corrupt drivers.
  3. Check if you have enough disk space. If your hard drive is low on space, it can prevent Windows from installing or updating printer drivers.
  4. Use the Registry Editor to delete the corrupted registry key. To do this, open the Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and navigate to the following key:
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Print\Printers\

    Expand the branch with the printer name and delete the BIDI key in the CopyFiles section.


We often panic when we see the BSoD with some unknown stop code as the issue is unknown to us. In this article, we have discussed one of such scan codes, i.e., 0x0000007e. We have proposed different methods to resolve the issue but recommend using the PassFab Computer Management due to its user-friendliness and feature-richness.