Google Account Manager APK FRP Download? Ultimate Guide to Bypass FRP

By Shirley Howard to Android Tips | 2023-02-24

Getting stuck on the FRP lock is not so common among Android users. Unfortunately, bypassing FRP is the only way forward to regain access to your phone if you forget the Google account password.

One of the popular methods to get past the FRP lock screen is using Google Account Manager APK FRP. If you’re planning to use this tool but don’t know if it’s the right option, then this article is meant for you. Read on to learn about its key features and how to download it.

In addition, we will also outline a perfect alternative to Google Account Manager FRP APK that works on all devices.

Part 1. Top Features of Google Account Manager FRP APK

For many years, Google Account Manager has been a credible app for removing the FRP lock quickly and effortlessly. It works perfectly on any Android phone running on Android 6.0 or later. This tiny app provides the perfect way to bypass FRP lock

Below are the key features of this tiny yet efficient app:

  • Offers a user-friendly procedure to get rid of the FRP lock.
  • Requires the basic technical knowledge to get started.
  • It is an open-source program.
  • The program guarantees protection of user’s identity and data. Since it is developed by Google LLC, you don’t need to worry about security issues.
  • Google Account Manager FRP APK supports a range of Android phones.
google account manager apk frp

The nest section is going to discuss how to install and use Google Account Manager 9.0 APK FRP bypass on your Android phone.

Part 2. How to Download Android Account Manager APK

Follow the below steps for FRP bypass Google Account Manager APK download:

  • First, download the app from a verified website and choose its version corresponding to your Android OS.
  • Then, go to the Downloads folder and install the GAM.apk file.
  • After installation, launch FRP_Bypass.apk, tap the three dots icon, and hit Browser sign-in.
  • Next, sign-in with any Google account and password, restart your Android phone, and follow the on-screen instructions to setup the device.
  • And that’s it. You have just bypassed the FRP lock.

As good as Google Account Manager APK is, it has some major downsides. For one, it has compatibility issues with newer Android phones, which explains why it has low success ratio. And more importantly, users experience a variety of technical issues when using this program.

Part 3. How to Fix Google Account Manager APK Error

As mentioned earlier, you may experience several problems with this tool. Here is a short description of the two common issues related to GAM APK:

1. FRP Bypass Can't Install APK

Step 1: Head to Settings > Security.

Step 2: Next, tap on “More Settings” > Install apps from external sources option.

Step 3: Here, you need to choose the App.

Step 4: Finally, activate or deactivate Allow app installs and try installing GAM again. Hopefully, you won’t face any problem.

2. GAM has Stopped Working

This error happens primarily when there’s a minor bug in the app’s cache files or if have installed the outdated version of GAM. Here’s how to fix it:

Step 1: From the Settings app, tap on the Apps or Application Manager.

Step 2: Locate and tap on the Google Account Manager APK app from the list.

Step 3: Open the storage option under the app logo.

Step 4: Clear the caches to fix the issues.

Part 4. Best Alternative to Google Account Manager APK - PassFab Android Unlock

Although Google Account Manager produces a higher success rate for older Android versions, it has shown a lower success rate for newer versions. To overcome this, it is necessary to use a method that bypasses the FRP lock without using this App. When it comes to the best alternative of Google Account Manager, PassFab Android Unlocker stands out from other players. It uses advanced algorithms to remove the FRP lock on any Samsung phone without any trouble.

The procedure to bypass FRP lock is so simple that even a 10-year kid won’t face any trouble using it. What makes it worth installing is its compatibility with all Samsung phones, both new and old. It boasts of its 99% success ratio, which is significantly higher than that of Google Account Manager APK FRP.

Aside from bypassing FRP, this tool can remove all types of screen locks with minimum hassle.

passfab android unlocker

PassFab Android Unlocker

  • One click bypass Samsung FRP lock 
  • Very easy to setup and use, no need to learn special technical knowledge 
  • Compatible with both old and new Samsung devices 
  • Instantly Remove Android password, pattern, PIN, and fingerprint lock
  • Samsung Screen Lock Bypass without Losing Data

PassFab Android Unlocker has Recommended by many medias, like macworld, makeuseof, appleinsider, etc.

4 steps to get rid of the FRP lock using PassFab Android Unlock:

  • Connect Your Device to A Computer and choose "Remove Google Lock"

    The first step is the simplest one since it requires you to simply connect your Samsung to a computer.  

    use passfab android unlocker to bypass frp lock
  • Select Device OS Version 

    Now, you simply need to select the Android version of your device. If you are unaware of the Android version, you should tap the Don’t Know The device OS Version option.

    google account manager apk frp
  • Remove FRP Lock 

    bypass google account samsung without pc
  • Bypass FRP lock successfully and restart the your Samsung Device 

    google account manager 9.0 apk frp bypass

    Once you have followed all the steps correctly as per your device’s Android version, you simply need to restart the device. Once restarted, your phone will be bypassed from the FRP lock successfully. 

Final Words

This article shows that bypassing the FRP lock on an Android phone is not a difficult task for tech-savvy people. With Google Account Manager APK FRP, one can easily get past the FRP lock screen. However, this method has a low success rate.

Fortunately, an ideal alternative to this program exists, called PassFab Android Unlocker . This tool can effectively remove FRP lock from any Samsung phone with just a few clicks. Compared to GAM, it is much faster and easier to use, and has a significantly higher success rate.