[2023 Solutions] FRP Lock Bypass without OTG or PC

By Andy Samuel to Samsung Tips | 2024-04-26

Bypassing the FRP lock is simple if you follow the correct process without missing any crucial steps. One of the common ways that most people use is OTG – a method that allows the phone to act as a hosting device with the computer, bypassing the FRP lock.

However, this method does not work as effectively right now after Google implemented several methods to protect the device in an illicit environment.

Let’s discuss the three major methods for FRP lock bypass without OTG.

Part 1. Bypass Google Account without OTG or PC via OEM

If you use an Android phone,OEM is good option for you to bypass frp lock.

Let's get started with the way to bypass FRP without OTG.

  • Reset your phone to start the process.
  • Connect your phone to a stable WiFi network.
  • Following that, a keyboard appears on the screen below a Google Account Verification page.
  • Press the keyboard's "@" key and hold it down until the Settings option displays. 
  • Select Google Keyboard Settings at this point.
  • Tap on the Three Vertical Dots on the top right corner of your mobile screen and select Help & Feedback.
  • Select Using Google Keyboard. Click on the Web Search after tapping and holding a text on this page for a while.
  • Type Settings in the search bars and look for About Phone or About Device.
  • Look for the Build Number and tap on it at least 7 times to turn on the Developer Option.
  • Reopen the Menu, then select the Developer Option. Hit OEM Unlocking and then click twice on the Back option.
  • Restart your phone and then establish a WiFi connection to complete the process. 

This is one of the best answers to how to bypass FRP lock without pc as well. Once you have followed the steps correctly, just add a new Google account and you will be able to bypass the Google Account verification. If you want to avoid using the OTG technique, there are other alternative methods that you can implement. One of the common ones is the use of PassFab Android Unlock.

Part 2. FRP Bypass without OTG via PassFab Android Unlock Hot

PassFab Android Unlocker is an effective solution if you need a safe and secure solution to bypass FRP without OTG. This incredible and special tool is effective enough to get through a wide range of locks like Samsung FRP lock, screen passwords, patterns, PIN, and face ID.

passfab android unlocker

PassFab Android Unlocker

  • One click bypass Samsung FRP lock 
  • Instantly Remove Android password, pattern, PIN, and fingerprint lock
  • Samsung Screen Lock Bypass without Losing Data

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Steps to Bypass FRP Lock without OTG Via PassFab Android Unlock

  • Connect Your Device to A Computer and choose "Remove Google Lock"

    The first step is the simplest one since it requires you to simply connect your Samsung to a computer.  

    samsung frp bypass without otg
  • Select Device OS Version 

    Now, you simply need to select the Android version of your device. If you are unaware of the Android version, you should tap the Don’t Know The device OS Version option.

    an unauthorized attempt to factory reset
  • Remove FRP Lock 

    bypass google account samsung without pc
  • Bypass FRP lock successfully and restart the your Samsung Device 

    samsung frp bypass without otg android 11

    Once you have followed all the steps correctly as per your device’s Android version, you simply need to restart the device. Once restarted, your phone will be bypassed from the FRP lock successfully. 

Part 3. How to Bypass the Google FRP Lock without Software or OTG Cable

There are other ways to bypass FRP without OTG on Android phones if you don't have access to an OTG connection or professional software. That is bypassing FRP lock via "Talkback setting".Have a look at the steps below.

  • Turn on your smartphone and connect it to a Wi-Fi network.

  • Return to the Home screen and tap the Home button thrice to start the Talkback feature.

  • Swipe right by making an L outline. Tap twice on the Talkback Settings.

  • Select Speak when the screen is off from the menu. Draw another L on the screen now, then click Ok after selecting Pause Feedback.

  • Click on Help & Feedback using the type Voice, search icon, and hit the Voice option.

  • Choose to get started with voice access. This would play an instructional video. Watch this video.

  • Select Share when the video starts, then click the Three Dots to redirect yourself to YouTube.

  • Drag the video down while pausing it. Tap on the Three Dots in the top right corner of the YouTube interface.

The above-discussed method can effectively bypass the Google FRP lock without software or OTG cable. 

Extra Tip: How to Bypass FRP Lock with otg Cable?

If you are using an older version of the phone without any additional Google security, OTG technique can work for you without any issues. To bypass your phone with OTG technique, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1:On your smartphone, download the FRP bypass APK file, then copy it to your USB drive.

Step 2:Turn on your device and then attach your USB drive to the OTG Cable.

Step 3:Connect your mobile device to the OTG's other end. With this, you may now access the APK file on your smartphone for FRP bypass.

Step 4:Select and install the APK file from your smartphone. When prompted, use the application to factory reset your smartphone.

The success of this process will eliminate the Google account that is already associated to the device. Once the old Google account is removed, you can login with your new account and bypass the FRP lock.

Final Words

Three practical ways to FRP lock bypass without OTG have been discussed in this article.And when it comes to bypassing FRP lock, we strongly recommend PassFab Android Unlocker , which is capable of helping you effectively fix this issue without any hassle.