Are you willing to reset your phone but stuck with the LG FRP bypass? You are not the only one who faces this issue when trying to reset the phone for some reason. The LG FRP bypass becomes more complicated when you cannot crack the code and verify your account. 

There are different techniques to bypass LG FRP . But do all of them are worth trying? Surely not! Only a few of the methods bring adequate results. For those as well, you will have to follow each step correctly. Or else, you might fail.  

So what are the methods that work instantly? We will discuss them in this article. But before we get into the topic, let us learn some of the basics of LG FRP bypass.   

Part 1:What Is LG FRP Lock And How It Works? 

Factory Reset Protection is one of the security features that asks the user to login into the Google account that was last synced by the phone before they can reset it. This feature protects the user from data loss when someone else tries to reset the phone other than the phone’s owner. Previously, stolen phones were really easy to reset since they had no FRP protection. But thanks to the latest advancements that help protect your phone from being reset once it is stolen. 

The issue arises the question of whether you can reset the LG FRP lock if you are unable to access the email account. The answer is yes. However, you will have to follow the steps correctly without any mistakes during the reset. Let’s get started with the methods to bypass the LG FRP lock. 

Part 2: How To Bypass LG FRP Lock? 

Method 1: Bypass LG FRP With SIM Card

One of the best methods to bypass LG FRP is with the use of a Sim Card. The process might seem lengthy. However, it is the easiest one among all with no major technicalities.   

  • Insert a Sim Card, connect to a WiFi, and press the Calling option to have an emergency call. 
  • insert-sim-card-go-to-emergency-call
  • Add a new contact by clicking Emergency Information>Pencil>Add New Contact. 
  • add-new-contact
  • Add any contact number as per your preference and tap the Contact Number>Change data.
  • chage-data
  • Tap Three Dots present at the click Share>Share Via MMS>App Info>SMS App one by one.
  • tap-three-dots
  • Click on Opening Links>YouTube>App Notifications.
  • app-notification
  • Click Additional Settings>About>YouTube Terms of Service. The phone will take you to the Chrome browser. 
  • go-to-chrome-browser
  • Search and download Google Account Manager.apk and Quickshort maker.apk. 
  • Tap Google Accounts Manager from the downloaded files. 
  • tap-google-manager
  • Once the internet popup opens, click the Settings option and enable Allow From This Source Option.
  • Now go back and click the Google Accounts Manager again and follow all the installation steps. 
  • Install the Quickshortcut application as well.
  • Open the application and search for Google Accounts Manager. 
  • Tap the Google Accounts Manager>Try>Three Dots at the Top>Browser Sign in> OK. This will reset the password and take you to the new sign-in window. 
  • Enter your valid Email account credentials and follow the steps as required to complete the sign-in. 

Method 2: Bypass LG FRP with Language Setting

The second method to bypass LG FRP lock can be done with the use of language settings. Take a look at the steps on how you can utilize the language settings to bypass LG FRP. 

  • Connect your phone to a WiFi connection, return to the home page, click Language Settings and tap the third language from the available options.
  • tap-language-setting
  • Go to WiFi Settings>Add Network, and press and hold the plus icon present at the bottom of the keyboard.
  • press-icon-present-at-the-bottom-of-keyboard
  • Tap the option below the keyboard and blue option from the new window. Then, tap the language that contains an arrow and three dots present at the top.
  • tap-language-dots
  • Click second option and tap search. Then, search About Switch Access, click the share icon and share it on Google.
  • click-share-icon
  • Tap the option from the pop up window and tap the blue icon that appears on the bottom of the window.
  • click-blue-icon
  • Once directed to Google, change the Language Settings to English from the keyboard and search on the browser.  
  • Download Google Accounts Manger application and FRP Bypass application.  
  • Open Google Accounts Manager from your chrome’s downloaded file. 
  • Enable the Setting to allow access from this source once the internet pop up occurs.
  • enable-setting
  • Go back to the downloaded files again and download both the Google Accounts Manager and FRP Bypass application.
  • Open FRP Bypass application once the download finishes and select the option present at top after clicking three dots.
  • select-the-option
  • Enter your Google Account login details once the phone redirects you to the login page. 

Method 3: Bypass LG FRP With Third-Party Software

The Tungkick developed tool is a handy tool to bypass FRP LG phone with a few clicks. Take a look at the steps you should take to do this.   

  • Connect your LG phone to a computer while holding the volume down key. This will allow the computer to represent your phone’s download mode.
  • Download the .zip file from your computer’s screen, which is the official LG FRP bypass tool.
  • Once downloaded, select your phone’s model from the available options that appear on the computer screen.
  • bypass-lg-frp-via-third-party-software

Part 3: Bonus: How to Bypass LG Phone Lock Screen?

Considering the technical aspects and lengthy steps, we can say that bypass FRP LG is not an easy job. You will have to go through the steps closely and even a single mistake will become a hurdle in a successful bypass.  

Now that you know how to bypass the LG FRP lock, it is essential to know the technical aspects of bypassing the LG phone lock. Sometimes, you face a lock screen issue when purchasing a phone from a third-party vendor. You can also forget your lock screen password, which might cause you trouble if the screen is not opened on time. The good news is bypassing LG lock screen is much easier than bypass LG FRP. Passfab Android Unlocker is such a tool that can help you to bypass lock screen .

  • Unlock different types of password, such as PIN, fingerprint, Android pattern.
  • Allows unlocking any Android phones, even with a disabled touch screen.
  • Compatible with not just Android but multiple operating systems.
  • Works perfectly with the majority of latest devices. 


LG FRP bypass is a technical process that can only be completed successfully if all the steps are followed correctly. Considering the technicalities involved, make sure to remain protected from any such situation where LG FRP bypass becomes necessary.

If you face the lock screen issue on your LG phone, bypassing it via PassFab Android Unlocker is surely the best option. So, make sure to check out the details and get aware of the benefits you will get.