Your Apple ID plays the key role in linking all your Mac and iOS Devices with each other. This lets you share any kind of information including passwords and text messages among these devices. You can also purchase using any of these devices. However, if you plan to sell or give away any one of these devices, you'll have to disconnect it from the Apple ID.

Another possible reason is that you can only connect 10 devices to your Apple ID. So, if you want to add one, you'll have to remove one as well (if the limit is reached). And you can disconnect both iPad and iPhone from iTunes. You don't need to worry about how to unlink iPad from iPhone now.

Part 1: How to Unlink iPad from iPhone

There are many ways to answer, "How to unlink iPhone from iPad?". Some of them are given below to let you know how addition of devices or removal of them from your Apple ID works.

1.Unlink iPad from iPhone on iOS-Based Device

Are you interested in knowing how many devices are connected to your Apple ID? If yes, iTunes will help you do that. But if you just want to disconnect a device from that ID, the device will help you more than the iTunes. For that, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Turn the device on and go into settings app.

  • Click on the name given on the screen.

  • Click on "iTunes and App Store".

  • After that, click on your Apple ID.

  • Click "View" and enter your password to view your Apple ID.

  • Click on "Remove this Device". The device you're using to do all this will be removed from the ID.


2.Unlink iPad from iPhone on Mac

Being a Mac User, you can remove the unwanted devices using music app. This lets you disconnect your iPhone and iPad as well from Apple ID. Just update the Mac to its latest version for using this app. In older versions, macOS didn't have this music app, but they had iTunes app for this purpose. So, even though you're using an older version, you'll get an idea of how to unlink iPad from iPhone.

Follow the below-mentioned steps for this purpose:

  • Launch the app first and open it on Mac.

  • Click on "Account" and then "View my Account".

  • In the section "iTunes in the Cloud", click on "Manage Devices".

  • There will be a list of devices attached to your account. Select your iPad there and disconnect it from the iPhone.


3.Unlink iPad from iPhone on Windows

Windows PC doesn't provide you with as many options as Mac does when you work with Apple devices. But still, you can unlink iPad from iPhone on it. iTunes app can also get the same job done on your PC and that's what you need to do it.

Here are some of the steps:

  • Open the start menu and launch iTunes app on your PC.

  • After launching it, click on "Account" and then on "View my Account".

  • In the section "iTunes in the Cloud", click on "Manage Devices".

  • It will show you the devices attached to your Apple ID. Remove the one you want.

If you think in a way that "I don't want my iPad and iPhone linked", you must know "how to unlink iPhone from iPad". The above-mentioned ways will surely help you in this regard.

Part 2: How to stop an iPad and iPhone from Syncing without Disconnecting Apple ID

A possible but inconvenient way of disabling all syncing features is to remove your iPad from the ID. However, if you disconnect Apple ID, you won't have access to Apple subscriptions anymore. But you can do it for specific apps as well using the following steps:

  • Open "Settings" on your device, iPad in this case.

  • Open the ID setting by clicking on user name.

  • Click on "iCloud" then.

  • On display will be the apps using iCloud. Turning off the services will get the job done for you.

You can sync data between devices this way without removing all the relevant features.

Part 3: How to Stop Syncing Photos from iPhone to iPad

Apple users mainly use iCloud for storing data. They may also use it to sync the data among different devices using the same ID. There is 5GB of storage available for free to share the data. If you turn iCloud Photos off on your iPhone, the photos you've taken previously from the phone will be removed but you can find them on iCloud. However, if you don't want to send photos from your iPhone to iPad, just turn iCloud Photos off on your iPad also.

Take a look at the steps below to do it.

  • Open Settings on your iPad.
  • Click on your name and then on iCloud.
  • Select the photos and then turn iCloud Photos off. icloud-photos

This is the best way to stop syncing photos from iPhone to iPad.

Part 4: How to Stop Syncing Handoff from iPhone to iPad

Handoff is one of the features on Apple devices which syncs specific apps across the devices. You may start browsing on your iPad and then shift it to a Mac using Handoff. This may prove to be annoying at times for you.

Let's see how you can turn it off.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on General.
  • Click the toggle present right after Handoff. It'll be turned off.

In these easy steps, it is mentioned how you can stop syncing Handoff from iPhone to iPad.

Part 5: How to Disconnect iPhone/iPad without Apple ID Passport

For removing any device from your account, you need your Apple ID password. If you don't remember it, you won't be able to do anything. Under such situations, you need external assistance which you get from certain apps. These apps get the job done for you without requiring the password.

One such app is PassFab iPhone Unlocker. With it, you can easily remove iPhone/iPad without the password. You just need to click a few times to complete the task. Follow these steps to disconnect iPhone/iPad without Apple ID Password:

  • Launch the app, press “Unlock Apple ID”. Connect Your Device to Computer. unlock-apple-id
  • Press “Trust" on your device, then enter device passcode again to trust the computer. trust-devices
  • Click "Start Remove" button to unlock your Apple ID. remove-apple-id
  • Within a moment, Apple ID will be removed. id-removed

Once you remove it, your device won't be connected to any device with this Apple ID.

Final Words

If you are confused and think like "I don't want my iPhone and iPad linked", just try out the above-mentioned methods like using PassFab iPhone Unlocker . They are easy to use and ensure that your devices are no longer connected with each other or the Apple ID.