Whenever I turn on my iPhone, I want to see my specific app notifications on my lock screen no matter what. On iPhone, the notifications on my screen disappear when I unlock the screen. I don't want them to get cleared. The question appears in my mind why do notifications disappear once I unlock my iPhone.I want to know how to keep notifications on lock screen after unlocking iPhone or how to unlock iPhone without clearing notifications.

If you're suffering from the same problem and want to know how to keep notifications on lock screen iPhone, this article will provide you with the information to permanently show reminders on lock screen

Part 1: Why Do My Notifications Disappear on My iPhone Lock Screen?

Users often ask why do notifications disappear. On iPhone, notification management isn't easy and doesn't work the way you want. When you lock the iPhone, the display shows reminders and other notifications on the lock screen. Once you unlock the screen, the notification disappears. It raises the question of how to keep notifications on lock screen after unlocking iPhone? You can still see them in the notification center until you clear them or open them. Some users want to display reminders on the lock screen even after unlocking one time. 

iPhones don't offer such a feature that notifications still appear on lock screen after unlocking one time. If you want information about how to unlock iPhone without clearing notifications? Then here is the answer. You can set the notifications to the persistent notification. Once you set them as persistent, they don't go away no matter how much time you unlock your iPhone. 

Having notification once an unlocked phone isn't a big problem unless someone wants it for illegal circumstances. IOS doesn't set the notification persistent by default, so you won't see them by default. You have to set them by yourself for the specific things you want. 

Part 2: How to Keep Notifications on Lock Screen after Unlocking iPhone

For those who are wondering how to unlock iphone without clearing notifications. We have here three ways that can help you easily display reminders on lock screen. Let's find out!

Way 1: Enable Persistent Notifications on iPhone

If you want to know why notifications disappear and how to unlock iPhone without clearing notifications, here is the answer. Notifications disappear from the lock screen of the iPhone once you unlock iPhone. You can permanently show reminders on lock screen by enabling persistent notifications. The settings are not set on by default, so you have to do it. Here are the steps to follow to enable it:

  • Go to the settings of your iPhone and then click on the notifications option.

  • Now scroll down and tap on the particular apps you want to enable this setting for on this screen. 

  • The specific app's notification screen shows an option for persistent enabling the notifications. Click on the "Persistent" option after scrolling down and enable the setting for the specific app.

  • You can turn persistent notifications for one app at a time. 

Way 2: Turn on or off Sensitive Notifications

Not everyone wants to display reminders on lock screen. Some want to disappear some sensitive notifications. If you're one of those, then you can do it easily. 

You can easily turn off notifications for sensitive things. For this, you just need to follow these given steps:

  • Go to Settings >Apps & Notifications

  • After this, you'll see the turn on or off sensitive notifications option under the "Lock screen" option. 

  • Switch it accordingly to turn on or off sensitive notifications.

Way 3: Reply to Messages Quickly

If you're here to know how to keep notifications on lock screen after unlocking iPhone, then here is the 3rd way. You can show reminders on the lock screen even after unlocking the iPhone. 

  • Go to settings and then to notifications

  • Toggle show on the lock screen option

  • And then swipe down from the top and tap on the bell icon to "view all notifications."

iPhone not only shows reminders on lock screen but also text notifications. If you didn't use the iPhone notification lock screen feature, you missed something big. It allows you to preview the messages on the home screen. You can interact with the chat by long pressing on it and reply to the messages without unlocking your phone.


Extra Reminder: How to Make Notifications Reappear on Lock Screen iPhone

If your notifications just seem to disappear randomly, the guide above can help you.

If your notifications appear to be disappearing without your intervention, here are some of the finest solutions.

1. Restart your iPhone.

When you encounter a bug with your device, the first action should be to restart it. While it may appear to be a fairly simple and irritating task, it works brilliantly and could be a fix to your problem. If restarting your iPhone fails to solve the problem, you may wish to try some more advanced remedies.

2. Disable "Do Not Disturb."

Since this mode does not wish to bother you, it prevents your iPhone from bothering you with notifications. You can set your favourite apps to keep notifications on the lock screen if you want to keep Do Not Disturb turned on.

3. Select the type of notifications you prefer.

You may tailor your iPhone's notifications to your preferences. If you think your notifications aren't working properly, it's generally because you customized them in the wrong manner. Fortunately, you can return to your notification settings and fine-tune them until they operate properly again for you. You may toggle between banner and full-screen notifications, as well as temporary and persistent notifications.

Part 3: FAQS about Displaying Reminders on Lock Screen

Q1: How do I see push notifications again?

You can see push notifications again by enabling it from the settings side. Go to settings; there, you'll see a list of features. Tao on "Notifications log" and then scroll through your push notifications.

Q2: How long do iPhone notifications last?

iPhone allows you to see notifications from the last 24 hours and the last 7 days.

Q3: How do I make my lock screen notifications private?

iPhone settings allow you to set your notifications private. Go to settings, "Lock screen and security," and then to Notifications. There you'll see an option "content on lock screen. "The option is set to "Show content." Select the apps from the list below and toggle these apps off to set the notifications private for these apps.

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Final Words

Most iPhone owners want their app notifications on the lock screen in every situation. They want to show reminders on lock screen permanently. The information mentioned above provides ways to answer the questions about how to unlock iPhone without clearing notifications. One can enable persistent notification settings for specific apps by following the ways. You can also turn on and off sensitive information in the mentioned way in the guide.