Our phones connect us with the world around us 24/7. Our day-to-day tasks would get hindered if are phones were taken from us. Therefore, getting your iPhone locked is a problem that almost every iPhone user has faced for once in their lifetime.

Whether you entered the wrong password too many times, or just bought a second-hand iDevice. Or maybe, any kid around you was just figuring out how to use your iPhone XR in your absence. This can happen more often than you might think. All your beautifully captured photos, your office related data, personal notes, your social media accounts, and your latest trends updates, everything is in your phone. But, being locked out of all of this is miserable.

So, do you quickly need to know how to unlock your iPhone X/XR/XS [MAX]? You are come at the right place. In this article I will guide you step by step so you can unlock your device instantly. There are 4 main ways through which you can unlock X/XR/XS [Max].

Methods Recommendation Use Requirements Methods Evaluation
PassFab iPhone Unlocker Need a computer, no need for any screen lock. Simple operation, just click the button on the software, high success rate.
iTunes Find My is disabled and there are no problems with all keys. The operation of entering the recovery mode is complicated, and it is easy to make the iPhone stuck in the recovery mode.
iCloud Need Apple ID and password and Find My should be enabled. The operation is simple, but the above conditions need to be met, otherwise this method cannot be used.
Apple Support Not sure, according to the situation. The staff may tell you to use iTunes.

Way 1: Unlock iPhone X/XR/XS [Max] with PassFab iPhone Unlocker

PassFab iPhone Unlocker is the simplest and fastest unlocker amongst many available for use. It is an all-rounder solution to most of your unlocking problems. There are so many features in this all-in-one package. Here are some of the key features of PassFab iPhone Unlocker:

  • It is fully compatible with all iOS/iPadOS version.
  • Unlock a locked or disabled iPhone/iPad in minutes.
  • Factory reset your iPhone/iPad without having to enter your Apple ID password.
  • Conveniently remove other’s supervision by “Bypass MDM”.
  • Bypass screen time passcode without data loss.

In just 4 steps, you can now unlock your iPhone X/XR/XS [Max] within minutes. Let’s get started.

  • First and foremost, you need to launch PassFab iPhone Unlocker. Once you launched it, four features of the main interface will appear on the window. To begin, just click "Start" and continue to next step.

    how to unlock iphone 11 pro – unlock ios screen
  • After you began, connect your iPhone to the computer running PassFab iPhone Unlocker. Click on "Next" to move to next step.

    how to unlock iphone 11 forgot passcode – start remove iphone passcode
  • Now download the matching firmware package. It will take a while.

    how to unlock iphone 11 pro – download firmware
  • Click on "Start Remove" button in order to erase the existing passcode. After this is done, you can now open your iPhone X/XR/XS[Max] without any passcode.

    unlock iphone 11 pro – firmware downloaded successfully

Way 2: Unlock iPhone X/XR/XS [Max] without Passcode with iTunes

Here is another way in which you can learn how to unlock your iPhone X/XR/XS [Max] without passcode. By using iTunes to unlock iPhone X/XR/XS without passcode, you should put the iPhone into recovery mode with complicated keys operation. Besides, don’t forgot to check if your iPhone has hardware problem to avoid getting stuck on the recovery mode screen.

Here, let me guide you.

  • Open iTunes on your computer and do not connect your device to your computer.
  • Then put your iPhone into recovery mode by Pressing and holding the Volume Up/Down and the Side buttons meanwhile till you see the Power off screen. Drag the slider to turn off your iPhone.

    drag the slider to turn off iphone
  • Then press and hold the Side button when connecting your iPhone to the computer and keep hold it to enter recovery mode.

    how to unlock iphone 11 – recovery mode
  • Once done you can click on “Restore” on the popped-up window. iTunes for windows and Finder for MAC will now download the restoring software. Just follow the on-screen directions and you would be able to access your iPhone once again.

    how to unlock iphone 11 pro – restore or update
  • If you did backup your data, then it can be recovered by selecting “restore from backup"when you set up the iPhone. And, if you did not, the data cannot be recovered.


If you don't unlock your iPhone within 15 minutes, your iPhone will get out of recovery mode automatically. Try to put your iPhone into recovery mode again if you still want to use iTunes.

Way 3: Unlock iPhone X/XR/XS [Max] Remotely with iCloud

You can also unlock your iPhone using iCloud. The data would be erased and it would be reset as a new device. This method comes in handy when you know the Apple ID and password and Find My iPhone is enabled on the iPhone. Besides, make sure you turned on Location.


This way can be used to unlock iPhone X/XR/XS [Max] without computer. You can go to the iCloud website by your another mobile phone.

Here are how to unlock iPhone X/XR/XS [Max] with iCloud:

  • Go to iCloud.com and login your Apple account.

    how to bypass passcode on ipad with icloud
  • Now, click on Find iPhone.

    choose find iphone to unlock iphone xr
  • Find and tap on the locked iPhone from the list of “All Devices” and then click on “Erase iPhone”.

    remove passcode from iphone - all devices


    You can also use "Find My" feature to erase iPhone by downloading "Find My" App on your another/friend's iPhone. The steps are very similar.

    how to remove passcode from iphone – erase iphone
  • A new window will come, select “Erase” and enter the Apple ID password again. With this, all the data would be wiped out from your iPhone.

    remove passcode from iphone - erase enter password again to unlock ipad passcode on icloud

Way 4: Unlock iPhone X/XR/XS [Max] with the Help of Apple Support

If you don't want to download any software, don't have a computer, don't know how to use iTunes to unlock or don't open Find My on your iPhone, then you have another choice. Just go to Apple support to find manual services or go to offline stores, and let employees help you unlock your phone. But the method they recommend is probably iTunes, you still can try.

Some Questions You Should Know about Unlock iPhone X/XR/XS {Max]

Q1: How can I bypass the activation lock on iPhone X/XR/XS [Max]?

You can easily bypass the Activation Lock with the help of PassFab Activation Unlocker. It is an excellent solution for you to bypass it without knowing the Apple ID and password. You can connect your device, jailbreak it and then successfully bypass it.

Q2: How can I unlock my iPhone quickly?

The quickest way to unlock any iPhone model is with PassFab iPhone Unlocker. It can help you unlock iPhone within minutes and with easiest steps.

Q3: How to unlock XR passcode without computer?

You can use Find My feature to unlock iPhone X/XR/XS [Max] without computer. You can refer to the third method above.


These are some of the simplified ways of how to unlock iPhone X/XR/XS [Max]. It took me tons of research to break them down into bite sized chunks, for anybody who is looking for how to unlock iPhone X/XR/XS [Max]. If you want to save time and energy, PassFab iPhone Unlocker is the most effective way for you.

passfab iphone unlocker

PassFab iPhone Unlocker

  • Unlock all types of screen lock
  • Unlock Apple ID/iCloud without password
  • Bypass screen time without passcode
  • Bypass MDM without username and password
  • Support iPhone/iPad and latest iOS 15 version

PassFab iPhone Unlocker has Recommended by many medias, like macworld, makeuseof, appleinsider, etc.

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