People often ask this question my friend app shows location not found message. What does it mean when it says no location found is the question often asked? It can happen for any reason. There is a difference between no location found and location not available. No location found error occurs on the Find my friend app for many reasons, like turning off location services and others. You can get to know more about the location, not found the problem, and how to fix it in this article. The article will provide you with ways with which you can fix the issues. Let's explain and answer all your queries regarding no location found on my Friend App.

Part 1:What Does No Location Found Mean and Why Does Find My Friends Say No Location Found?

No location found meaning showing on my Friends appears because of some issue. The issue can relate to the working of location service. My friends need GPS and iPhones location services to run. When any issue appears in it, Find My Friends says no location found. You just need to set some changes to fix such an issue.

Sometimes, the iPhone's internal issues, the GPS and location tracking systems don't work properly. If any server issue or simple error occurs, you won't be able to track or find any location of friends or family using this app.

Besides, if the phone's internal operation has any problem, the GPS and location tracking system may not work sufficiently. A simple error or severe concern can necessarily cause something wrong. Therefore, the app won't be able to track any location of your friends or family.

You'll see a message "no location found on find my friends" because of many reasons, including:

  • A person is out of network coverage
  • Someone you're looking for turned off GPS
  • The person's phone ran out of battery

Many other reasons can also appear on your mobile, like server errors and other errors.

Part 2: What Does Location Not Available Mean?

Everyone thinks, why does it say no location found for someone when mobile shows no location found message. Many reasons can be there causing such issues of "find my friends no location found" including:

  • A person whose location you're looking for has wrong data on their devices.
  • The person doesn't have data or a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Maybe they don't have to Find My Friends signed on to the device

Some ways can help you troubleshoot the location, not find the issue. Answer to the question "How to make find my friends say no location found" is possible if you know where exactly the issue is.

Many changes can be that the issue is on your friend's or family members' phone for location not found issues instead of your phone. You must ask your friend to connect to Wi-Fi or data to share the enabled location services. Seeing no location on your phone probably means a problem with your friend's phone. Your friend's phone may be turned off, or your friend has turned off location settings.

Part 3: How to Fix "No Location Found VS Location Not Available"

Now let's answer how to fix "no location found vs. location not available." There are many ways to fix the issue, some of which are as follows:

Method 1: Confirm the GPS is on and working

People do turn off the GPS to save the phone's battery life. It can be the reason for the location on my friend app not working problem. Even if the GPS is turned off, you can still track your location using the Find My friend app. My friends can track the location even if the cell data is on Find. If you're out of coverage, you'll still see the issue of a location not available.

  • Make sure to turn off location services.

  • Go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services> turn on-location service.


Method 2: Restart & login back on to the app

Another method to solve the problem "find my friends says no location found" is to restart. Many times restarting the software solves most of the problems and errors. Restarting the software will remove the errors. Close the Find my Friend app using starting the iPhone's app switcher and then swap up on the Find My app.

See after restarting if the issue is resolved; if not, let's look for other methods.

Method 3: Check & correct the date and time

Finding my friends can have issues in the running, even with little inaccuracy of date and time on the device. You must check that the date and time are right on the device and operating well. It's good to set your phone to automatic date & time configuration to avoid any inaccuracy in the future. See whether the app is working after correcting the date and time or not.


Method 4: Turn on "Share my location."

You can't find any person's location if "Share My Location" is deactivated on the device. Ask your friend to verify and enable this functionality to start sharing the location. You can turn the location on by simply going to Settings.

  • Go to Settings and click on "Share My Location."

  • Now turn the settings of share my location on.


Method 5: Check for updates

If any of the methods mentioned above didn't resolve the issue, this method might help. It happens that a bug or previous versions of the Find my app create an issue. You can go for the newer versions. It's always good to keep the software on the latest version. Update the Find my friend app and then see if the update is available. After updating, start the app and see if the app works well or not.

Part 4:FAQS about No Location Found iPhone

1.Can you turn off the location without someone knowing?

No notification occurs on your mobile or others when you turn off location services. However, turning off the location can create problems working on many features. They won't work as expected with the location service on. You can stop sharing locations in the Find my app. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Share My Location> Turn off Share My Location.

2.How do you know if someone turned off their location iPhone?

On the Find my friend app, you can see "Location Not Available" below your name message on people following you appears. It can tell you who turned off their location on the Find my friend app. Does no location found mean they stopped sharing questions are asked more often? It can happen that the other person stopped sharing the location.

3.Can someone track your phone if your location is off?

Yes, someone can track your phone using different methods even without a data connection. You can track Android and IOS phones without a data connection or with the off location. Various mapping apps can track the location of your phone in such cases.

Bonus: Turn off Find My iPhone without Password

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Final Words

More often, the question is asked what does no location found mean, or why does Find My Friends say no location found. There can appear many reasons behind this problem, like your friend's data or location service is off. Someone stopped sharing the location, or you have some issues in your app. You might need to update your Find my friend app. There can be many issues and those solutions as well. The ways mentioned above can help you track your friend's devices even if you have some issues. Everything about fixing the issue of a location not found is in the article.