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  • Unlock My Phone

    Thank you so much for developing this wonderful software. It helped me remove the lock on my Vivo v17pro

    Post by Austin 2020-01-11
  • Amaaaaazing

    I was very disappointed to forgot the pattern lock on my Samsung. Using this tool, I was able to unlock it easily.

    Post by Quinn 2020-01-04
  • Unlocked My Broken Screen Android

    Its ability to remove the pattern lock on any Samsung phone makes it the best.

    Post by Campbell 2020-01-03
  • Thank U!!!

    Omg thank you I was crying with my other phone cause I couldn't get in, I love this product!!

    Post by Gofly 2020-01-02
  • Oh I can't believe that it works


    Post by Emi La 2019-12-23
  • remove my samsung frp lock

    This software is able to remove my Samsung FRP lock!!!! I am so surprised about that! How can it do that? I am so puzzled. But I don't need to know how it works. I just happy that it is able to solve my FRP lock problem. Thanks again.

    Post by Kris Benjamin 2019-12-21
  • emove my sony lock screen pin

    This software is able to remove my lock screen pin in Sony phone. I am so happy that it works to me. I think this is the best gift for my coming Christmas day. Thank you PassFab.

    Post by Muss Moyo 2019-12-20
  • help with my Samsung Galaxy S10 password

    How can I unlock my Samsung Galaxy S10 when I forgot the lock screen password? Oh I ask this question on Quora but none of the answers helped. At last, I try this PassFab Android Unlocker and get it done! I really want to say thank you.

    Post by Jasmin Bonte 2019-12-19
  • remove my Google Pixel 4 password

    This is a nice and wonderful Android screen password unlocker! I forgot the password of my Google Pixel 4 and have asked so many people for help, but none of them solves my problem. At last, I use this PassFab Android Unlocker to remove the screen password. Oh it works!

    Post by Philip Wellhoff 2019-12-18
  • Solved My Problem

    Great product you guys provide.

    Post by Victor 2019-12-18