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So many thanks!
by Andrew Thomes

I want to say thank you to PassFab for PPT. It unlock the password of my important slideshow. So many thanks!

It was really shocking
by Karla Arguello

PowerPoint helped me show a lot of my creativity at work. The boss also thought that I was an expert on the slide show. One day I set a password for my slideshow, but unfortunately, I forgot my password. Finally, I used PassFab for PPT with the help of my brother. I found the password on the same day. It was really shocking.

I am really lucky
by Jordan Ibarra

Due to my work relationship, I often go out to do training in the field. I will set a password for the slideshow for training, but one day I forgot my password. I was very anxious. Finally, with the help of the assistant, I used PassFab for PPT to retrieve the password. Really lucky, I am.

use this software to retrieve password
by Edimilson Marques

People will think too much when they are fine. I didn’t know how to suddenly set a password for a powerpoint document. But I can’t remember what the password is. I’m very upset. I regret why I set the password. Now I finally use this software to retrieve the password.

It's awesome.
by Dionis Idrizaj

My friend shared a powerpoint presentation with me. This was the PPT we did together a few years ago. Now I want to reopen it, but we both forgot the password. Finally, we found the product and cracked the password. It's awesome.

I unlocked the password with PassFab for PPT
by Eliana Costa

I am a slide designer who has saved a lot of powerpoint presentations. Some important ppts are encrypted. Some are not. One day I forgot one of the ppt passwords, and finally, I unlocked the password with PassFab for PPT.

No need to worry about losing password
by Michael Robinson

I designed a powerpoint document and encrypted it, but after a few days, I forgot the password that I opened. Maybe I am older, my memory is not good, I can’t remember it for a few days, I’m almost going to see the doctor, fortunately, I found the PassFab for PPT, no need to worry about it again.

It can indeed find powerpoint password
by Mike Beaubrun

The ppt that our company colleagues gave us training is encrypted. Although he told us the password, I forgot it now. Another colleague introduced PassFab for PPT, so I used it. This product can indeed find the powerpoint password.

a practical utility
by Carlos Sanchez

I forgot the password to my Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 presentation and attempted to access this presentation without the password. So I ask my friends on Twitter, they suggest this program to me. So happy that it is a practical utility.

no longer afraid of encrypted ppt
by Willian Danel

I downloaded a PowerPoint template on the Internet, the document was set with a password, I can't open it, but my sister recommended this software, no longer afraid of encrypted ppt.