Are you on the hunt for a quick solution to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S4? This guide will help you unlock the Samsung Galaxy S4 TO any carrier within minutes and know more about Galaxys4 unlock codes.

Irrespective of your mobile carrier service, whether AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile, we will provide you with the precise fix to unlock your cell phone and unlock codes for samsung galaxy s4. In addition, the process will be easy for any individual, whether a novice or an expert.

So if you’re looking for Galaxys4 unlock codes, or learn how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 password, then continue to read this guide ahead.

What's the Advantages of Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4?

  • One of the essential benefits of unlocking your S4 is increased flexibility, i.e., you will be able to change SIM cards at different periods to check which wireless carrier is the ideal one.
  • Moreover, you can also choose the network and tariff of your choice. Unlocked phones have a great resale value, making them more advantageous.
  • Also, it becomes economical for some, as they can use the local prepaid SIM cards instead of the current network provider’s expensive roaming option.

What Kind of Galaxy Phones Can be Unlocked?

    Getting a Samsung Galaxy S4 unlocked is a simple process if authorized. You can submit an unlock request from your wireless carrier if you have all the essential information intact. The advantage of having your phone unlocked is to use it with various wireless providers, both within the country and throughout the world. 

    The following are the eligibility criteria for unlocking your Galaxy S4:

    • There must be no financial obligations owing to the phone’s owner.
    • No pending funds should prevail, including installments, monthly bills, and other monetary commitments. 
    • The minimum threshold limit of the active mobile phone must be completed (60 days or more for postpaid subscription after the complete amount has been paid) and (1 year or more for prepaid subscription).
    • The IMEI number must not be blacklisted or blocked by the mobile carrier.

What Information Do You Need to Collect for Your Samsung Galaxy S4?

Before collecting information about the S4, your phone needs to be eligible for unlocking. Once it is ratified, you can gather the data required by your mobile carrier’s customer support team to process your Galaxy S4 lock request. 

  • Registered name of the buyer
  • The buyer's email address was registered with the mobile carrier at the time of purchase.
  • Type of subscription used from the wireless carrier.
  • The 10-digit mobile carrier
  • IMEI number

If you don’t have the IMEI number, go to Settings, About Phone, Status, and IMEI. Then dial *#06# from your touchpad and get the IMEI number.

  • Social Security Number’s last four digits
  • Account’s passcode (if applied for)

If you are not a first-time buyer of the Galaxy S4, you’ll need their information to unlock the phone. Once you have all the data, find your carrier, get the Unlock codes for your samsung galaxy s4 and follow the instructions to unlock your phone.

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 from Carriers?

Mobile carriers or wireless service providers supply cellular connectivity series to cell phones and tablet subscribers. Several carriers are available in different countries, each with its unique characteristics and features. To unlock Galaxy S4 from the carriers and get Free unlock codes for samsung galaxys4, you will need to follow some simple steps:

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 from AT&T

Now part of T-Mobile, Sprint has become one of the fastest-growing 5G networks across America. It is known for its quick and reliable customer service. Serving your requests for rendering an unlock code for your mobile is a simple task for the company’s representatives. 

You can unlock your Galaxy S4 in two ways: 

  • Domestic SIM Unlocking (DSU) – You can unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 via DSU and use it with domestic wireless carriers.
  • International SIM Unlocking (ISU) – If you plan to travel worldwide for an extended period, you can ask the company (Sprint) to unlock your SIM for ISU, allowing you to use your Galaxy S4 with International wireless providers. 

However, after your phone is unlocked with ISU, it won’t work with any domestic wireless carrier. You can unlock your Samsung Galaxy S4 with the following methods once you receive the confirmation for DSU or ISU and the unlock code. 

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy and remove the SIM card.

  •  Install a new SIM card from a different wireless carrier.

  • Return the phone to its former position.

  • Enter the unlock code when it asks for it.

  • Follow the on-screen prompts to finalize the setup.  

  • Start using your S4 with the new cellular carrier. 

  • Start using your Samsung Galaxy S4 with a new SIM card. 


Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 from Sprint

AT&T is one of the leading mobile carriers in various countries. To place an unlock request and obtain a code for your AT&T Galaxy phone, contact AT&T customer services. 

Follow the process below to unlock your phone and use it with other wireless providers after your request is approved.  

  • Turn your Samsung Galaxy S4 off.

  • Remove the AT&T SIM card from the slot.

  • Now, place the other mobile carrier’s SIM card. 

  • Turn on the phone again. 

  • Give the unlock code from AT&T when the phone prompts. 

  • Follow the on-screen directions to finish the setup. 

  • Start using your Samsung Galaxy S4 with a new SIM card. 


Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 with T-Mobile

Contact T-Mobile’s service staff or visit the customer care center to submit an unlock request. Upon providing the request, you will receive a confirmation notification and the unlock code after your request has been ratified.

Follow the instructions to unlock your Galaxy S4 from T-Mobile. 

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy phone.

  • Remove the T-Mobile SIM from the slot.

  • In the SIM slot, insert a new SIM from the other wireless carrier.

  • Turn on the phone again.

  • Provide the unlock code you received from T-Mobile when the phone prompts you.

  • To finish setting up your phone, follow the on-screen directions.

  • You can use your Galaxy with your new wireless carrier.


Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 with Verizon

Verizon is one of the most renowned telecom companies in the USA. Its technological advancements give it a competitive edge over others. For instance, it employs CDMA technology, which means that Verizon-related phones cannot be unlocked.

However, some models do feature an unlocked SIM slot. Other wireless carriers can use this slot without needing an unlock code or contacting Verizon’s customer services dept.

If you want to unlock your Galaxy S4, contact Verizon’s office or talk to its customer relations representative.


Extra Tips: How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 PIN Code without Password? [Solved]new

Now that you know the Galaxys4 unlock codes and SIM unlocking methods, you can use your Galaxy S4 with different mobile carriers without any hassles. People may also wonder how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 PIN code, since there would be some people may have their screen PIN or FRP locked by mistake accidentally. 

This causes the mobile to be non-workable for calls or messages and is rather useless for the individual. But, as software and applications are continuously evolving, this minor problem is no more a cause of concern. With PassFab Android Unlocker, you can easily break any password, PIN code, Fingerprint option, or pattern. 

It functions smoothly and is user-friendly, i.e., it unlocks the device without any data loss. You can also reset a locked Android phone without a password. The steps are also simple to handle.

  • Commence the program and choose the “Remove Screen Lock” option. Then, using a USB cord, connect your device to the PC.

  • Choose “Remove Screen Lock” for the latest Samsung phones and then “Start.”

  • Then wait for a few minutes for your Android lock screen to disappear. After the process is completed, click “Done.”


Final Thoughts

So, now do you know how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 PIN code? Unlocking it will be an easy task for you, with all the procedures and guidance provided. Also, you can unlock your phone with any carrier, be it AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint.