4 Ways to Remove Windows 10 Administrator Password

We are used to set a login password for the sake of computer security, however, if you are the only user for your PC, entering the password every time after wakeup or standby will become repetitive and tedious. Someone may wonder if they can disable Administrator password on Windows 10. The answer is definitely yes. This article will share 4 different ways to remove Windows 10 Administrator password.

Part 1: How to Reset Administrator Password in Windows 10

If you still remember the login password, it won’t be a difficult thing to remove Administrator account from Windows 10. Either Control Panel or Command Prompt can get this job done.

Way 1: Using Control Panel

1. Press Windows + X buttons and click Control Panel.

2. Select User Account > Manage another account and click the local admin account you would like to remove password.

choose local admin password to remove

3. Click Change the password option and you will be asked to enter a correct password. Make sure you leave New password and Confirm new password boxes blank. After that, click Change password button and exit. There you finished Administrator password reset for Windows 10 computer.

delete admin password from windows 10

Way 2: Using Settings

Similarly, you can use Settings to delete Administrator account password in Windows 10.

1. Click Settings from Start Menu and choose Accounts > Sign-in options > Change button under Password option.

2. Confirm your current password for login and also leave the New password box blank. Click Next to save changes you made.

change windows 10 password

Way 3: Using Command Prompt

1. Run Command Prompt as Administrator. Type net user and press Enter to find your user name.

2. Continue to type net user (your username) * and press Enter.

3. When asked to type your password, press Enter key twice to skip. Then the password is cleared.

remove windows 10 password with cmd

Part 2: How to Remove Administrator Password without Knowing It

What if you have lost or forgotten the Windows 10 Admin password? Above methods are not workable as you cannot access Settings or use CMD when you are locked of PC. Alternatively, you might as well take a password reset tool called PassFab 4WinKey, in to consideration, which empowers you to reset forgotten admin password for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 without knowing it. Below I will show you how to use PassFab 4WinKey.

1. Download and install PassFab 4WinKey on another accessible PC and insert a CD/DVD/USB drive to burn password reset disk.

remove admin account password

2. When the reset disk is ready, eject it and switch to your password-locked computer. Boot your computer from CD/DVD/USB drive on startup.

3. When you enter Windows password recovery interface, select your user account and decide whether to remove administrator account password or change Administrator password.

remove admin account password

4. After that, save the changes and reboot your Win 10 computer. You won’t be asked to enter a password this time.


After reading how Windows 10 reset Administrator account password with 4 ways motioned above, hope you won’t be bothered by password issues anymore. You are good to pick one according to your own situation.

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