I just found an old laptop in the storeroom of my house that belongs to my father. He is no more with us and I want to get his photos and videos from his laptop but the problem is that his laptop is password protected. None of us knows the password, not even my mom. I have no idea about how to delete password on Windows 8 and I am a noob so, I do not want to factory reset the laptop as the photos are important to me. Please suggest something to remove passwords from windows 8.

When you forget the password of your PC, all of your files and data are at high risk if you do not recover the password. This thing usually happens when we do not open our PC for a long time. Forgetting the password is a nightmare especially for those who have crucial data stored on their PCs. So, to assist such people in such a critical condition, this article provides an ultimate guide for removing login password windows 8.

Part 1: How to Delete Password on Windows 8 (without knowing the password)?

The ways defined in this section are useful when you are facing the problem that I forgot my computer password windows 8 . You can follow anyone that suits you the most:

Method 1: Remove Windows 8/8.1 Password using Password Reset Disk

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Remember that this method will only be applicable if you created the password reset disk before losing the login password!

  • Plug in the password reset disk into your locked PC and restart your computer.
  • Enter any incorrect password when the login screen appears and click ok.

    reset password
  • A Reset Password link will appear below the password field. Click on it The Password Reset Wizard will appear.

    password reset wizard
  • Choose your Password Reset Drive. Click Next.

    insert password reset disk
  • Type and re-type the new password and specify the password hint. If you want to remove the password, leave these fields blank.

    reset password successfully
  • Click Next and then Finish to complete the process.

Congratulations! You have succeeded to remove password from windows 8.1. Now log into the PC using the new password. If you haven’t created the disk before, you can try the ways below.

Method 2: Retrieve Windows 8/8.1 Password via Password Hint

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The password hint is the first thing that we look to whenever we forget a password. They are really helpful when set properly and sensibly. To retrieve Windows 8/8.1 Password via password hint, try to do the following:

  • Try to remember the possible password that you could set related to the password hint. Try whatever you remember.
  • Try all the details related to you such as any part of your name, your mobile number, your favorite food, favorite country, etc.

If you succeed to recover your password through the password hint, do not forget to reset it with something easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.

Method 3: Change Windows 8/8.1 Password using Password Reset Tool-PassFab 4winkey

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No matter you are using Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or another version, PassFab 4WinKey are always stand by your side to help you solve problems for removing the password from Windows 8. Here are the steps below for using it.

  •  Download and install PassFab 4WinKey on a computer that is unlocked and available. Insert a removable disk; either USB Drive to burn the software.


    USB flash drive only allowed in Professional version or higher, the download button for Standard edition which enables you to use CD/DVD.

  • Select your choice of removable disk. Hit Burn.

    burn disk
  • On completion of the process, a dialog box will pop-up on your screen where it is mentioned that it is complete. Click OK and remove the removable disk.

    step 1
  • Insert the USB Drive in your locked computer. In Select Windows section, select your operating system on the window that appears on your screen. Hit Next.

    reset password
  • In the Manage Accounts section, select your user account and click on Next.


    You can select User/Administrator/Microsoft account in this step. The professional version support all these accounts, It's the most worth buying version.

    reset password successfully
  • In the Process section, the recovery process will begin. In the end, your password will be reset to blank. Reboot your computer to apply the changes.

Once your PC has been rebooted, you will no longer need to worry about the old password as your password would have been reset by PassFab 4WinKey. Use the new password to log into your Windows 8 PC.

Part 2: How to Remove Passwords from Windows 8 (with knowing password)?

Sometimes, we know the login password of our PC and we can log into it, we still want to remove the password from Windows 8.1 as it gets frustrating to enter the password each time, we turn the PC on. So, in this section, we suggest the best yet simplest ways to remove password from Windows 8.

Method 1: Disable Windows 8/8.1 Password via "Netplwiz"

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  • Log into your system and navigate to the Search box. Type “netplwiz” in the Search Box.

    password netpwiz
  • When the Pop-up Dialog appears, go to the User accounts tab and uncheck the “user must enter a username and password to use this computer” checkbox.

    user account
  • Click Apply.You will be asked to enter the password in the following Automatically Sign In screen:

    automatically signin
  • Enter the password or leave the fields blank and click on OK.

Next time when you log into your PC, you will not need to enter any username or password.

Method 2: Bypass Windows 8/8.1 Password via Command Prompt

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  1. Go to the Start menu and right-click on it.
  2. Click on Command Prompt (Admin) option:

    password command prompt

    A Command Prompt window with Administrator privileges will appear.

  3. Now type net user username password while replacing the username with your account username and password with a new password (leave it blank if you do not want to set a new password) and press Enter.

    username password

    You will be prompted that The Command Completed Successfully.

  4. Close the Command Prompt Window and restart your PC.

Bingo! you have bypassed the login screen and can use your PC without providing the username and password each time you turn it on.

Till now, we have covered different ways to recover the forgotten password and removing password from Windows 8. Let’s see some smart ways to save the passwords so that we do not forget them ever again:

Part 3: Best Recommendations for Saving Passwords

Forgetting a password is not a small issue in this digital era where we keep creating passwords when we use different sites or platforms. Passwords are a way of securing our data and privacy. Setting a strong password is as important as setting a password to prevent unauthorized access to our system. Here are some recommendations for setting a strong password that makes your data and devices more secure:

A super-strong password,

  • Should be long enough not to be guessed easily. It is usually more than 8 characters long
  • Should contain a combination of numbers, letters, and special symbols.
  • Should not be composed of any single piece of your personal information such as your first name, last name, address, phone number, etc. Such passwords are more likely to be guessed.
  • hould not be a single letter, number or symbol repeated multiple times. An example of a bad password is 0000, abcd, etc.

Although strong passwords reduce the risk of intrusions, remembering them could be quite difficult. So, to remember the passwords and not forget them, you can use the Memory based technique or the application-based technique:

  • Memory-based Technique
  • This technique suggests that you should set a secure and strong password that is easy for you to remember but difficult for anyone else to guess. You can use a combination of your personal information such as your first name followed by your home address and the first 4 digits of your mobile number. This way, it will be easier for you to remember the password and you will no longer need to search “how to remove a password from windows 8” on the Internet.

  • Application-based Technique
  • This technique suggests using some password manager application to create, store and manage your passwords. The two best password manager applications that you could download and use easily are: KeePass or Password Safe

Final Notes

This passage proposes different solutions to “how to remove window 8 password” without any data loss or privacy intrusion. Although there are many ways for removing login password windows 8, we would recommend using the PassFab 4WinKey Password recovery tool due to its rich features and user-friendly environment. This passage also covers the ways of creating strong passwords as well as saving them.