I recently updated the OS of my laptop to Windows 11. To make it secure, I set a login password and could not open my PC for some days. Now, when I tried to log into the PC, I realized that I forgot my windows 11 password. I am afraid to try the ways that worked for previous versions of Windows and could not find anything helpful on the Internet either. What should I do now? I got some important files on my PC, so I need to reset Windows 11 password anyhow.

As we all know that Microsoft recently announced the new version of Windows i.e., Windows 11. Everyone is upgrading their OS to Windows 11 and to protect the data and privacy, we all set a login password on our systems. But, what if someone can’t remember Windows 11 password? Although there is plenty of solutions that could be found on the Internet to solve this problem, very few of them cover the solutions for forgotten password on Windows 11. So, let’s discuss some tested ways to Windows 11 reset password and see how to login to Windows 11 without password.

If you forgot Windows 11 password and now want to reset it or log in to your PC without a password, do not worry. Sit back and give this article a read. You will definitely find a solution to your problem in one of the tested ways that this article proposes. Let’s dive into it.


Remember that any of the ways defined in this article do not harm your data so feel free to try these ways without worrying about data loss.

Part 1: How to Unlock Your Laptop If Forgot Windows 11 Password?

If you do not remember the password and want to unlock your PC without losing any data or privacy, you can use one of the ways explained in this section. All you need to do is choose the one method that suits you the most and work through the process:

Way 1: Forgot Windows 11 password? Reset Using Password Reset Tool--PassFab 4Winkey

This is the most reliable, easy, and tested solution to how to reset password on Windows 11. PassFab 4WinKey is the best password recovery tool that you can use to recover your local or Microsoft account without any data loss. You can easily reset or remove a password from the admin or user account if you forgot password Windows 11.

This way includes two steps:

  • Creating a Bootable Device using PassFab 4WinKey
  • Resetting forgotten password Windows 11

All you need to do is plug in a USB drive or a DVD drive to any accessible PC (Other than the locked one), download and install it on that PC, and follow the on-screen instructions as follows:

  • Launch the PassFab 4WinKey and choose the boot media and click Next to go to the next step.

    burn disk

    Once the device has been burnt successfully, you can follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

  • Plugin the bootable media that we created in the last step into the locked PC. And restart the PC and keep pressing the Boot Key (different for different PCs) unless the Boot menu appears:

    boot muen
  • Set your bootable USB drive to first priority to boot the system from it.
  • After this, press the F10 key to save the settings. Your PC will restart automatically.

    select system
  • Choose the user account for which you want to remove or reset the password.

    reset password reset password successfully

You have successfully reset Windows 11 password using the PassFab 4WinKey password recovery tool.

Way 2: Reset Windows 11 Password with a Password Reset Disk

If you created a password reset disk when you set the password on your PC, Bingo! You do not need to download or install any password recovery tool to do so. You can just use that Password Reset Disk to reset password on Windows 11. To use this method, follow these steps

  • Plug in the Password Reset Disk into the locked Windows 11 PC and restart your PC.
  • When the login screen appears, enter any incorrect password and click Go.

    login screen password
  • A Reset password link will appear below the password field. Click on it. The Password Reset Wizard will open. Click on Next.

    reset password wizard
  • In the next screen, you will be asked to choose your password reset drive. Choose it and click Next.

    insert reset disk
  • Create a new password and click Next when you see the following screen.

    reset user account
  • Click Finish to exit the password reset wizard.

    password reset wizard

You have reset Windows 11 password without logging into the system. You can now access all your files with the new password.

Part 2: How to Bypass Windows 11 Password If Laptop is Accessible?

Do you remember the password but still want to know how to bypass Windows 11 password? Here are some ways you can adopt.

Way 1: Bypass Windows 11 Password via Settings

  • Go to the Start menu and click on Settings.

  • Now navigate to Accounts Settings and go to Sign-in Options.

    account sign in option
  • Click on the Change button under Password.

    sign option password
  • Enter the existing password.

    change password

  • Click Next.And create the new password and click Next. create new password
  • You will be prompted about the password reset. Just click on Finish.

    change password

Your Windows 11 login password has been changed. Use the new password to log into your computer.

Way 2: Bypass Windows 11 Password via starting the Advanced Startup Options

  • Open the Settings app and navigate to System Settings.And go to Recovery Option.

    system recovery
  • In the Recovery option, you will have two choices i.e. Reset this PC, Advanced Startup. Click on the Restart Now Button under the Advanced Startup option.

    advanced start up restart device
  • Wait for your PC to restart.When your PC restarts, you will see the Advanced Startup options.Click on Advanced Options. Go to Startup Settings.

    startup repair
  • When the following screen appears, click on the Restart button.Boot your PC in Safe mode by pressing the corresponding key when the following screen appears.

    startup setting
  • When the Windows has been loaded successfully, open the Command Prompt and type the following command:

    net user username new_password


    Do not forget to replace the username with your account username and password with the new password that you want to set on the user account.

    command prompt

Now that your account password has been reset, you can now log into your PC using the new password.

Way 3: Bypass Windows 11 Password via resetting Microsoft Account Password

If you have a Microsoft account set into your PC, you can easily bypass the Windows 11 password by resetting it. All you need to do so is follow these steps.

  • Go to account.com and enter your Microsoft account email.

    recover account
  • An email will be sent to your recovery email to verify that you are accessing your account.

    verify identity
  • Verify your account and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Bingo! You have bypassed the login screen on Windows 11 and can now log in using the new password.

Part 3: Necessary Knowledge You Need to Know

Here are the answers to some common questions that are good to know for securing your computer:

Q1: Why is it Important to Change Your Username and Password in Windows 11?

Your PC might be hacked:

If you do not change the username and password of your PC for a long time, there is a 60% chance that your PC has been hacked and is accessible to unauthorized people. The hackers can easily break into your computer, access your personal files and damage your important data. So, to prevent all these situations, it is recommended to update the password of your PC frequently.

Same password on Multiple Accounts:

If you have multiple accounts and you have set the same password on all of your accounts, the chances of your PC being hacked are increased. If someone figures out your password, he/she will get access to all of your accounts. To avoid such a situation, it is recommended to set a different password on different accounts and keep updating the passwords.

Save Password Abuse:

If your PC is used by multiple users, they can easily access your saved passwords. It is better not to save your passwords on your PC if you share it with someone else and update your passwords.

Q2: How to Change Your Username and Password in Windows 11?

There are so many ways that you can use to change the username and password in Windows 11:

Way 1: Using CTRL+ALT+DELETE Keys

  • Turn on your PC and press CTRL + ALT + Delete keys all at once.
  • Click on Change a Password option when the list of options appears.
  • Enter the old and the new passwords one by one and confirm the new password.
  • Restart your PC to save the changes.

The password has been changed successfully. Use the new password to log into your pc next time.

Way 2: Via System Settings:

To work through this way, see Part 2.

Way 3: Via Control Panel:

  • Press the Windows key from your keyboard and type Control Panel in the Search Box.
  • When the Control Panel Window appears, go to User Accounts options.
  • Click the Change the password option when the options appear.
  • Enter the current and the new password and save the changes.

Changing the password and username in Windows 11 is quite similar to that of other versions. You can use any of the above-mentioned methods to recover your forgotten password Windows 11.

Final Notes

Forgetting the password of a locked PC is the worst thing that could ever happen to someone. This article proposes different ways to recover the Windows 11 forgotten password. Furthermore, it discusses the ways to bypass the login screen even if the PC is accessible.

Now, you no longer need to worry about forgot computer password Windows 11 Although many solutions answer how to reset Windows 11 without password, the best and most recommended way is using the PassFab 4WinKey password recovery tool. It is the most effective yet simplest way to recover or remove any passwords from the latest versions of Windows.