I’ve recently acquired second hand galaxy tab s2. After factory reset and wiping cache it throws a message after boot: An unauthorized attempt has been made to reset your device to factory default settings. Connect to a Wi-Fi or mobile network to verify your identity.How to fix it?

If you’re also getting this error message, you’re not alone. It is one of the most common headaches for Samsung users that happens when you reset a Samsung phone and don’t know the login credentials of its Google account.

But there’s nothing to worry about as we will teach you how to get rid of “an unauthorized attempt has been made to reset your device to factory default settings” error. Stick to reading and find out!

Part 1: Why did my Phone do an Unauthorized Attempt to Factory Reset?

Google FRP lock

If you fail to enter the right Google ID and password when try to perform factory reset the “an unauthorized attempt to factory reset” error will be triggered. This feature comes built-in all Samsung phones running from Android 5 to Android 12, and it aims to bar unauthorized users from accessing your phone.

Gmail password reset recently

Another possible reason that prompts this issue is when you try to factory reset the phone within 72 hours of changing the Google account password.

Those two will cause the “an unauthorized attempt to factory reset” error message.

Common Solutions for Unauthorized Resets:

So what can you do to fix the "an unauthorized attempt to factory reset" issue on your phone? Ideally, you should enter your Google account credentials to easily log in to your device.

However, if you do not remember these credentials, the first option is to ask the manufacturer's support center and another option to resolve the issue is to remove the Google lock screen using the FRP bypass tool (we will discuss later).

Furthermore, if you bought a second-hand smartphone, you can contact it's previous owner and ask them to disable factory reset protection remotely using their Google account. After that, you can either create a new Google account from scratch or log in with your own credentials to properly set up the device.

Part 2: How to Bypass Samsung Unauthorized Factory Reset?

Now that you know why factory reset action not allowed on your phone, here’s how to fix it quickly.

1. Common Ways to Fix Samsung Factory Reset Error

Method 1: Restart Your Phone

It cannot get any simpler than that. All you need to do is reboot your Android phone if you cannot enter the login password of the Google account synced with the device.

This method works in many cases, and hopefully, you’ll be able to access your phone. Now, the restarting process can be slightly different for different Android phones and versions.

For instance, if you’re getting the Samsung Galaxy S10 unauthorized factory reset error, here’s how to reboot Galaxy S10.

  • Press and hold the Volume Down button and Power button simultaneously.

  • When the Samsung logo appears, release them and tap Restart.

  • Wait for a few seconds for the reboot process to complete. Then, long press the power button to power it on.

Method 2. Get in Touch with Previous Owner

Ideally, you should enter the Google ID and password to get past the Samsung factory reset error. But if you gave bought a second-hand phone, already synced with the Google account of the previous owner, then you have only one way out.

Contact the owner and request them to give you the login credentials of their Google account. Luckily, they can also remove the FRP protection remotely without giving you the account details. Then, you can proceed with either removing the Google account from Settings or setup your phone as a new device.

Method 3. Remove Previous Google Account

You can implement this solution before getting stuck on the “an unauthorized attempt has been made to reset your device to factory default settings” error screen. For instance, if you already know that the device is logged in with the Google account whose password you don’t know.

In such a scenario, follow the below steps to remove the Google account:

  • Head to your phone’s Settings.

  • Tap Accounts and backup (or Accounts) > Manage Accounts. Here, tap the Google account you need to remove.

  • Next, tap Remove account and hit Remove account on the pop-up tab to confirm your action.

Now, you can easily reset the phone without worrying about the reset error. Use the same steps to remove other existing accounts from your phone.

2.Bypass an Unauthorized Attempt to Factory Reset with PassFab Android Unlocker Hot

If you don’t remember the Google ID credentials or can’t contact the previous owner, you don’t have any option left than to bypass the “an unauthorized attempt to factory reset” screen. That’s where PassFab Android Unlocker becomes your ideal companion.

With this tool, bypassing the unauthorized attempt screen is as easy as it can get.

Aside from bypassing Google FRP lock, it lets you remove any Android lock screen password including pattern, PIN, or fingerprint.

2.1 Key Features of PassFab Android Unlocker

  • Bypass Factory Reset Protection on Samsung Devices[Android 5-12]
  • Removes Screen Lock, PIN, Pattern from Android phones
  • Reset a Locked Android Phones
  • Works on both Mac and Windows
  • Easy to operate and high success rate

2.2 how to bypass Samsung unauthorized factory reset quickly with PassFab Android Unlocker

  • Connect Samsung Device
  • Connect your Samsung device to computer by USB cable, then select "Remove Google Lock(FRP)".

  • Select Device OS Version
  • Select the OS version of your Samsung device and click “Start”. If you don't know, click on the below "Don't know the device OS version?" to check.

    an unauthorized attempt to factory reset
  • Remove FRP Lock
  • Before starting, you need to check the on-screen notes and confirm. Then click on "Start". Then set up Samsung devie according to the insrtuctions.

    samsung factory reset error
  • Restart the SAMSUNG device
  • After setting up, you need to restart your SAMSUNG device. Use the PIN code you set to unlock the SAMSUNG device.

    how to bypass samsung unauthorized factory reset

    Now you have bypassed samsung unauthorized factory reset successfully and are able to enjoy all features of your Samsung device.

Part 3: FAQ about "An Unauthorized Attempt to Factory Reset" Error

Here are some important questions you should know about samsung factory reset error .

Q1: How to Avoid an Unauthorized Attempt to Factory Reset?

In order to avoid an Unauthorized Attempt to Factory Reset error permanently, you can:

1.Remove the Google account synced with the phone.

2.Disable factory reset protection.

3.Buy Android Devices from Authorized Merchant.

Q2: I can’t connect to Wi-Fi after factory reset? How to fix?

1. Restart your phone.

2. Make sure your Wi-Fi should be working. Use another device to confirm that.

3. Reboot the router.

4. Make sure Data is turned off when using the Wi-Fi.

Q3: How to Disable Google Factory Reset Protection?

1. Open Settings app on your phone.

2. From there, scroll down to Accounts and backup and tap on it.

3. Click on the Manage accounts option and select the associated Google account you want to delete.

4. Select the Delete account option. In the confirmation message, tap on the Delete account option.


Hopefully, you’re in a better position to bypass the “an unauthorized attempt has been made to reset your device to factory default settings screen. Of course, getting stuck on factory reset screen is a nightmare even if can’t remember the Google ID credentials, but with PassFab Android Unlocker, you can troubleshoot this issue. This tool lets you remove the FRP lock and get access to your phone instantly.