Before selling your iPhone or giving it to someone like a family member or friend for some days, it’s essential to sign out or remove your Apple ID on your device before a factory reset or restores. But no one knows, how it’s frustrating when you face an issue like can’t sign out of iCloud on iPhone.

cannot sign out of icloud

Moreover, it makes you unable to sell your iPad or iPhone device in the market. However, you don’t need to worry more about cannot sign out of iCloud because I will show you 4 fixes that can help you successfully log-out from your iDevice. Also, these are the proven methods that are going to fix cant sign out of iCloud.

4 Ways to Fix Can’t Sign Out of iCloud on iPhone

Sometimes you find sign-out button is greyed out, and you will see “sign out is not available due to restrictions.” However, you can face a spinning symbol when you click on the sign out button, and it never stops. Besides, you can also see a message “you can’t sign out of iCloud on iPhone because your iOS is being restored. So, let’s start to fix them.

1. Check Apple System Status

Before taking further steps, you need to visit Apple’s system status page because server issues can also cause can’t sign out of iCloud. Sometimes Apple server goes down so that we can face problems like log-out issues. If you find a yellow sign, it means Apple server has an active case, and you don’t need to worry.

check apple system status

However, if all servers are operating normally but still you are facing the issue of can t sign out of iCloud on iPhone, you have to troubleshoot the problem because the problem is from your end.

2. Remove the device from iCloud

Sometimes removing the device from iCloud helps eliminate the issue of a cant sign out of iCloud. You can withdraw your device in “Find My iPhone” from your iCloud account, follow the given steps;

  • Go to and sign in to your iCloud account by just entering your Apple ID and password.
  • Now find and select find my iPhone.
  • Select all the devices and choose your iPhone or iPad from the drop-down list.

    choose your device from all devices
  • Now select Erase iPhone to get rid of cannot sign out of iCloud.

    select erase iphone
  • Now click Remove from Account to remove it from your device list.

    remove device from account

3. Turn off Screen Time Passcode

With screen time, you can easily monitor habits and set restrictions on specific apps. However, to protect your time screen from modifications, you need to create a screen time passcode.

However, in some cases, like can’t sign out of iCloud on iPhone it’s essential to turn off screen time passcode to solve it. Below is a short but detailed guide, so follow the steps to turn off screen passcode.

  • Open your app settings on your iOS device then tap on screen time. Now slightly scroll down and tap on “Change Screen Time Passcode”.
  • Tap on “Turn Off Screen Time Passcode” and enter your passcode to complete the process.

4. Unlock Apple ID with PassFab iPhone Unlocker

If the given methods fail to solve the issue of can’t sign out of iCloud on iPhone, then it’s time to try PassFab iPhone Unlocker to unlock Apple ID. It’s the best choice to unlock iOS devices without password. So, let’s start to pay close attention and ensure to follow the given steps.

Step 1: Download, Install and Launch the PassFab iPhone Unlocker

First, you need to download and launch the program on a Windows or Mac computer and select the “Unlock Apple ID” mode.

select unlock apple id

Step 2: Connect Your iOS Device to Your Computer

After launching the PassFab iPhone Unlocker, connect your iPhone or iPad device to a laptop or Pc with a USB cable.

If you are making a connection first time with PassFab, you have to show your trust in PassFab. So, for that tap “trust” on your device and then enter your passcode to show your trust and peace of mind while using PassFab iPhone Unlocker.

Step 3: Bypass Apple ID and iCloud

Now click on the Start button to bypass Apple ID or iCloud account if your Find My is disabled.

click Start to unlock apple id when find my is off

If Find My is enabled, you have to make sure you have set a screen lock passcode and enabled Two-Factor Authentication before. Then download the firmware and click Start Unlock.

click start unlock to unlock apple id when find my is on

Wait for a while. Congrats! Apple ID was removed successfully.

removed apple id successfully

Bonus Tip: How to Turn off Screen Time without Passcode

Suppose you can’t sig out of iCloud on iPhone because of cannot turn off screen time without a passcode. Don’t worry, PassFab iPhone Backup Unlocker is here to turn off your screen time without any passcode and data loss. It’s a super convenient application, and below are easy steps to guide you through the process.

  • At first, download, install and launch the PassFab iPhone Backup Unlocker.
  • With a USB cable, connect your device with a computer, and choose “Remove Screen Time Passcode” feature.

    click remove screen time passcode
  • After creating a successful connection, click on the “Start” button to proceed further. Please wait for a while until it starts removing your screen time passcode.

    click start to remove screen time passcode
  • Now you will see “passcode removed successfully”.

    removed screen time passcode successfully


When you find yourself stuck with the issue of cannot sign out of iCloud, it’s prominent to check Apple’s system status before proceeding further. If you find nothing wrong with Apple server, then remove your device from iCloud to eliminate “can’t sign out of iCloud on iPhone. Even if it not works, download, install and launch PassFab iPhone Backup Unlocker to turn off time screen without passcode and data loss. Finally, if all goes vain or want to try a super convenient way to get rid of cant sign out of iCloud, then use PassFab iPhone Unlocker to unlock Apple ID.

passfab iphone unlocker box
  • Unlock 4-digit/6-digit screen passcode
  • Unlock Touch ID and Face ID
  • Unlock Apple ID/iCloud without password
  • Bypass MDM without username and password
  • Support iPhone/iPad and latest iOS 14.4 version