icloud sign out not available due to restrictions. My Sign Out option is greyed out and I need to sign out as I want to switch to another account. Furthermore, I am planning to sell my iPhone so is it important to sign out before doing so? If yes, what could be the possible reasons behind this and how to sign out of iCloud on iPhone?

Signing out of Apple ID or iCloud Account before selling your iPhone or giving it to someone else is a good practice. You better factory reset your mobile as well after you sign out Apple ID. Although the Apple support page covers ways to sign out of iCloud, it does not cover the situations where the user can’t sign out. In this article, you are going to find the reasons and potential fixes to this problem. All you need to do is follow different solutions proposed in this passage.

Part 1: Why is my iCloud greyed out and can't sign out of iCloud?

Sometimes, when you try to sign out of iCloud on iPhone, you find that sign out iCloud greyed out and a message that says “Sign out is not available due to restrictions”. The most common reason why can't i sign out of icloud is the screen time restrictions, which is set to control the time you spend using your mobile or to control the time your child/children spend on the phone. This feature lets you know and restricts the amount of digital time you spend.

Other reasons include issues with Apple servers, uninstalled iOS updates, problems with network settings, or any security profile installed on your device.

Now that we know the possible reasons behind the restrictions, let’s explore different ways of solving this problem.

Part 2: How to Fix Can’t Sign Out of iCloud on iPhone or iPad?

If you are trying to sign out Apple ID on iPhone 15 iCloud on iOS 17 and the Sign out option is not available or greyed out, do not panic or factory reset your mobile. Just try the steps given under each method. Your problem will be solved.

Method 1: Check Apple System Status

  • Open the browser on your phone and type in the following URL: https://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/
  • When you see the following screen, check the status in front of the Apple ID.

    apple system status
  • If the status of Apple ID shows any issues, all you need to do is wait. If there are no issues and Apple’s servers are working fine, you need to try another method for resolving the problem.

Apple uses the System Status webpage to announce any scheduled outages and updates to inform users about the unavailability of the service in advance. Once an issue is resolved, its status is displayed as "resolved issue" on this webpage.

Method 2: Update iOS

If the Apple System Status page does not show any issues with Apple ID or iCloud, you might have forgotten to update your iOS. Work through the following process to update iOS:

  1. Go to Settings.Navigate to General settings.And choose Software Update.

    software update
  2. Install updates (if any).
  3. Retry signing out iCloud.

If there were any updates due to which you were unable to sign out of iCloud, the problem will be solved after installing the updates, and the sign-out option will be enabled.

Method 3: Reset Network Settings

If updating the iOS did not work for you, you got to try resetting the network. Remember that signing in and signing out of iCloud requires an established Internet connection, so there might be an issue with the network. To reset network settings, here are the steps to follow:

  • Open Settings.And head to General settings.

    setting general
  • Go to Reset and choose Reset Network Settings from the given options.

    reset network setting

After the network settings have been reset, check if the Sign Out option is still greyed out. If not, congratulations! Your problem has been solved.

Method 4: Turn Off Screen Time Passcode

If set, the screen time passcode restricts access to some applications after a user has spent enough time using the mobile phone. Once the screen time exceeds, you can only access those applications if you know the passcode. This feature also restricts a user from signing out iCloud. So, if you turned this feature on, you need to turn it off to sign out of iCloud on iPhone. If you have no password to turn the screen time off. I also provide the solutions to you. Please check from Bonus Tip.

Here are the steps for turning the screen time off:

  • Open Settings.And tap on the Screen Time setting.
  • Scroll down and tap on Turn Off Screen Time.
  • You will be asked to enter the passcode. Just input the passcode to complete the process.

    setting screen time

The screen time will be turned off. Now you can easily sign out of iCloud on iPhone.

Method 5: Remove the Device from iCloud

Sometimes removing the device from iCloud helps eliminate the issue of a cant sign out of iCloud. You can withdraw your device in “Find My iPhone” from your iCloud account, follow the given steps:

  • Go to iCloud.com and sign in to your iCloud account by just entering your Apple ID and password. Now find and select find my iPhone.
  • Select all the devices and choose your iPhone or iPad from the drop-down list.

    find iphone icould
  • Now select Erase iPhone to get rid of cannot sign out of iCloud.

    erase iphone icould
  • Now click Remove from Account to remove it from your device list.

The device will be successfully removed from the account once you tap Yes when it asks to confirm. When you do this, you will automatically be signed out of iCloud on iPhone.

Method 6: Check the Security Profile

One of the reasons behind sign out is not available due to restrictions could be that someone else is supervising your device. When you are using a supervised device, there is a security certificate stored on your device that helps the owner of the device to control what features your device has access to.

The owner can restrict, limit and manage the settings like network settings, emails, and accounts, passcode or access to certain features, etc. To check if any security profiles are installed on your device or not, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • If your device is supervised, you will see a message at the top of the screen saying “This device is supervised and managed”. If you see this message, tap General and go to Profiles.
  • If you see any profiles installed, tap on one to see the restrictions that are being imposed by that profile.
  • Tap on the Remove Profile button below the details of the certificate.

    general profile
  • You will be prompted to enter the passcode. Provide passcode.
  • Tap on the Delete button. And restart your device.

After performing the above-mentioned steps, the selected certificate or the security profile will be removed from your device. This will remove all the permissions, connected applications, and settings configured by that profile. You can now go and check whether you are still unable to sign out of iCloud or the problem is fixed.

Part 3: All Failed? Unlock Apple ID with PassFab iPhone Unlock

Tried everything? Nothing worked? Still can’t sign out of iCloud on iPhone? What to do now? If none of the above-given methods worked for you, it is time to try PassFab iPhone Unlock. It is an amazing tool to unlock screen time passcode, Apple ID, or MDM lock in just a few steps. This tool enables you to unlock iOS devices without a password in any situation. It provides a 3-step solution to solve iCloud sign out not available due to restrictions. This is an all-in-one tool and you can use it to:

  • Unlock locked or disabled iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  • Factory reset iDevices without Apple ID or passcode.
  • Remove Apple ID from iDevices without password or any verification.
  • Turn off screen time without signing in.
  • Remove any security profiles to get rid of Remote supervision and much more.

To use PassFab iPhone Unlock, follow these steps:

  • Download, Install and Launch the PassFab iPhone Unlock.

    First, you need to download and launch the program on a Windows or Mac computer and select the “Unlock Apple ID” mode.

    unlock apple id
  • Connect Your iOS Device to Your Computer

    After launching the PassFab iPhone Unlockr, connect your iPhone or iPad device to a laptop or Pc with a USB cable.

    If you are making a connection first time with PassFab, you have to show your trust in PassFab. So, for that tap “trust” on your device and then enter your passcode to show your trust and peace of mind while using PassFab iPhone Unlock.

  • Bypass Apple ID and iCloud.

    Now click on the Next button to bypass Apple ID or iCloud account if your Find My is disabled..

     start unlock apple id

    If Find My is enabled, you have to make sure you have set a screen lock passcode and enabled Two-Factor Authentication before. Then download the firmware and click Start Unlock.

    successfully download firmware
  • Wait for a while. Congrats! Apple ID was removed successfully.

    apple id success off

Pros of Using PassFab iPhone Unlock:

This tool provides you more accessibility to your device and allows you to perform tasks that are not possible to perform in other tools. By using this tool, you get the power to

  • Unlock any type of password (4-digit code, 6-digit code, Touch ID, Face ID) from your iPhone even if you forgot the password.
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  • Compatible with the latest iOS 17 beta, PassFab iPhone Unlock allows you to unlock or remove Apple ID in case you forget the password, disable screen time, change screen time passcode without any data loss.

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Part 4. What to do if can't sign out of icloud on Mac?

Enabling 'Screen Time' may lead to a rare error that prevents you from logging out. To address this issue, you should access 'System Preferences,' navigate to 'Screen Time,' disable it, and then attempt to log out once more.

Bonus Tip: How to Turn off Screen Time without Passcode

Suppose you can’t sig out of iCloud on iPhone because of cannot turn off screen time without a passcode. Don’t worry, PassFab iPhone Backup Unlocker is here to turn off your screen time without any passcode and data loss. It’s a super convenient application, and below are easy steps to guide you through the process.

  • Download, install and launch the PassFab iPhone Backup Unlock.
  • Connect your device with a computer with a USB cable, and choose "Remove Screen Time Passcode" feature.

    screen time passcode
  • Click on the “Start” button to proceed further after creating a successful connection. Please wait for a while until it starts removing your screen time passcode.

    iphone backup unlocker
  • Now you will see “passcode removed successfully”.

    remove successfully


When you find yourself stuck with the issue of can't sign out of icloud on iPhone or iPad, it’s prominent to check Apple’s system status before proceeding further. If you find nothing wrong with Apple server, then remove your device from iCloud to eliminate “can’t sign out of iCloud on iPhone. Even if it not works, download, install and launch PassFab iPhone Backup Unlock to turn off time screen without passcode and data loss. Finally, if all goes vain or want to try a super convenient way to get rid of cant sign out of iCloud, then use PassFab iPhone Unlocker to unlock Apple ID.