I just bought a second-hand iPhone but it has an Apple ID signed in. There is no way I can contact the previous owner and get the phone unlocked. How to reset iPhone without Apple ID password?

Well, this is a very familiar scene and I know people whose iPhones are no better than bricks for the same reason. Today, I am writing this piece to brief you how to reset iPhone without Apple ID password and we will answer how to reset iPhone without iCloud password.

Part 1: How to Reset iPhone without Apple ID

1. Restore iPhone in Recovery Mode

You need connect your iPhone to computer and use iTunes in order to put your phone in recovery mode. Following is the detailed guide.

  • Connect your phone to computer using the USB connector and open iTunes.
  • Now, you will force restart your device by holding the Sleep/Wake and the Home button simultaneously. It may take up to 10 second to recovery mode screen to appear even after the Apple logo appears. Make sure you do not release the buttons before that.
  • You should see the options of Restore or Update. Choose Restore.
  • Wait until the process is complete. After the complete process, all data and ID from your iPhone will be completely erased.

2. Use PassFab iPhone Unlocker

PassFab iPhone Unlocker is a software that allows you to unlock iPhone if you have forgot the Apple ID or the password, or if the Apple ID is disabled, or even if the iPhone is locked by touch id or face id. Overall, this is an ultimate solution to iDevice problems related to device locking.

Following is a guideline to reset iPhone without iCloud password and reset iPhone without Apple ID using PassFab iPhone Unlocker.

  • Download the Passfab iPhone Unlocker from the official site and install.
  • Launch the program. Choose "Unlock Lock Screen Passcode" feature.

    click unlock lock screen passcode
  • Connect your device, and click Start.

    click start to reset iphone
  • Download the firmware. Once done, click Start Unlock.

    click start after downloading the firmware
  • Wait for a while, your iPhone will be reset successfully.

    reset iphone successfully

Part 2: How to reset iPhone with Apple ID

1. Erase All Content and Settings

Go to Settings > General>reset. If it asks you to enter the Apple ID or device passcode, put it in the fields. Now, press Erase All Contents and Settings.

erase all content and settings

2. Restore iPhone with iTunes

  • To restore iPhone using iTunes, connect your iPhone to a computer.
  • Click Restore iPhone. Input your screen passcode and Apple ID passcode if asked.

    restore iphone via itunes

3. Erase iPhone with iCloud

  • Sign into iCloud via any browser.
  • Click Find My after signing in.
  • Click All Devices, and select the device you want to reset.
  • Choose Erase iPhone, and confirm.

    click erase iphone

Part 3: How to Bypass Activation Lock after Resetting

Now, you have solved the matter of how to reset iphone without Apple ID password. But what if you are still stuck at the activation lock after the reset? In this scenario, PassFab Activation Unlocker is your perfect solution that is simple yet effective.

Here is the guide to remove Activation Lock after reset using the PassFab Activation Unlocker.

  • Download and launch PassFab Activation Unlocker.
  • Connect your device to the computer and click Start button.

    click start to remove activation lock
  • Read the agreement and click Next.
  • Activation Unlocker will download the jailbreak tool for you.
  • Insert your USB and click Start to burn the jailbreak environment into the USB.

    click start to burn the jailbreak environmet
  • Once done, follow the guide to jailbreak your device.
  • Open PassFab Activation Unlocker again, click Start Remove.

    click start remove to bypass the activation lock
  • After removeing the Activation Lock, you will get a reset iPhone.

    removed the activation lock successfully

To Conclude

How to reset iPhone without Apple ID password? This is a complex solution and many issues may arise while solving this problem. However, PassFab Activation Unlocker and PassFab iPhone Unlocker are very efficient and easy-to-use programs to help you in these situations. Reviews by the users also recommend these products and many people have recovered access to their iDevices using these programs.

passfab activation unlocker box
  • Remove activation lock on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  • Turn off Find My iPhone/iPad without Apple ID password.
  • Unlock Apple ID without password.
  • Removing iCloud Activation Lock supports iOS 12-14.7.
  • Removing Apple ID or FMI is now available on iOS 12-15.
  • Compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7, MacOS 10.11-11.1.