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I used it to crack the Excel password
by Pablo Manyari

I forgot the Excel password for the first time. I felt so anxious for the first time. I was the first time to find a friend to help me solve this problem. It was also the first time I used this product, and finally, I used it to crack the Excel password.

It helped me recover my lost Excel password
by Gazmen Shabani

I am the financial staff of the company. I use Excel to make financial statements every month. I set different passwords for each Excel electronic document because of the confidentiality agreement. However, I forgot the passwords. Fortunately, my colleagues recommended PassFab for Excel. It helped me recover my lost Excel password.

Powerful tool
by Jacob

I need my Excel password to get my account information. Because the thing is important to me so I decided to find a professional tool to work it out. Thankfully, I found this product and it helped me find my password within one day. Nice!

Thank you so much
by Daphne Young

I have an Excel document encrypted five years ago. I forgot my password. I can't open it now, so I asked my friend for help. They found PassFab for Excel. Finally, the software found my password. Thank you very much.

Thanks for finding my Excel password
by AndyWilliams

I've never seen the product works like PassFab for Excel!! It's a wonderful password recovery tool and the most important thing was I found Excel password and get back my personal data.

this desktop application is worthy to try
by Sed Man

I forgot my protected Excel sheet 2019 password and all my family members can't help me. I have to ask my teacher for help, she is a geek and advises PassFab for Excel. To our surprise, this desktop application is worthy to try.

Thank you bro!
by JustinBB

Although the whole process has been through 4 days, my password got found in the end. Anyway, it's a good product!

unlocked the password in 20 minutes
by Sandro

I have an encrypted Excel spreadsheet. I set a password when I was in college. All of them are self-storing learning materials. Now it has been 10 years. I forgot what password I set at the time. Fortunately, I have found this software. I unlocked the password in 20 minutes.

Awesome Software
by Heralin

This is quite awesome. I lost my open password to my Excel 2013. And my bother suggested this Excel password recovery tool. To my surprise, it works to my spreadsheet. Now I unprotect it.

It helped me recover my Excel password
by Yasmen

I lost my Excel password a few days ago because it's my work file so i decide to find a professional tool to recover the password. Finally, i found PassFab for Excel, it did help you recover the password within 2 days. Thanks!