Hello, I have three users. one is administrator and two are users group. I tried many times wrong password and now am locked out of windows 10 administrator account. I should unlock it explicitly. but other users are limited. How can unlock administrator account? (I'm learning windows 10 and try these problems in Lab) Thanks.

When Windows computers security is of utmost significance, you make sure to lock it up with a password. As far as I know, there are many Windows users are using Administrator account as login password. So, here is the new problem now, how to unlock Windows 10 Administrator password to access computer? Keep reading the article to check them out.

Part 1. Unlock Windows 10/11 Administrator Password Using Windows Password Reset Tool

If it comes to formatting and reinstalling the OS, that takes away your precious device data which you don't want to lose. In such a scenario, you can try PassFab 4WinKey. This can not only solve the problem of windows 10 administrator account locked out, but also reset, remove or change the Windows 10/11 password. Apart from Windows 10/11, it works for other Windows versions as well. Furthermore, it allows you to create bootable disk from Mac now.

When you are locked out of Windows 10/11, PassFab 4WinKey helps you get out of it in the said guide:

  • Install and run the software on a computer and connect an empty flash drive. Hit "USB Flash Drive" option afterwards.
  • Tap the "Burn" button and allow it to burn. Eject the USB drive after tapping the "OK" button.

    burn recovery disk
  • Get the USB drive connected to your locked Windows 10 system, whose password you have lost/forgot. Tap "F12" and access "Boot Menu". Select the USB drive and then click "Enter".

    boot menu
  • Now, pick the OS as "Windows 10" from the "Select Windows Installation" window and hit "Next".

    remove password
  • Pick the account name, i.e."Administrator" here, followed by "Next". Tap "Reboot" and then "Restart Now" button.

Video Tutorial for Resetting Admin Password

Part 2. Free Ways to Unlock Windows 10 Administrator Password

Being locked out of Windows 10 is no fun. So, you can get out of the situation and gain access to your computer and check the important data as well. There are various ways to unlock Windows 10 password.

Way 1: Unlock Windows 10 admin password through Command Prompt

As you know, you can use command prompt for removing Admin login password if you get locked out of the Windows 10 system. The process is bit complex, requiring a good understanding of the Windows 10 system environment.

  • Turn on your Windows 10 system and hit the "Power" icon found on the bottom-right portion of the locked screen.
  • Choose "Restart" along with pressing the "Shift" key. Ensure to hold down the Shift key unless the Windows Recovery boot screen appears.

    shift restart pc
  • Now, opt for the "Troubleshoot" option and then choose "Advanced Options".

    boot troubleshoot advanced options
  • You're then required to select the "Command Prompt" tab from list of options available.

    advanced options command prompt
  • Once the command prompt loads up on your screen, punch in "D:" hit Enter. Followed by, "cd Windows" and Enter. Again type, "cd System32" and then Enter.
  • Thereafter, make use of the following command line "ren Utilman.exe Utilman.exe.old" and hit Enter. Subsequently, type "copy cmd.exe Utilman.exe" followed by Enter.

    advanced options command  prompt1
  • Reboot your PC now. Now, when you reach Admin account login screen, hit on the "Utility Manager" icon available at bottom right corner. The command prompt window will now open up.
  • Now, punch in "net user Administrator Welcome@123" followed by Enter and you're done. You need to reboot your computer again for the changes to take effect. You can now login with the new password, i.e. Welcome@123.

    reset windows 10 admin password cmd


Here, Administrator is the username of the admin account whose password you want to reset. "Welcome@123" is the new password of that account.

Way 2: Format and reinstall Windows 10

When you are locked out of windows 10 administrator account you can also try to format and reinstall Windows 10. Though, it is the last resort you should go with, only reserved for emergencies. Her, the Windows 10 OS is formatted and reinstalled without cracking your password. Your hard disk as well as the primary disk gets cleaned. As a result, you get access to the locked Windows 10 account, you have been locked out of.

  1. Get a bootable disk having Windows 10 OS and plug into your locked Windows 10 system. Reboot your PC afterwards.
  2. Hit "F12"/"Esc" to load the Boot Menu screen, depending upon the BIOS version in your PC. Then select the Boot device as the "CD/DVD drive" and hit Enter.
  3. Once, all the files from the bootable drive are loaded, you can find a new installation window after startup. Choose "Install Now" option and go through the onscreen instructions to install the OS.

    windows 10 install now
  4. Format the primary disk and then click "Next". It will reinstall the OS. The system undergoes various processes and restarts in between. Let the external drive connected, unless installation is complete.


1) Wipes out entire primary disk data. 2)Reinstallation is required from the scratch.


From the above article, I believe you already know the ways to be locked out of windows 10 administrator account. And we are confident that PassFab 4WinKey is the best way to unlock your Windows 10/11 admin password. It also can help you reset Administrator Password on Windows10/8/7 too. In the end, if you still have questions about Windows Password please leave the message below.