I recently updated my pc to windows 10 a week ago. And 2 days ago, I turned my PC on and noticed I couldn't put in my pin. I've been stuck on welcome screen for over 24 overs. Please help, because I have been watching YouTube tutorials and nothing has worked.

Have you ever noticed that your Windows 10 stucks on the welcome screen for a long time? Whether it's before entering your password, after entering your password, or even after a recent update, this issue of being stuck on the welcome screen is a common problem faced by many Windows 10 and Windows 11 users. Moreover, some users have also reported that their keyboard stops working while stuck on the welcome screen. If you are currently experiencing any of these situations, don't worry. In this article, we have gathered the best solutions to help you resolve the problem of being stuck on the Windows welcome screen.

Part 1: The Reasons that may cause your Windows 10 Stuck on Welcome Screen

You may wonder why is your Windows 10 stuck on welcome spinning circle when suffer from it. Several reasons can cause a particular issue in Windows 10, and it becomes difficult to identify the issue if Windows does not show any error code. However, some of the potential causes of Windows 10 stuck on welcome screen problem are:

  • Startup failure
  • Incompatible software
  • Issues with installed device drivers
  • Incomplete or failed Windows update installation
  • Corrupt registry files
  • Pending software updates
  • Virus or malware

Despite all the aforementioned reasons, the stuck on Windows welcome screen issue is resolvable.

Part 2: Some Basic Things you can Check First

1.Disconnect External Peripherals

First, try removing all the peripheral devices connected to the computer, such as the mouse, keyboard, printer, etc., as they can mess up with the startup routines. After removing the peripherals, restart your computer and check if the issue persists.

2.Disconnect PC from the Internet

Try disconnecting the Internet from your PC, if it is connected automatically on Startup, by clicking on the WiFi or Ethernet icon and the Disconnect button. Now, restart your computer and try to login again.


Part 3: How to Fix Windows 10 Stuck on Welcome Screen?

1.Use PassFab FixUWin new

Thh best and the most effective way for how to fix stuck on welcome screen in Windows 10 issue is using PassFab FixUWin.

Unlike manual repair attempts that require specific computing knowledge and can potentially cause more harm than good, PassFab Fixuwin offers an automated solution. With its advanced algorithms, it effortlessly identifies damaged or faulty Windows system files and seamlessly replaces them with secure and healthy alternatives from its extensive database containing over 25,000,000 files, which means it can fix various Windows related issues easily, such as stuck on windows 10 welcome screen, stuck on preparing automated repair, various Blue Screen or Black Screen of Death error, computer crashs and so on. This software is designed to identify the root causes and deliver effective fixes,ensuring a stable and reliable PC performance. Let' see how to use it.

  • Install PassFab FixUWin on any other PC.
  • Plug in a USB drive and click Create boot disk now button. create boot disk now
  • Choose your USB device from the list and click Next. select boot media
  • Insert the bootable media into the problematic computer and restart it.
  • Press the boot key and set your bootable device on priority.
    Boot Key Desktop Laptop Motherboard
    F12 ASUS, Acer, Founder, HP, Hasee, Haier, Lenovo, THTF Acer, BenQ, Dell, Emachines, eMachines, Fujitsu, Founder, GIGABYTE, Gateway, IBM, Lenovo, SAMSUNG, ThinkPad, Hasee, TOSHIBA, THTF, MSI Great Wall, Dell, TOSHIBA, Foxconn, GIGABYTE, Fujitsu, Gamen, Haier, IBM, Lenovo, Topstar, SONY, THTF, SAMSUNG, ThinkPad, Acer, HP, Hasee, Founder
    Esc Dell ASUS, Sony Great Wall, Foxconn, ESC, SOYO, MAXSUN, Colorful, SONY, SAMSUNG, Spark, UNIKA
    enter into boot menu
  • Save changes and restart the system and you will see the interface.
  • Click on the Automated Repair button. click automated repair
  • Choose the disk partition you need to repair and click Start repair. select partition
  • Click Restart. repair complete

When your PC restarts this time, you will no longer get stuck on the welcome screen.

4. Run the system file checker

The System File Checker (SFC) is a tool that helps you troubleshoot the system if there is something wrong with the system files. If corrupted or damaged system files cause problems such as boot loops or being stuck on Windows welcome screen. However, you should run the SFC if you suspect that your system files may be got bugs.

  • Restart your computer while pressing the boot key.

  • After entering the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE), go to Troubleshoot, choose Advanced Options, and open the Command Prompt.

  • Type sfc /scannow. Press Enter.


The system will check system files and fix any discrepancies found during the process. Once done, reboot your computer; hopefully, you will get into your PC easily.

5. Run the DISM Command

Just like SFC, DISM checks for the corrupted and damaged files in your PC and tries to resolve the startup problems. The only difference between both is that SFC checks in the disk's boot sector only, whereas the DISM checks the entire disk for issues and damaged files and repairs them. You can run the DISM as follows:

  • Restart your computer while pressing the boot key.

  • Navigate to Command Prompt by choosing Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options.

  • Type DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth. Press Enter.


After DISM has done the checking, it will solve any issues found. Now, restart your PC to make sure that the problem is gone.

6. Disable Fast Startup

Fast Startup is a feature that helps your computer open up quickly. Although it sounds to be a very useful feature, it damages your disk and other parts of the computer as it keeps the PC resources up while the PC is off. It can also cause Windows 10 stuck on welcome screen issue.

  • Enable Safe Mode on your computer.

  • Open the Control Panel.

  • Go to Power options and click on choose what power button does link.

    go-to-power-option1 go-to-power-option2
  • Click on Change settings that are currently unavailable link.

  • Uncheck the Turn on Fast Startup box.

  • Click Save Settings and reboot your PC in standard mode.

7. Change Startup Type of Service

According to some users, struck on Windows 10 welcome screen problem can be caused by the Windows update services and can easily be resolved by changing the startup type of service as follows:

  • Go to the Services window.

  • Look for the Windows Update service and double-click on it.

  • In the Properties Window, set Startup Type to Automatic (Delayed Start) and click OK.

  • Restart the computer.

If the Windows updates were causing the stuck on Windows welcome screen, the above steps would resolve the problem.

8. Boot System in Clean Boot Mode

You can enable the clean boot mode to disable any third-party services when your computer boots up. The clean boot mode resolves all the conflicts with third-party services that may cause the Windows 10 stuck on welcome screen problem.

  • Boot your computer in Safe mode, open the Run dialog, type msconfig, and press Enter.

  • Go to the Services tab and check the box in front of Hide all Microsoft services to view only third-party services.

  • Click on Disable all and Apply buttons, respectively.

  • Reboot your system.


This time, the PC will boot with all the essential Microsoft services. Check whether the Windows Driver Foundation still shows high CPU usage. If not, there is some third-party service that is causing the problem. You must identify and disable the service or update the driver or application.

9. Disable Credential Manager

Disabling the Credential Manager can help resolve the issue by preventing any conflicts or errors related to credential management during the login process, which is a potential solution for Windows 10 stuck on welcome screen after update.

  • Enter Safe Mode if you cannot access to your system.

  • Press the Windows Key + R, then enter "services.msc" and press Enter or click OK.

  • In the Services window, locate the Credential Manager service from the list and double-click on it to open its properties.

  • In the Properties window, set the Startup type to Disabled, and click Apply and OK to save the changes.

Restart your computer and check if the problem still persists.

10. Restart the Windows Update service

We discuss that Windows 10 stuck on welcome screen may be show after update. Restarting the Windows Update service can help resolve the issue if it was caused by conflicts or errors related to recent updates. This process stops the service, renames the SoftwareDistribution folder (which contains update files), and then restarts the service, allowing for a fresh start with Windows Update.

  • Reboot your computer and press the F8 key on your keyboard while the boot screen is visible to enter the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE). On some devices, you may need to hold down the Fn (function) key as well.

  • From the Choose an option screen, navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt.

  • Execute the following commands one by one, pressing the Enter key after each line:

    • net stop wuauserv
    • cd %systemroot%
    • ren SoftwareDistribution SD.old
    • net start wuauserv

Restart your computer and check if you can now boot into Windows 10 without getting stuck on the welcome screen.


Not being able to get into your PC is frustrating when you do not know the problem or your computer does not provide any information regarding the error. Windows 10 stuck on welcome screen is one such issue. In this article, we have proposed the best possible ways to resolve this issue. Out of all the methods mentioned in the article, we recommend using the PassFab FixUWin as it resolves all the problems automatically without interfering with any system files.