When I try to save an edited photo (literally all I did was just crop it a bit) I get this error message. It exactly says: "Try saving a copy instead. It looks as though you don't have permission to save changes to this file." I tried saving the photo as a copy but I got the exact same message. I'm an administrator. What can I do to fix this? ”

Facing errors it looks like you don't have permission to save changes to this file when saving an edited file is common on Windows 10. many people arise this confusion on Microsoft community. This error can be because of different reasons most people are unaware of.  

So, how do you fix you don't have permission to save changes to this file? Is this a serious issue or something that can be worrying? Well, if you are worried about that, this guide is for you. We will walk you through different techniques that can easily fix the error. Also, we will share some tips to avoid this permission error

But before we get into the topic, take a look at the five major reasons why this error arises.  

  1. The user account has limited access. 
  2. The edited photo is in the read-only format. 
  3. There is not enough space to save the file. 
  4. You are saving a picture that is blocked from its source. 

Now that you know the reasons for this error, let’s directly get into the fixes without further ado.  

Part 1: How to Fix It Looks Like You Don’t Have Permission To Save Changes To This File

There can be different ways to fix the issues. Some of them can be difficult to follow for non-techies, while the others are simple.  

Fix 1: Run Photo Editor As An Administrator

The primary reason you might face the “You don’t have permission to save changes” issue is when you try to edit the document without admin access. Even if you have admin access, sometimes your permissions are limited by default. This becomes the reason for the issue, and you fail to make changes to the file. 

Here is how you can fix the issue.  

  • Right-click the folder where you have the photos to be edited and tap Properties.

    tap properties
  • Go to the Security option from the new menu.

    go to security option
  • Click the Administrator option from the list, allow all the permissions, and press Ok.

    click administrator and ok

Once you take all the steps correctly, you will have permission to change the file. Now you can edit the file and save it without any issues. 

Fix 2: Run The DISM Command

One of the most effective ways to fix the “It looks like you don’t have permissions to save changes to this file” error is the DISM command. Windows provide various techniques to improve image deployment, editing, or storing issues. DISM command is one of them.  

Here is how you can run the DISM command.  

  • Press Windows Key + X to open the drop down, and select Windows Power Shell (Admin) option from the list.

    select windows power shell
  • Type the command DISM.Exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth and press Enter.

    type specific command


The command will automatically give you all the access to make changes to the file you are working with or saving directly. However, you should follow the entire DISM process accurately. Since the DISM command is the internal admin tool, any mistake during the process can cause issues to your system.

Fix 3: Disable The User Account Control

The next fix that can be really effective in solving the “Can’t save changes to the file” problem is the disabling of the User Account Control. The user account control is a great feature that can help stop the applications from performing specific actions that require admin settings.

Here are the steps on how to disable the User Account Control. 

  • Go to your System Settings, search for User Account Settings, and open it.

    search for user account setting
  • Scroll down to the bottom and tap Ok.

    tap ok
  • Tips:

    This can be a slightly risky way to remove the error since all the programs will have access to your computer once you disable it. So, avoid any risky programs or applications once you have disabled the User Account Control.

Fix 4: Create A New Directory And Move All Your Files To It

Creating a new directory to solve it looks like you don’t have permission to change this file is probably the easiest option. You need to make the folder at the parent position of the problematic file, and the error will be removed. However, this option might not solve the problem all the time.   

Take a look at the steps to create a new directory in the parent folder of the existing file.   

  • Go to the parent folder of the problematic folder. In our case, the folder Error Test is the problematic folder, while Copy Clients is the parent folder.

    go to parent folder
  • Create a New Folder in the Copy Clients folder.

  • Move all the files present in the Error Test folder to New Folder.

  • Delete the Error Test folder.


The files that were showing errors in the Error Test folder will be easily edited now. This technique will only work when the issue is because of some errors in the internal or parent folder.

Fix 5: Fix Windows Photo App

Sometimes, random errors can become the reason for certain malware in the photo app and cause issues when you try to save any editing work. Resetting the windows photo app is the only way to fix the problem. But before resetting, remove the data present in the photo app, if any.  

Here is how to reset the windows photo application.  

  • Press the Windows + I button and go to your Apps Settings

  • Search for Microsoft Photo App and press the Advanced Settings option.

  • Reset each option one by one and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Fix 6: Disable Your Anti-Virus Software Temporarily

Most of the time, the Anti-Virus software ban restricts specific applications from making changes or additions to the file or folder. They do this when there is a potential of any virus from that program. The only way to fix such an issue is to disable the Anti-Virus software temporarily.   

No matter which antivirus software you use, the “It looks like you don’t have permissions to save changes to this file” issue might arise. And when it is because of the antivirus software, disabling it is the only option.   

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

  • Tap the Startup tab and press and tap the icon which you want to be disabled.

  • Click the Disable option.

    click disable option


Although disabling it can be beneficial, you might face the worst consequences of viruses if you never enable the antivirus software again. Also, make sure to avoid accessing the corrupt websites/folders when the antivirus software is disabled.

If you have already taken the steps for the fixes correctly and the issue is still not solved, you should contact customer support with all the details. You can reach out to the customer support team through the Windows help page .


Part 2: Tips to Avoid It Looks Like You Don’t Have Permission To Save Changes To This File Error

There are different ways to avoid the issue. If you want to remain protected from such issues, you need to remember the tips to prevent the error and implement them to your benefit. 

  • Keep the windows and your system updated.
  • Before applying the fixes, make sure to update the application that is causing the issue. 
  • Use antimalware software that can help keep your system protected from any malware.

Extral Tips: How To Find Duplicate Files On Windows 10?new 

Have you accidentally saved duplicate photos while trying to resolve the “Can’t save changes to this file” issue? Or your edited photos have been saved multiple times? Don’t worry. You can easily find duplicate files no matter in how many numbers they are. 

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  1. Locate duplicate files fast with 100% accuracy.
  2. Easy UI, accurate results, duplicate files comparison feature, and external devices compatibility.
  3. A simple three-step process with a fast turnaround time.

For further information about how to find and remove duplicate files on your Windows 10, please check this guide .


By following all the fixes correctly, you can fix the “It looks like you don’t have permission to save changes to this file” error without any issues. However, if you have not removed it, contact customer support and tell them the problem in detail. 

In case you have made changes to the existing photo while saving it, or have created a list of duplicate files, make sure to know more about the PassFab Duplicate Files Deleter tool. The tool is perfect for finding and deleting the similar files with a few clicks.