Storing duplicate files over time is one of the most common problems of computers. This happens for several reasons and can consume significant storage from the overall memory. You can identify and remove duplicate files from your computer manually. However, the process is time-consuming and produces less accurate results. Due to this, you should always proceed with any free duplicate file finder tool that is compatible with all the windows versions and guarantees accurate results.

These are a few among the tons of benefits free duplicate file finder tools have. let’s discuss the eight best duplicate file finders free .

What is the best free duplicate file finder?

Option 1: Passfab Duplicate File Deleter

The Passfab Duplicate File Deleter tops the list with excellent features and tons of other benefits. The process of finding and deleting duplicate files via Passfab is simple. You can find the entire list of duplicates from your device with just a few clicks.

  • Highly compatible with both IOS and Windows operating systems.  
  • Speedy scanning time with great accuracy. 
  • 100% data security with reliable tech support. 
  • Add all the folders containing duplicate files and allow the tool to scan. add scanning folders
  • Double-check the scanned list of duplicate groups.  scanning duplicate
  • Delete the duplicate groups once you have scanned them.  delete duplicate files successfully

Option 2: Quick Photo Finder


The next on the list is a globally renowned free duplicate file finder tool Quick Photo Finder. The tool can help you identify duplicates and unnecessary files with a few clicks. The working method of the tool is similar to other tools. You simply need to create an account, identify the folder with the maximum number of duplicates and scan it with the tool. Once the tool scans the folder, you can simply go through the entire list and remove all the duplicates.


  • Highly accurate with a fast processing time 
  • Effectively supports external devices
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Incompatible with the older versions of Windows 
  • Limited to Windows OS only

Option 3: CCleaner


CCleaner is another free duplicate file finder tool that can help identify and delete duplicate files. The tool provides the feature to scan the entire computer storage without any issues. Also, it contains an Admin Assistant Tool that helps you include or exclude specific folders from the whole search. This way, you can check for the duplicates from the entire computer search and exclude some of the folders that contain no significant duplicates.  


  • Compatible with cloud storage and all the OS
  • It contains a performance optimizer with Driver Updater 
  • Excellent privacy protection feature.  


  • Installs multiple added extensions to clean the space 
  • The user interface is not simple

Option 4: dupeGuru


The next duplicate file finder tool that offers a free version is dupeGuru. The best thing about the tool is its compatibility with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. Finding and deleting duplicate files using dupeGuru is also very simple. It allows you to filter duplicates via specific attributes like name, meta title, dates, etc. The tool is also high-speed and provides great accuracy while working with all the OS. 


  • Supports both Windows and IOS. 
  • Great security protection. 


  • Difficult to use interface
  • Limited functionalities and slow processing time. 

Option 5: Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder


Another great free duplicate file finder for windows 10 or all the other Windows versions is Ashisoft. The tool utilizes a byte-to-byte search ability to filter out all duplicates from the entire computer storage data. To use this tool, you simply need to run the scan, filter out the duplicates and delete them after going through the list. Take a look at some of the features of the tool. 


  • Simple interface
  • Fast processing time with the availability of different features 
  • Easy file filtering option


  • Results are less accurate. 
  • Not all the features are included in this duplicate file finder’s free version.  

Option 6: Easy Duplicate Finder


Easy Duplicate Finder is the next on the list. The tool is highly efficient in filtering the entire list of data stored on your computer and lets you free up the space with a few clicks. The best thing about the tool is its compatibility with cloud storage. If you have extra space consumed because of duplicate files in your Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other cloud storage platform, this tool can remove them in a few clicks. 


  • Various scan modes are available.   
  • Fast processing speed with great accuracy.
  • Compatible with cloud storage devices.


  • Does not work fine with the older versions of the windows.  

Option 7: Duplicate Cleaner Pro


The next free duplicate files finder is Duplicate Cleaner Pro. The tool has an extremely easy-to-use interface and removes files at an extremely fast speed. It also allows you to delete duplicate images created while editing. Duplicate Cleaner Pro also helps you in filtering or excluding the folders that contain the least number of dedicated folders. Take a list of some of the features and cons of Duplicate Cleaner Pro. 


  • It has advanced filtering options with an easy-to-use UI. 
  • The ads-free tool even if you are using the free version. 
  • Easy selection assistant with more control.


  • Slow processing time.   
  • The free version is available for only 7 days.   

Option 8: Duplicate Files Fixer


Duplicate Files Fixer is one of the best tools to remove duplicate files and avoid the creation of any in the future. Once you have this tool installed, the tool will automatically flag the creation of duplicate files and filter out the list to double-check and delete them. You can also use this tool to delete previously stored duplicate files by running a simple scan and allowing the tool to delete.


  • Auto mark features that allow you to identify duplicates as soon as they are created. 
  • Compatible with cloud storage and all the OS.
  • Simple drag and drop feature.


  • Relatively slow processing time.  


1. What Is The Best Duplicate File Finder? 

There are tons of free duplicate file finders available in the market, but the one that provides maximum features is PassFab Duplicate File Finder. 

2. How Delete Duplicate Files On Windows 7/8/10/11? 

You can delete duplicate files on your windows manually or with the help of any file finder tool. The manual process can be time-consuming and provides less accuracy. But if you use a duplicate file finder, you can filter out the entire list of duplicate files with a few clicks.

3. How To Find Duplicate Files On Mac? 

The process of finding duplicate files on Mac is similar to Windows. You need to install the Passfab Duplicate Files Finder tool on your Mac, scan the list, and delete all the duplicate files after going through the list. 

Final words

It is essential to get rid of duplicate files from your computer if you want to increase its performance. Although you can remove them manually, you should proceed with a free duplicate file finder since it increases your efficiency, reduces time, and gives you a hassle-free experience. 

There are tons of free duplicate finder tools available online. However, the one that stands out among all is Passfab Duplicate File Deleter . The tool offers a great value to the user with its features, fast processing time, high accuracy, and security. So, wait no more and get the tool that is simply perfect.