It’s a bit frustrating nowadays to remove duplicate songs from computer. Multiple data backups and cloud storage lead to replicating songs on your device. If you are a music lover, there are high chances of duplicate music files on your computer. So, how could you avoid this issue? Or what are the easy ways to find and remove all the duplicate songs from the computer?

There are different methods available online that can be helpful in removing duplicate songs. However, not all of them are worth trying. Only a few people are aware of the shortcuts to remove duplicate songs and end up following the time-consuming processes. To solve the issue and make more people aware of the techniques, we will be discussing the 3 best ways to delete duplicate music files.

How to Remove Duplicate Songs from Computer? 

When your storage carries so many copies of one song file, it’s a bit stressful and a worrying thing for an individual devoted to music. It affects file management, occupies more space, and can’t filter out the music taste you want.

Option 1. Remove Duplicate Songs From Computer With Windows Media Player 

When the debate is about music players in the market, Windows Media Player is a clear winner carrying professional programs for laying out functions of listening, categorizing, and managing the music collection. Handling the way to store, list, and display music in the media player is so trouble-free because of the compatibility factor with the wide range of library interfaces and various audio files.

When you add different music files from the folders or download from the internet, duplicate items are created, causing severe damage to your music library. A powerful built-in function embedded in the media player will help you eliminate those duplicate songs and thoroughly clean your library. Take a look at how you can do that.

  • Search for Windows Media Player in the windows search bar and Open it.

  • searchfor-windows-media-player
  • Select Manage Music Library by clicking on Music on the left. 

  • click-on-music
  • Click Add after selecting a drive (let’s say C: Drive) and Click Ok.

  • click-add
  • Click Music from the Library Root, which will sort all the Music files.

  • click-music-from-library
  • Remove duplicate files by searching for the duplicates and pressing the Delete key.

  • press-delete-button

Option 2: Remove Duplicate Songs From Computer With iTunes

This step will be useful for you if you are using a Mac or a computer logged in with an Apple ID. iTunes is the official cloud storage platform of Apple users for listening to and storing songs. However, iTunes too can sometimes face duplicate songs storage issues due to several reasons.

Below are some steps to remove duplicate songs from your computer via iTunes.

  • Press the Alt key, select the View menu, and click on the Display Exact Duplicate Items option.

  • click-on-the-display-exact-duplicate-items
  • Select the song file one-by-one or collectively and tap the Delete button.

  • tapthe-delete-button

    These steps will complete the deletion of all the duplicate song files on your device. Before deleting the duplicate song files from your computer, make sure to closely check all the files closely before tapping the final delete button.

Option 3. Remove Duplicate Songs From The Computer Instantly With Passfab Duplicate File Deleter 

Do you want a single tool that is compatible with every OS and even with external devices? Or are you searching for an effective way that could delete all the duplicate files in a few clicks? These two, and all the other similar problems can be easily solved with PassFab Duplicate File Deleter.

The tool can not only delete duplicate songs but is also very effective when it comes to deleting all the other duplicate files. The best part is that this tool is compatible with every version of Windows and iOS. It uses the MD5 algorithm that makes sure the result is 100%. And the most amazing thing that makes it stand out is the UX, which is extremely simple and user-friendly. Using PassFab duplicate file deleter is surely the best way to delete all the duplicate songs on your computer with just a few clicks.

  • Select and Scan the folder that contains the most number of duplicate songs after downloading the software.
  • add scanning folders
  • Click > to specify the duplicate files and ???? to preview the duplicate files.
  • scanning duplicate
  • Tap the Remove option to delete them.
  • delete duplicate files successfully

After going through these steps, the tool will remove all the duplicate files from your computer. But before deleting, make sure to go through the entire duplicate song group to avoid any wrong deletion.


1. How Do I Remove Duplicate Songs From My iPhone?

When an iPhone is synced with two different iTunes libraries, there’s probably a chance you’ll have copies of song files on your phone. A phone must be synced with only one library to avoid duplicating songs in your playlist. But if you have already synced it with multiple iCloud accounts, here is how to remove all the duplication.

  1. 1. Use third-party apps like Tune Sweeper or the built-in music app on your iPhone.
  2. Select Display Exact Duplicate Items from View in iTunes.
  3. Click Delete and Select Ok.

2. How To Easily Remove Duplicate Songs From The Windows?

PassFab Duplicate File Deleter is the easiest way to delete duplicate songs from Windows. Although there are different other methods available, not all of them are worth trying. Most of them are either complex or require a lot of time to remove duplicate songs.

For more information about how to delte duplicate files on Windows 10, please check this guide.

3. How To Remove Duplicate Songs From Mac?

Duplicate files can cause a lot of trouble when there are too many of them present. The best thing is that you can easily remove them on your Mac without going through any of the complex processes.

  1. Go to your iTunes app.
  2. Choose File > Library > Show Duplicate Items.
  3. Click Delete after selecting duplicate songs.

For more information about how to delte duplicate files on mac, please check this guide.


Duplicate songs can occur on your computer because of so many reasons. The major ones include third-party integrations, copying of the same files multiple times, and connecting the computer with multiple cloud storage applications. However, you can easily remove the duplicate songs if you follow the right ticks.

The best tool that can help you remove all the duplicate song files in just a few clicks is the PassFab Duplicate File Deleter. You simply need to download and install the application, create an account on it, and let it get the job done.