Struggling to download a video from the website or an image or a file but cannot find the a ultimate way to get them all , extreme picture finder is a good solution for you.

With the best user experience and the most powerful image downloading software, Extreme Picture Finder rules on the top. You will feel free from all the tensions between seeing and downloading the pictures, and other files as well as videos from the protected websites; this software easily deals with your stresses.

We also provide some other practical tools which are regarded as similar extreme picture finder for you to choose!

Part 1. What Is Extreme Picture Finder?

As the name explains the meaning, Extreme picture finder is a software used to find the images and videos automatically and then download them without any difficulty. Before going for an option, you should know about the features and the problems you can face while downloading or using the software on your related platform or device.

  • The software finds the images, music, videos, and files easily from any password-protected website and popular websites and then downloads them in no time.
  • Get all the necessary data by placing the keyword, and you can see the images before downloading them.
  • This software is available in different languages; it is lightweight and easy to download and use. It can download more than 30 files at the same time.

Part 2. Why Extreme Picture Finder Skipping Pictures or Repeating?

Some users reflect that extreme picture finder skipping or repeating while using. If your software faces such a situation, you should know about your issues.

1.Software Bugs

Sometimes, a bug in the software leads to the repetition of the data during the downloading. If you are using the tool and the repetition or the skipping of the pictures, files, or videos occurs, the software bug might be the cause.

2.Duplicate Images

Another issue you might face is skipping the photos or duplication of the pictures or files. If the tool or software has already downloaded the image or file, it will not download it again if it is available twice in the downloading list. If the software skips the file, it means that it has already downloaded the file with the same size or image its size.

3.Your Computer

This is due to the compatibility issue between the software and your computer. Sometimes, you download a file that can't be opened on your computer. Before finding any extreme picture finder software, make sure to check your device compatibility and the latest version of the software.

Part 3. Similar Extreme Picture Finder

Extreme Picture Finder has become beneficial for many users. The built-in picture finder, automatic downloading, and crisp images with high resolution are helpful for users. Still, significant issues occur, and there are also many helpful tools, which leads the users to find a perfect alternative.

Here are our top picks to choose as an alternative to Extreme Picture finder.



RipMe is a world of albums for various websites. It can run efficiently on your computer, requires JAVA 8 to perform its tasks, and is tested as the best working on the Linux., Mac and Windows.

  • Downloads all the images in an online album in no time.
  • The built-in updater removes the duplicate images and skips the downloaded images.
  • This program also downloads the images or complete albums from the numerous URLs or from the growing websites such as Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter, with high resolution.

2.Bulk Image Downloader

bulk image downloader

This application is designed to find and download images and albums from almost any web gallery or forum. It is compatible with almost all the popular Web hosting websites such as Flicker, Imagebam, Imagefap, Imagevenue, etc.

  • You can save time by seeing the thumbnails and downloading or saving the image with one click with no complicated configuration.
  • BID manager is efficient in quick and automated downloading and excellent for web forums and TGP sites. It also updates itself quickly if there are any changes to the related websites.

3.ImageHost Grabber

imagehost grabber

ImageHost Grabber (IHG) is the best utility that makes the downloading task easier for the user. By using IHG, you can download albums of images in no time. IHG is not about downloading the images; it creates directories so that your downloaded albums can be sorted in an order.

You can also download an entire thread of photos and albums and use multiple downloading options to raise the installation rate of galleries. It also includes a host file to add new images not already added to the host.

4.Google Images Download

google images download

This program is everyone's favorite because you can download tons of images in one click from Google. The main issue is that you should not go against the copyright-terms; it does not produce its images and does not have the copyright option. Only the creators have the authority to copyright.

You may not use the copyright images because you can face the owner's and creators' warning letters and copyright suits. If you want to use this for educational purposes, use the code and get access.

5.Image Cyborg

image cyborg

This website allows the user to fetch all the images in a single click; you have to enter the URL of the website, and boom! The album of the images is available for you in the form of a zip file. This is helpful for the users as you don't have to use multiple software and save them in one click.

This website supports all the formats of images; you can download them as required and change the format of a single image if you want. You may unpack the downloaded photos from the zip file in just two clicks. After that, you can watch and distribute the images asĀ appropriate.



This program also downloads images from different websites; the speed of this program is a bit weaker than others. Still, it provides high-quality images and downloads them with only one click.

The downloaded photos can be seen through thumbnails, and you can make an album of the images inside the browser and a customized image album outside of it.

7.Ant Download Manager

ant download manager

This manager supports the peer-to-peer protocol and allows downloading images, videos, and files from popular websites.

  • It is simple and easy to use with a user-friendly interface with really fast service.
  • Downloading speed depends on your internet connection, and you will not face any issues with the manager.
  • This manager fully integrates with Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google.

Part 4. Bonus: How to remove duplicate pictures on computer?new

Downloading pictures in bulk is now an easier task for the users, but it gets more annoying when deleting duplicate files . To remove the identical images or files, we recommend Passfab, a product that finds and delete all the same files on the device.

The main benefits of having this product are:

  • It finds all the duplicate images and files in no time and targets the duplicate files in no time.
  • This product can be your best option with the best algorithm, fast scanning, with best user experience and optimizing speed.
  • Install it on your device according to the compatibility and add the folder you want to analyze. add scanning folders
  • Now check the scanning mode; mark it on the scanning options if you want to remove duplicate files. set general
  • After choosing the scanning method, let it be scanned and gets the job done for you. Stopping it in the middle of the scanning will not provide you with the finalized result.
  • Now a detail of the duplicate images will appear in front of you; delete it, and you're all set. scanning duplicate

Final Verdict

Alternatives related to the Extreme Picture Finder are authorized and performed efficiently. But you may also face the issue of Image Duplication in it; that's why we recommend Passfab Duplicate File Deleter.

We hope that you might have found enough information that will make your task easier. Be sure to share your thoughts with us; we are always for your assistance.