How to Unlock iPhone Face ID while Sleeping 2024: Everything You Should Know

By Andy Samuel to iPhone Tips | 2024-04-01

The traditional security methods like passcodes were considered very secure but they were not that convenient. When things moved to fingerprint recognition, people had concerns about others using their phones by unlocking them from their fingerprints when asleep. Today, we have Face ID, and many are looking for how to unlock iPhone Face ID while sleeping.

This is because the usage experience of Face ID resembles what Android phones have been offering as face unlock for years. That technology was easily fooled by photographs which has raised multiple concerns among users.

How does Face ID work?

Face ID works by taking a picture of your face using the infrared dot projector, a true-depth camera, a sensor, and a flood illuminator. Whenever you try to unlock the phone, a picture is taken, and this picture consists of a grid of 30,000 infrared dots projected onto your face. This grid captures all the wrinkles and curves of your face.

The infrared camera captures this image and converts the information captured from your face into mathematical information. It is then compared with the one saved on the iPhone through Apple’s Bionic Chip. When the equations match, the iPhone is unlocked.

Can Face ID work while sleeping?

Do you want to learn how to unlock Face ID while sleeping? If you want to unlock someone’s iPhone when they are asleep, you must understand that it works on the settings enabled on the device. The Face ID feature comes with an additional layer of security.

When this feature is not enabled anyone can unlock your iPhone by using the Face ID feature even when you are asleep. However, if you have enabled the feature to require attention then it will not unlock if anything is covering your face, your eyes are closed, and you are not looking towards the iPhone.

How to Unlock iPhone without Face ID or Passcode?Hot

Unlock iPhone face ID while sleeping is hard due to Apple's rigorous scan of face. If you want to unlock an iPhone without its Face ID or passcode, PassFab iPhone Unlock will be your best choice. It is an all-in-one tool to unlock lock screen, bypass mdm, erase Apple ID, and remove screen time passcode in just few clicks.

Let’s see how to unlock iPhone without Face ID or passcode with PassFab iPhone Unlock:

  • Set up your iPhone and computer

    Launch PassFab on your PC connect your iPhone to your PC to begin the process and click "Start”.

     unlock face id with passfab
  • Download device firmware

    Now click “Next” and follow the on-screen steps to put your iPhone into DFU mode if needed. PassFab will detect your device and suggest its firmware. Click "Download" and keep the iPhone connected to the PC as the firmware downloads.

    download firmware
  • Start screen lock removal

    Click “Start to Remove” and once again wait until this process finishes. When you see screen lock removal success message you may click “Done” and disconnect your iPhone.

    unlock iphone lock screen successfully

Extra tip: How to set up Face ID?

Can you set up multiple Face IDs? Yes, you can but the main thing here is setting up your Face ID in the right way so that nobody can unlock your iPhone while you are asleep. In this section, we will be sharing our complete guide on how to set up the Face ID feature on your iPhone so that no guide on "how to unlock Face ID with a picture or while sleeping” works.

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone and go to the Face ID section. Authenticate with your screen password if needed and follow the on-screen steps to set up your Face ID.
  2. step up face id to unlock iphone face id while sleeping
  3. After setting up Face ID you must turn on the “Require Attention” option. It ensures that your iPhone is not unlocked unless you are looking at it without anything covering your face.
  4. enable attention for face id

FAQs about How To Unlock iPhone Face ID while Sleeping

1. Does Face ID work with eyes closed?

The answer to this question depends on how you set up Face ID on your iPhone. If you are only setting up your face and not changing any settings, then it may work even with your eyes closed. If you enable the Require Attention for Face ID option in settings, then it won't work for closed eyes.

2. Can you have multiple Face IDs?

Yes, one iPhone allows you to have 2 different Face IDs set. You can set up an alternate Face ID on your iPhone for convenience. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Set Up an Alternate Appearance.

3. Can Face ID work in the dark?

Yes, Face ID can work in the dark because it does not use traditional face unlock mechanics where a normal camera sensor is used. Instead, it uses a true depth camera, a sensor, an infrared dot projector, and a flood illuminator. With all this hardware, the Face ID feature does not require any light and can work in the dark.

4. Can facial recognition be fooled with a photo?

The answer to this question varies according to the device that you are using. For instance, the older androids that had this feature were easy to fool with a photo. However, the newer ones are more secure. On the other hand, the facial recognition of Apple’s Face ID cannot be fooled with a photo since it scans your face in 3D whenever you are using it.

Final words

How to unlock iPhone face ID while sleeping? After reading this blog you will find the answer is indeed feasible, but it's crucial to balance convenience with security. Remember, PassFab iPhone Unlock offers a reliable solution if you ever find yourself locked out of your device, whether awake or asleep.