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  • now I can use my iPhone normally

    I am sometimes forgetful, and the same thing has to be repeated many times to remember. My password is also entered many times to remember. Yesterday my husband said that my phone lock screen password is too simple, it is easy to be unlocked, so I changed the password, but I did not expect the password to be forgotten the next day. Fortunately, I found this iPhone Unlocker software, which removed the password for me, and now I can use my iPhone normally.

    Post by Adriano Gosy 2019-08-29
  • I didn’t expect it to be successful

    I bought a second-hand 256GB iPhone XS from the Internet, but when I talked about the phone, I found that the phone has a lock screen passcode. When I try to use the iPhone, it asks me to enter the Touch ID or passcode. I have not contacted the seller. Finally, my friend recommended that I use the PassFab iPhone Unlocker to remove the passcode. I didn’t expect it to be successful! Thank goodness!

    Post by Alejandro Amadoz 2019-08-28
  • It’s incredible

    It’s incredible. I forgot my Apple ID login password. I tried it a few times and I forgot the answer to the question. Fortunately I used this software to remove the Apple ID so I can log in with another account.

    Post by Kits Orravan 2019-08-27
  • Thanks, iPhone Unlocker

    I regret setting up a complicated screen unlock passcode, and I didn't set the Touch ID and Face ID. I didn't think I would forget my 6-digit password. But the miracle happened. I removed the passcode with PassFab iPhone Unlocker today. Now I can use my mobile phone to make calls and send text messages. Thanks, iPhone Unlocker.

    Post by David Ferenc 2019-08-26
  • Thank you so much to design such a helpful tool

    I am very thankful to PassFab iPhone Unlocker, I use it to unlock my iPhone XR screen passcode, it is a nice and professional program. Thank you so much to design such a helpful tool.

    Post by Hani Amin 2019-08-23