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I am so thankful to it
by Dadivda

It is a helpful program to unlock my Office Word 2016, I am so thankful to it.

this software helped me unlock it
by Rafa Carballo

I don't know who set the password for my Word document. Now I can't open this file. It asks me to enter the correct password, but I don't know what the password is. Fortunately, my friend recommended PassFab for Word and this software helped me unlock it.

the result was really effective
by Alkay Woan

I have no choice. I asked my friend how to retrieve the lost Word password. They didn't know. Finally, I saw the netizen recommend this product on Quora, so I tried it and the result was really effective.

Keep my job because of it
by Jory Romeo

Is my word document, I forgot the password of one of my Word documents, I am very anxious, I have no way to concentrate on work, because the data inside is very important to me, my boss said that if I do not crack the password as soon as possible, he will dismiss me. I searched for a lot of methods and finally used this product to unlock the password.

After waiting for 20 minutes, I finally succeeded.
by Luis Bautista

Because I forgot the password of the Word document, I used this product under the persuasion of my friend. At the beginning, I didn't know if this product was useful. After waiting for 20 minutes, I finally succeeded.

This is really a magical product
by Ram Bhardwaj

I have an encrypted word document that saves a short story written ten years ago. I recently changed my new computer. I saw this document and wanted to open it. Who knows that I have forgotten my password, I have to use PassFab for Word to crack the password. This is really a magical product.

Use it to decrypt document
by Trevor Watson

I used a word document to write a thesis. In order to prevent others from peeking at my paper, I encrypted the document, but I entered the password a few times and it said the password was incorrect. The content inside is very important to me. Fortunately, my roommate recommended PassFab for Word to me and I use it to decrypt the document. Now I can continue to write my thesis.

unlock password for encrypted Word docx
by Christopher Dargie

Forgetting passwords is a particularly annoying thing, especially forgetting Word document passwords, but I was lucky enough to encounter PassFab for Word, which helped me find passwords for encrypted Word docx long ago.

a nice and workable tool
by Hama Adil

Forgot password for my personal Word 2019 document, how to open it? I asked the question online but nobody answered me. Fortunately, my older sister suggested this software to me. I tried to trust her and so glad that PassFab for Word is a nice and workable tool.

save company important word document
by Eloize

My company has an important word document, the former colleague left the job, can't contact him, this problem needs to be solved quickly, so I found PassFab for Word, I did not expect to crack the password soon.