4 Ways to Bypass Samsung S24 FRP 2024

By Andy Samuel to Samsung Tips | 2024-06-19

Samsung Galaxy S24 is out now. Its AI (Artificial Intelligence) integration is one of its most defining features. Nevertheless, Samsung S24 also comes equipped with Android’s another most promising security feature known as the “FRP lock”. So, what if you accidentally get locked out of your own Samsung S24 and FRP lock restricts your access because you can’t provide it with your Google account credentials.

This article discusses everything on how to bypass FRP on Samsung S24 using Samsung S24 FRP bypass tool and other methods.

Part 1: How to Bypass Samsung S24 FRP Without PC

The following three methods below on Samsung S24 FRP bypass explain how to bypass Samsung S24 FRP without PC.

Method 1: Bypass Samsung S24 FRP with Samsung Galaxy Apps

Here is how to perform Samsung S24 FRP bypass with Samsung Galaxy apps. Follow these steps –

  • Turn on your device after an untrusted Factory Data Reset and connect it to a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Now hit “Next” and Google Sign-In screen will appear. Here, tap three times on the “Home” key on your phone screen to make Voice-to-Text feature appear.

  • Now draw an “L” on your phone screen. Now tap twice on the options list that appears and select “Text-to-speech output” setting.

    text to speech output
  • On your phone screen again, hit the home key three times. This will deselect the Voice-to-text feature.

  • In your internet browser, search for “Samsung Galaxy Apps”. From here, try visiting the Samsung’s official website. Here, search, and download “UC Browser”.

    galaxy apps
  • Now from the “Galaxy Apps”, download and install a reliable Samsung FRP Bypass tool.

  • Then use the three-dot menu at the top of the screen to open the Google sign-in option.

  • Without signing-in, create a new Google account and simply restart your Samsung S24.

  • Once restarted, you can use your phone in the normal manner.

Method 2: Bypass Samsung S24 FRP with SIM PIN Code

The following steps below comprise another complex method on how to perform Samsung S24 FRP bypass without PC and without any Samsung S24 FRP unlock tool.

  • Remove any SIM cards on your Samsung S24 and connect it to Wi-Fi.

  • Now re-insert the SIM card. When asked for the PIN code, type in an incorrect one all three times.

  • After the above, try doing the same when asked for the PUK code. Keep typing in the wrong PUK codes each time until you can try no more.

  • Now look for the padlock icon on your Samsung S24 lock screen, tap on it and a menu will appear.

  • Look for the notification settings option now.

  • In it, tap on “See All”.

  • Then, look for the YouTube app and in its “Settings” menu, go to “History and Privacy” and inside it “YouTube Terms of Service”.

    youtube terms of service
  • The last step will be opening the Chrome browser. Tap “Accept and continue” first and then skip the screens until you reach a new tab.

  • Here, search for a reliable Samsung S24 FRP unlock tool and download it.

  • Now visit the phone “Settings” menu to set up a PIN code for your Samsung S24.

  • After doing this, restart your Samsung S24 and now you can use it in the normal manner without entering the Google account details previously associated with your phone.

Method 3: Bypass Samsung S24 FRP with FRP Bypass APK

The following steps explain how to bypass FRP on Samsung S24 using FRP bypass APK.

  • Connect your Samsung S24 to Wi-Fi.

  • Once connected, look for an arrow next to the Wi-Fi network you just connected your Samsung S24 to.

  • Tap on this arrow to open the “Manage Network Settings”.

  • Look for “Static IP” option and in it “IP Address”. Here, type in anything and then long-press until the “Web search” option appears.

  • Now use this to search and download “FRP Bypass APK”.

  • Then launch the FRP bypass APK you just downloaded, and in its settings menu, tap “Try”.

  • From here, “Fingerprints, Face, and Password” option, then “Screen Lock”, and “Pattern”.

  • Here, set up a new pattern lock for your Samsung S24.

  • Now return to the home screen, use the newly set pattern lock, and hit “Skip”.

  • Congratulations, you have successfully performed the Samsung S24 FRP bypass without PC.

Part 2: How to Bypass Samsung S24 FRP With PC [Recommended]

While reading the three methods on how to bypass FRP on Samsung S24 without PC, notice the complexity and precision required by each step.

Hence, to help you avoid such hassle, we here have an amazing Samsung S24 FRP unlock tool – PassFab Android Unlock. PassFab Android Unlock is packed with quick solutions such as Samsung S24 FRP bypass as well as the ability to unlock Android screen locks including PIN code, pattern, fingerprint, and password.

To experience this amazing Samsung S24 FRP bypass tool, download it now.

Here is a step-by-step guide to using PassFab Android Unlock to perform Samsung S24 FRP bypass.

  • Download, install, and launch PassFab Android Unlock on your PC first. Now connect your FRP locked Samsung S24 to your PC and select the right-side option “Remove Google Lock (FRP)”.

  • The following screen will ask you to select your Samsung S24 OS version. If you know exactly, then go for it from the list. If unsure, then either select “All Android version”, or “Standard Removal” option. You can also choose “Don’t know the device OS version?” option to verify OS version. Then click “Remove Now” to proceed.

  • PassFab Android Unlock will now show a few on-screen notes which you need to confirm before finally clicking “Start”. The next steps explain how this works.

  • After clicking “Start”, PassFab Android Unlock will ask you to perform a few steps as shown below on your Samsung S24. Hit “Next” when you have done all the steps, and it will begin performing Samsung S24 FRP bypass. On your phone screen, hit “Ok” or “Allow” when asked for to help PassFab Android Unlock continue its process. Avoid causing any interruptions to the process during this time and wait patiently.

    follow-the-guidance removing-frp-lock
  • Once done, perform a factory reset on your device to complete the Samsung S24 FRP bypass process.


FAQs about Samsung S24 FRP Bypass

1.How to Remove Google Account on Samsung S24?

Open “Settings” > “Account” > “Google” and then the Google account you want to remove. Now tap the “More” option and then “Remove Account”. Confirm when asked and you will have removed your Google account on Samsung S24.

2.Is there a free FRP bypass tool for Samsung S24?

PassFab Android Unlock Samsung S24 FRP bypass tool offers both a free trial and paid version. Download the trial now.

3.What is the best Samsung S24 FRP tool for PC download?

PassFab Android Unlock is what we recommend as the best Samsung S24 FRP unlock tool for PC download.


Performing a Samsung S24 FRP bypass without PC on your own isn’t easy at all. There are too many complex steps that you need to understand and perform precisely.

Hence, we recommend using simple solutions such as PassFab Android Unlock – which only isn’t quite simple to use but also an amazing Samsung S24 FRP unlock tool.