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  • thank him for helping me find the password

    A few months ago I installed Microsoft's latest version of Office 2019, setting a password for a Word document, but now I forgot the password and I don't know what to do. I am very sad because that is my graduation thesis. Finally, my roommate helped me solve the problem, thank him for helping me find the password with PassFab for Office.

    Antonio Geraldo 2019-05-15
  • This software is worth having

    A product can help me crack Word, Excel and PowerPoint passwords at the same time. This software is worth having.

    Mario Fermando 2019-05-09
  • It works to my Office document

    Nothing is more unpleasant than forgetting the office document password. I have a Microsoft Office Word document with a password set. It has been open for a few days. I asked a lot of people on the forum. They recommended the product to me, but the PassFab for Office can be used afterward. l

    Christa Staden 2019-05-05
  • retrieve office password

    I often get off work on time, but yesterday, because of temporary problems, I got off work early and forgot the password of my newly set Office document. I didn't record the password myself. Fortunately, I finally used this product to retrieve the password.

    Kimlucas Khalil 2019-04-26
  • Great!

    Great product! I thought I will lose my data forever, thanks to PassFab for Office found my password. Thanks very much!

    Jason William 2019-04-23
  • my teacher recommended PassFab for Office

    I attended the powerpoint design competition organized by the school and made a presentation that I was very satisfied with. I set the password to protect the content inside, but I actually forgot the password. I tried many times without the correct password. Later, my teacher recommended PassFab for Office I finally found my password.

    Bilal Ahmad 2019-04-22
  • It helped me a lot

    I am a journalist. I wrote my newsletter in a Word document and set a password to open it. But I actually remembered the password and couldn't open it. I just downloaded and purchased this product. It helped me a lot. Now I can continue to write my article.

    Ricardo Amorim 2019-04-16
  • it is really a good product

    I forgot my Excel e-document password, I can't decrypt it, so I went to Google to search for the solution, saw an article recommend PassFab for Office, and finally downloaded and used it, it is really a good product.

    Luis Carlos 2019-04-10
  • unlock Word 2016 with this product

    Our boss's word 2016 document set a password, but he didn't open it for a long time and actually forgot the password, so our colleague helped him unlock it with this product.

    Camilo 2019-04-01
  • it's working

    This Office password recovery tool is worth to try. I forgot the password to open Office 2016, I asked a lot of friends what to do, there is no way to find it or remove it, and finally, they recommended this product to me. Thank them so much, so does PassFab for Office.

    Jean Paul 2019-03-25
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