If you forgot Windows 7 password, you do not need to panic. By using Windows password reset USB you can reset the forgotten login password without any hassle. In this article, we've gathered popular Windows 7 password reset tool for you. From now on, you can easily access your Windows 7 computer even without knowing the password.

Part 1. Top 3 Win 7 Password Reset Tool

Windows password reset tool is an effective way to reset the password. With the help of a tool, you can reset or remove a password in a shorter period of time. On the internet, there are numerous password reset tools. You need to be very careful while choosing a tool as some tools are not safe to install on the computer. Below there are top 3 Windows password revocery tools that you can use.

1) PassFab 4WinKey - Best Windows 7 Password Reset USB Tool

The PassFab 4WinKey - Windows 7 password reset usb download free is an ultimate solution for forgotten passwords in case of Windows. It is considered as best Windows 7 password reset tool. If you are unable to enter into your Windows system, then you can rely on this tool. More than 200 countries preferred this tool for resetting passwords. Most importantly, it is safe and secure to install on the computer.

Here is a video guide about how to reset password Windows 7 usb:

Now, follow the below steps to reset the password on Windows 7.

Step 1: Burn Reset Disk

First, you need to install the tool on your PC from PassFab website. Then, launch the software. Select either a USB flash drive or CD/DVD and click on the "Burn" to starting boot disk.

choose usb in passfab 4winkey

Step 2: Enter Boot Menu Interface

Once your CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive was burned successful, simply click "Next" . Then you need to insert the burned-USB flash drive to your locked computer. Restart the computer and press "F12" or "ESC" on the keyboard to enter Boot Menu interface.

boot from usb in bios or uefi

Step 3: Enter Locked Windows

After entered Boot Menu, you will find out your inserted disk from the USB/DVD/CD name. Using arrow key to choose it and press "Enter" keyboard to boot it. After that, you will see 4WinKey interface and select your Windows system.

select system in passfab 4winkey

Step 4: Reset Password

Now, select "Reset Accoutn Password" option and click on "Next". Now, all your windows account will be displayed. Select a user account, you will see the default password. If you don't want it, just chnage it by your own. Then, click on "Next".

reset windows password in passfab 4winkey enter new password in passfab 4winkey

Step 5: Reboot computer

Now, you will go to another interface, simply click "Reboot" to restart your computer. Then you can use your new password to log into windows system.

reset windows password successfully in passfab 4winkey

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2) Windows Password Key - Professsional Windows 7 Password Reset Tool

The Windows Password Key is another professional Windows 7 password reset USB tool. It can reset the password without reinstalling the system. It also has a capability to recover both login and administration password. Follow the below steps to recover password with this tool.

Step 1: Installation Process

Download the software onto your computer from the Windows Password Key official website and run the software to begin the process.

windows password key installation process

Step 2: Setup Process

Complete the whole setup process. With the help of USB flash drive or CD/DVD, create a bootable process. Finally, click on the "Burn" button.

windows password key format usb

Step 3: Reset Password

Boot your locked computer through burned USB or CD/DVD and tap on "Reset Password" by selecting a Window to recover the forgotten password on Windows 7.

windows password key reset password

3) Windows Password Recovery Tool - Ultimate Windows 7 Password Removal Tool

The Windows Password Recovery Tool is another good Windows 7 password recovery tool. It is a versatile password recovery tool. Follow the below steps to reset the password with help of Windows password recovery.

Step 1: Download the Windows Password Recovery Tool

Download and launch the tool on your computer, after install successfully you can run this software to move on.

Step 2: Burn the disk

Insert a USB to the computer or a CD/DVD disk into the CD-ROM drive of the computer and click Burn button.

choose usb or cd to burn in windows password recovery tool

Step 3: Boot USB/CD/DVD

After loading, you will see a window like below if you have set password for Windows Boot CD/DVD. Enter the password and click "OK" button to begin password recovery. If you haven't set password, skip this step.

boot usb cd or dvd in windows password recovery tool

Step 4: Choose password to reset

When you come to this page, you will see all your windows account, choose one you want to reset and click "Reset" button to go on. Wait for a few minutes, the password will be reset successful.

reset windows 7 password using Windows password recovery tool

Part 2. The Reasons Why You Should Choose PassFab 4WinKey

PassFab 4WinKey is better than its counterparts. The features that 4WinKey has are remarkable. Here are the main reasons:

  • TrustWorthy: As compared to free Windows password recovery tool like Ophcrack, 4WinKey is a trustworthy tool. Many Windows users preferred this software as Windows 7 admin password reset tool. The software is installed by more than 20 countries.
  • Secured: Unlike free tools, 4WinKey is 100% safe and secure tool. You can download the software on your computer without any worries. It is fully clean software.
  • Upgrade Option: The main difference between PassFab 4WinKey and other free Windows password reset tool is that 4WinKey provides the lifetime upgrade option without charging a single penny.
  • Simple Operation: 4WinKey is easy to install and operate. In three to four simple steps, you can recover or reset your Windows password. It is more reliable as compared to the free reset password tool.


We've introduced best 3 Windows 7 password reset tools in this article. Instead of reinstalling the system, it is better to use these tools to reset the password. Without the tool, the process of resetting Windows password becomes very long. If you miss out any step, then it becomes difficult to reset the password.

PassFab 4WinKey box
  • Remove or reset Administrator password instantly
  • Reset Microsoft account password in minutes
  • Delete or create Windows account if you want
  • One click to create a Windows password reset disk (USB/CD/DVD)
  • Support all computer brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc.
  • Compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and Server 2019