Top 6 Windows 7 Password Reset Tools in 2023

By Shirley Howard to Windows 7 | 2023-09-18

As a fellow user who once struggled with a forgotten Windows 7 password, I understand the importance of finding a reliable and efficient password reset tool. After trying numerous solutions and learning from my personal experience, I'm excited to introduce 7 standout Windows 7 password reset USB tools. By comparing their pros, cons, and step-by-step processes, you will also find out the best Windows 7 password reset tool to save you from password woes.

Part 1. What You Should Consider When Choosing A Best Windows 7 Password Reset Usb Tool?

When selecting the perfect password reset tool, consider these comprehensive features that combine the essential aspects mentioned earlier:

  1. Ease of use: An intuitive interface ensures hassle-free navigation and operation for users of all skill levels.
  2. Compact size: Lightweight design ensures minimal system resource consumption, allowing smooth operation even on older systems.
  3. USB and flash drive support: Versatile installation options provide convenience and portability for password recovery across multiple systems.
  4. Efficient password recovery: Quickly and effectively remove or replace passwords, ensuring seamless access to your Windows 7 system.
  5. Security: Prioritizes user data protection and system safety from potential risks or malware.
  6. Compatibility: Supports various Windows versions and file systems, catering to diverse user needs.

Part 2. Top 7 Win 7 Password Reset Tool

To help you have a quick understanding of each tool, I list the following table before detailed introduction:

Software Name Pros Cons Rating (out of 5)
PassFab 4WinKey
  • 100% password reset success rate;
  • Fast recovery speed;
  • User-friendly steps;
  • Free to burn reset disk
  • Cannot used in Linux system
Windows Password Key
  • Supports all Windows versions;
  • Fast password recovery speed
  • Some people reported it may stuck on the final steps;
  • Not work on Mac or Linux;
  • Out-of-date user interface.
Windows Password Recovery Tool
  • Compact ISO file size;
  • Provide detailed user guide;
  • Easy steps to create a Winodws 7 password recovery USB flash drive.
  • Time-consuming password recovery process;
  • Complex interface
  • Free to use
  • Often flagged as harmful by antivirus software;
  • Only can reset passwords longer than 14 characters
Microsoft Password Reset Disk
  • Provided by Microsoft, ensuring security
  • Complicated process to create a password recovery disk
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor
  • Totally free and open source
  • Text-based and complicated user interface;
  • Require using command prompt

1. PassFab 4WinKey

PassFab 4WinKey excels as a dependable and robust Windows 7 password reset tool. Designed to help users regain system access, it enables the deletion or creation of Administrator/User accounts in the event of a lost login password. Boasting a user-friendly interface, effective password recovery, and the ability to create a password reset disk on USB/CD/DVD drives, PassFab 4WinKey ensures a smooth experience. With a strong emphasis on security and compatibility across Windows versions, this powerful tool provides users with confidence when seeking to regain access to their computers.

Here is a video guide about how to reset password Windows 7 usb:

Step 1: Burn Reset Disk

First, you need to install the tool on your PC from PassFab website. Then, launch the software. Select either a USB flash drive or CD/DVD and click on the "Start buring" to starting boot disk.

download iso image passfab 4winkey guide creating a boot cd or usb passfab 4winkey guide

Step 2: Enter Boot Menu Interface

Once your CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive was burned successful, simply click "Next" . Then you need to insert the burned-USB flash drive to your locked computer. Restart the computer and press "F12" or "ESC" on the keyboard to enter Boot Menu interface.

boot windows from usb passfab 4winkey guide

Step 3: Enter Locked Windows

After entered Boot Menu, you will find out your inserted disk from the USB/DVD/CD name. Using arrow key to choose it and press "Enter" keyboard to boot it. After that, you will see 4WinKey interface and select your Windows system.

boot from usb passfab 4winkey guide

Step 4: Reset Password

Now, select "Reset Account Password" option and click on "Next". Now, all your windows account will be displayed. Select a user account, you will see the default password. If you don't want it, just chnage it by your own. Then, click on "Next".

remove password passfab 4winkey guide

Step 5: Reboot computer

Now, you will go to another interface, simply click "Reboot" to restart your computer. Then you can use your new password to log into windows system.

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2. Windows Password Key

Windows Password Key is another professional Windows 7 password reset USB tool and trusted by many people. The software claims to have a 100% recovery rate, ensuring the successful removal of local admin passwords regardless of their complexity.

windows password key reset password


  • Support all Windows version, including Windows 7 OS.
  • Fast password recovery speed.


  • Some people reported it may stuck on the final steps and hard to keep moving on.
  • Not work on Mac or Linux.
  • Out-of-date user interface.

3.Windows Password Recovery Tool

Windows Password Recovery Tool is another good Windows 7 password recovery tool. It is a versatile password recovery tool. Resetting your computer's password with it is easy and doesn't require reinstalling the Windows operating system. Simply copy this program onto a CD/DVD or flash drive, and it is compatible with various Windows operating systems

choose usb or cd to burn in windows password recovery tool


  • Easy steps to creat a Winodws 7 password recovery USB flash drive.
  • Compact ISO file size.
  • Provide detailed user guide.


  • The password recovery process can be time-consuming, resulting in longer wait times to regain system access.

4. Ophcrack

Ophcrack is a free online utility that swiftly configures to crack login passwords in Windows 7. This powerful tool efficiently recovers your original login password, restoring it to its original state.



  • Compatible with all Windows versions, MAC OS, and Linux.
  • Free to use.


  • May not be as safe as it is often identified as harmful by antivirus software.
  • Limitation in the inability to crack passwords longer than 14 characters.
  • Requires downloading a 649 MB ISO image file, which is quite large compared to other tools.

5. Microsoft Password Reset Disk

Microsoft offers a straightforward and entirely free Windows 7 password reset tool service called "Create a password reset disk." To utilize this feature, it is essential to create the password reset disk through the Control Panel > User Accounts before the computer gets locked.

microsoft password reset disk


  • Provided by Microsoft, security guaranteed.
  • Totally free to use.


  • Complicated steps to create a password recovery disk.
  • Difficult to use for those who have limited computer knowledge.

6. Off-line NT Password & Registry Editor

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is an excellent windows 7 password reset tool free, offering several advantages over other options. Firstly, it is completely free and open source, making it an attractive choice for users. Additionally, the ISO file of this tool is smaller compared to Ophcrack. This software allows you to delete the password entirely, enabling you to log in to the system without the need for a password.

windows password reset tool offline


  • Totally free and open source.
  • Small ISO image file.


  • Text-based and complicated user interface, which can be challenging for many users when performing a Windows 7 password reset task on a computer.
  • Using the command prompt can be a bit difficult for Windows beginners.

Part 3. The Reasons Why You Should Choose PassFab 4WinKey

The features that 4WinKey has are remarkable. Here are the main reasons:

  1. Trustworthy: As compared to free Windows password recovery tools like Ophcrack, 4WinKey is a trustworthy tool. Many Windows users preferred this software as a Windows 7 admin password reset tool. The software is installed by more than 20 countries.
  2. Secured: Unlike free tools, 4WinKey is a 100% safe and secure tool. You can download the software on your computer without any worries. It is fully clean software.
  3. Upgrade Option: The main difference between PassFab 4WinKey and other free Windows password reset tools is that 4WinKey provides the lifetime upgrade option without charging a single penny.
  4. Simple Operation: 4WinKey is easy to install and operate. In three to four simple steps, you can recover or reset your Windows password. It is more reliable as compared to the free reset password tool.


We've introduced the best 7 Windows 7 password reset tools in this article. Instead of reinstalling the system, it is better to use these tools to reset the password. Without the tool, the process of resetting Windows password becomes very long. If you miss out any step, then it becomes difficult to reset the password.